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March 7, 2016

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Hello? Is this thing on? I have missed you all! I’ve become quite the hermit lately and it’s proven to be so helpful in my time of writing “off the grid.” When I started this blogging hiatus, I didn’t know how long it would last or how I would feel about it one I was in it. I knew it was an important thing to do, as breaks from a routine are often just good for the soul, especially if there’s another task you’re attempting to focus more on… like novel writing 😉 But it was important to me that I just leave it all open- to come back to this space when it felt right. While the full-time blogging hiatus will continue for now, I will be popping in more and more here and there. I’ll also be sharing more of my thoughts on this novel writing experience next week but for now, let’s catch up!

Celebrating // the life of Joey Martin Feek! As most of you probably know, Joey went home to be with Jesus last Friday and while our hearts ache from missing her in our lives down here, I celebrate the fact that she is now singing at the throne of our King!

Laughing at // who else but my husband!! I’ll be sharing an all new Conversations with my Husband post next week. He is hilarious, you guys.

Quote // I have a quote journal where I’ll write down my favorites and it’s so much fun to go back through it, especially when I need some extra inspiration for the day. Each month or so I’ll write my favorite one on my “new” DIY dry-erase board. Does it look familiar?? Formally my Inspiration Bulletin Board – check out this facelift! 😉 This quote by Cate Blanchett has been up for the last few months. “Like art, film should never be absolute or bow to a market survey of ‘correct intentions.'”  What a perfect reminder to embrace the freedom that truly should be a part of your own creative works. I think this idea should be applied to blogging too, since it’s so easy to feel like there are a set of rules we should follow in the blogging world. Let’s toss out those rules for the sake of creative exploration and expression, shall we?

Cate quote EG

Writing // my novel. Like, actually doing it you guys. Whew! The bones of it are pretty much written, I’m just going back in and filling in the gaps – which, there are way more gaps than there are bones at this point, but more of it is getting done each day. It’s a lot of work to give a story life and depth. It’s actually pretty terrifying, if I’m honest. (In the best way though.) I mean, how do you give a story the feeling you, the writer, feels when you think of it in your head? I’m finding it’s mostly in character development, which I was so nervous to do at first but I’m really getting into it now. It’s pretty wild to “be” 3 different people in one week. I’m having a lot of fun with this part of it, although I will say it takes me a good 45 minutes to “get in the groove” of it and a good 2 hours to get out of it and back to my normal self, which usually constitutes of me turning on Michael Bolton. Nothing brings me back like that guy! 😉

Reading // Truth be told, I am reading a bit of everything right now – which I’ve never done before. Usually I’ll choose one book and stick with it until it’s finished, only then going to the next one. But there are a few books that have helped me in this novel writing process and so, even though I’ve read them a million times already, I’ll often read through a few chapters each night and this will help me the next morning when I go to write. A new read though that I’m really enjoying is The Circle Maker. One of my bffs, Amy, gifted this book to me and whoa is it amazing. I highly recommend!

Working on // finally putting things up on the walls in our house! We moved into our new home last fall and had yet to hang anything on the walls. We have a few groups of friends coming to stay with us in the next few months and it’s my goal to make this house feeling homey. Also, check out our work-in-progress former dining room (below)! When you’re forced to admit you’re not the dinner-party-throwing type (mostly because you’re still a terrible cook and a very anxious host – a horrible combination haha), you turn your formal dining room into a music & arcade/game room. We still have some things to hang on the walls and lights to add around the window but we’re looking forward to future creative breaks to play Pac-man. So fun. Can’t wait to share when the room is finished!

arcade 2 EG

Cooking // This recipe for (vegan) Overnight Oatmeal. No, this isn’t the crockpot recipe, instead you just throw the ingredients into a mason jar and put it in the fridge overnight. (Yes, it’s cold oatmeal the next morning but trust me – it’s AMAZING.) Christian and I are completely obsessed with this breakfast treat (we skip the chocolate chips though) and add different kinds of fruit to it the next morning, like banana or blueberries. (NOTE: Don’t put the fruit in there with it to sit overnight – it will be mushy the next morning!)

Listening to // Playlists of 2015 and 2016 Oscars for Best Original Score. I’ve been listening to a lot of instrumental music while I write my novel and it’s crazy how much this helps! You can find these playlists on Spotify.

Planning // our road trip to Memphis so we can do some nursery shopping at Ikea. We were so lucky in Chicago – we had 2 Ikeas only 20 minutes from us on either side. It was nothing for us to just hop in the car and spend an afternoon there, even if we didn’t end up buying anything it was fun to walk around and get some ideas. We’ll now be driving almost 3 hours to get to the one here in TN so we’ve decided to just make a day trip out of it. Currently, I have my eye on this chest of drawers and this table to go next to the chair, and this diaper cart, and this clock (gah!) and this little rocking chair (gah!)

Ikea wishlist


Watching // Lately I’ve been watching some of my favorite movies that always leave me feeling inspired… Under the Tuscan Sun and A Little Chaos to name a few. (Guys I’m totally obsessed with everything and anything Matthias Schoenaerts. Just setting that record straight now because he WILL be ‘the next big thing’ in Hollywood in the very near future, just wait and see.)

Looking forward to // spring and summer!! I LOVE hot weather. When most people complain about summer days getting into the high 90s, I run outside and do a happy dance. (Fully covered in SPF 100, but still.)

Grateful for // SO MUCH. For one, I am grateful for friendship, specifically the friendships I’ve been blessed with in other women. I am also grateful for this time of waiting that Christian and I are experiencing together. While we obviously cannot wait for Baby Cullen to arrive, this time of just the two of us is so, so special. And finally, I grateful for the chance to have the space and time and support to work hard at writing this novel. I do realize what a gift this is and I’m really grateful to my husband for encouraging me and supporting me through this journey <3 Can’t wait until I can share this story with everyone who might want to read it!!

So what about you?! What’s your Currently status? What are you grateful for today?

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  • Hey there, so nice to hear from you! Sounds like inspiration is hitting you from every angle. That diaper cart you like, my daughter has it and it has been a home for many things kid related. Toys, shoes, diapers, etc. Now it is sitting