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October 12, 2015
Wearing // these Bell Flare Express jeans. I am obsessed with these jeans, guys. They are so comfy and I love the hippie flare for fall. (Aaaand there’s a sale happenin’ right now!!)

Drinking // Gevalia Kaffe Caramel Macchiato (via Keurig). While I don’t really love the wastefulness of Keurig cups (this box was on sale), this really has been the perfect fall afternoon pick-me-up!  

Laughing at // all of the voices my husband has been doing for one of his client’s upcoming baby toy line. I have literally had to cover my mouth to muffle the chuckling from downstairs, it’s so funny! This is one of the cutest lines I’ve ever seen & heard (my husband is SO freaking talented, oh my gosh) – I cannot wait for it to come out and am even more excited to be a small part of it 😉

Cooking // this Roasted Carrot and Sweet Potato soup. Um, WHOA. I made this for dinner last night (homemade croutons and all!) and it’s honestly the best soup I’ve ever had. Ever. Definitely one I’ll be making again this season.
Working on // painting our kitchen cabinets and I’d by lying if I told you I’m having the grandest time doing it. (#neveragain)

Wanting // More foggy fall Tennessee morning drives like the one I was gifted on Sunday morning. I mean, swoon.

Listening to // old school rap. I don’t know why but any and every time I work on house projects I listen to rap (and dance, obviously.) Also, I must note how difficult it is to wave my hand up and down, as I rap, with a paint brush in hand. #BoneThugsForever
Loving // the nursery at the new house. There is just something about this room – it’s a feeling you get the minute you walk in there. I’d prayed so hard in those first 24 hours that this house would be ours, telling Jesus, “I want to bring our baby home to that front room.” Considering how quickly the house became ours, it still makes me smile to think Jesus had the same idea 🙂 Obviously there’s only so much we can do right now, decorating-wise, since we don’t know if Babe Cullen will be a boy or girl but it’s definitely a start and will get us by if “the call” happens to be a “come to the hospital now” kind of call. Here’s a little sneak peak but I’ll share more later, you better trust and believe. (And yes, we do have a girl and boy name picked out – both begin with the letter “C”, hence the C in the windowsill 🙂 )

Looking forward to // seeing more of your #12MofBliss photos filling Instagram! Are you taking part in this month’s Twelve Months of Bliss, In the Heart of the Beholder? I would love for you to join me & the rest of the 12MofBliss-ers! 🙂
Watching // Gilmore Girls. You guys, it just happened, I didn’t even see it coming. I watched one episode one night and now I can’t stop. (I’d never seen it before but now understand what all the hype is about. I’m hooked.)
Planning // a fall date with my man sometime in the next few weeks. I’m thinking: this drink from Starbucks (only hot) followed by apple picking and a hay ride 😉 
Encouraged by // all of the other families who have joined in on the Billion Family Dinners challenge! I know how much I have loved spending this time with Christian – praying over our food together, catching up, dreaming together – and it warms my heart to think about all of the other families having moments like these together. Have you joined this movement yet?!
Grateful for // my parents. On Friday they celebrated 33 years of marriage (!!) and today Christian and I get to celebrate with them in Nashville. I believe every single year of marriage should be celebrated but 33 years? Amazing. (Also, wasn’t – and isn’t – my mom a total babe?)


Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad! I am grateful for the love you share and the family you have made in Andy & me 🙂 I love you!

What are you grateful for? 

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  • I remember watching Gilmore Girls when it came out every week with my daughters. We were hooked on it too. There is not one episode we ever missed. Seeing that nursery makes me smile Emily. The anticipation is much of the journey. Happy Anniversary to your parents. You look so much like your mother, especially in the first photo.

    • I’ve been trying to find some of the earlier ones on Demand – I feel like I can’t go out of order!

      It’s been a lot of fun to begin to get that room ready! 🙂

  • there is so much awesome in your currently post!!!
    Firstly – I have never seen Gilmore Girls more than a couple of minutes and I kind of know I will like it, so i just haven’t started. I’m just getting over my Friday Night Lights addiction 🙂
    Sweet potato kale soup! My goodness – two of my faves in one soup – umm YES!
    your nursery is so adorable! I could imagine I would do similar and just want to sit in there every day or just lean at the door looking in! So sweet!
    33 years is incredible! I cannot wait for the day we celebrate 10 years of marriage so I would be ecstatic for 33! So awesome xx

    • I’m so glad you said something about the kale – I didn’t realize I’d linked the wrong recipe!! I tried the sweet potato + kale recipe last week and while it was good, this other one I’ve linked is even better (it’s fixed now.) 🙂 And yes- I look into the nursery every time we’re over there 😉 xo!!

  • That nursery… simple yet welcoming. I love it! And you’re going to be a snail? How fun! 🙂

    • aw thank you! There will be more in there as time goes on but for now that’s what it looks like 🙂

  • Old skew rap, I too am in that phase. Have you ever seen Sir Mix Alot’s video for big butts. And they think twerking is new.
    Your nursery is stunning.

    • haha!!! “and they think twerking is new” – that made me LOL. Of course I’ve heard of that song.

  • I refuse to paint my cabinets because of how tedious it looks like it would be. You are a better person than I. 🙂

  • Sounds like your husband has an awesome job! SO fun!

  • Your nursery is so cute- I love the little lamb! I love, love, love foggy fall mornings. Your fall date sounds so perfect! My birthday is Saturday and I’m hoping my husband will take the day off to spoil me with all things fall 😉

  • I love the sweet nursery. The colors are perfect. One thing is for sure someone special will be moving in there soon 😉

  • I love the Gilmore Girls and have to admit that I still watch it often on Netflix. And that nursery looks so calming. I love it!

  • Old school rap forever!!

  • So fun that your husband does that! I’d LOVE to hear that :-p So exciting about your future baby…the nursery is so sweet 🙂 Praying for your baby!

    • I will definitely share it once it’s out – it was so much fun to do with him. (Thank you for your prayers, Kelli! xo)

  • So fun!!! So excited for you and the baby room. I’m praying you get that call soon. 🙂 Ok, I am glad I’m not the only one that hasn’t {hadn’t} watched Gilmore Girls. I was starting to feel like the odd man out. ha! Old school rap is the bomb! Always jam out to it when I’m cleaning.

    • Thank you, Faith! I’m praying that too 🙂 I wish we girls could have a Gilmore Girls party night. Would that not be the best??

  • Yay for Gillmore Girls! One of my favorite shows. The nursery looks so sweet, and peaceful!

  • Ah, I’m loving the look of your nursery!! Can’t wait to see more 🙂

    • Thank you, Kerri!!!!! 🙂 I’m excited to get the rest of the furniture in there. (And then of course the baby.)

  • Aww I love your nursery! Your call will come soon I hope!

  • Soooo many wonderful currently’s in your life! I’m getting the itch to re-paint our living room… Don’t tell the hubs. Ha!

    • Oh girl. Will Hunter be painting it? Because then it will be okay. Painting parties are fun… but when it’s a party of one and that one is ME? NOPE.

      • Haha! Well my goal is to start painting and he’ll see how much I’m struggling, how awful it looks, and he’ll just jump right in. Reverse psychology lol!

  • awe, love. the nursery is looking so adorable! so excited!! and gilmore girls- one of my favorites!!!! get excited. sending prayers to you {and happy anniversary to your adorable parents!} ♥

    • Thank you, sweet friend!!! 🙂 I’m due to catch up on your blog! I need an update on your life! xo

  • so many exciting things! The room looks like it is off to a lovely start. I’m so pumped for you discover Gilmore Girls, I really like that show and enjoy watching reruns of it every now and then. Congrats to your parents on 33 years together! I agree, every single year of marriage should be celebrated. 🙂

    • I totally agree – each year brings something new, which definitely deserves celebration in my eyes 😉

  • I’m a little afraid to wear flare jeans. haha. I saved that soup a few weeks ago and just bought carrots to finally make it!

    And yay! Gilmore Girls is my favorite show and we (Jordan and I) rewatch it all of the time.

    • haha! Why are you afraid to wear them?! I think they would look SO GOOD on you. Let me know what you think of the soup – it’s my absolute fave.

      Jordan watches it with you?! That’s amazing! I had it on the other night with X in the room and he’s like, “Alright, what is this.” ha!

  • I’m so excited for flare jeans (even though I don’t wear jeans often) because I could not pull off the skinnies! I am in love with the nursery! It’s so chic and perfect. And can’t wait until you have a sweet babe in there! So Gilmore Girls! It’s so good, right?! One of my favorite shows of all time! Your mom is STUNNING!

    • These jeans are stretchy, so they’re super comfy. And thank you!! The minute I walked into that room, right after we bought the house, I was like- yes. This is the room! It was already painted that color and it just feels so calm in there.

      That show is my go-to now for relaxing at the end of the day. LOVE.

  • Love this post…so much happiness and gratefulness! That room is adorable and I can’t wait to hear the name! Happy Anniversary to your parents! And you as a snail? Love it!!

    • I can’t wait to share the snail toy with you guys, HA! It’s sooo cute!

  • Love this post and idea!!!!!<3 Just wrote my own post and it was refreshing and encouraging to get that perspective of gratitude back. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Oooooh my goodness!! You’d never seen Gilmore Girls? I’m SO glad you took the plunge! It’s such a great show (and warning you: you’ll watch it many times over once you finish the series. Guilty… hah). Also–absolutely loving your logo and website design, so beautiful!

    • I know- I was clearly living under a rock and late to the party, as usual! Thank you so much, Joey! 🙂

  • Oh that nursery just makes my heart so happy! And welcome to Gilmore Girls. LOVEEEEEE that show.

  • I totally started watching Gilmore Girls on my day off yesterday and fell quickly in love! Wish I was quick witted like those girls!

    • ha! Me too! (My witty responses always come about 2 hours after the fact when I’m by myself.)

  • Jae

    You have very beautiful parents, Em! I now know where you got your looks. 😉

  • This is such a lovely post. Thanks for sharing your heart. I was truly blessed by it.

  • Oooh definitely trying that soup!

  • That’s so exciting that you get to start with the nursery! Good luck! I hope it happens soon!

  • OMG I am watching Gilmore Girls too!! Never saw it before but knew everyone loved it, randomly put it on a few weeks ago and now I”m addicted….we must be watching it together! I’ll go get my ice cream and wine…. 😉

    • Oh and happy anniversary to your parents!! They deserve every happiness 🙂

    • REBECCA!!!! I totally want to watch it with you!! It’s just the best. So far I’m loving their Willy Wonka night with the candy buffet – I totally want to do this.

  • Yay for WordPress! Can’t wait to learn about it with you. You’d think I would know something, but all I can do with it is make a post (but I guess that’s something!) I had never watched Gilmore Girls but I’m in Season 2 and am hooked as well!

    • I feel like a Pinning machine right now, pinning everything I can about WP because I know I’ll need to revert back to it 24/7. (Anne has a great post today about WP!) And YES! I’m so glad you’re hooked along with me! 🙂 I’m at the end of season one where Dean just broke up with Rory. HOOKED, I’m telling you.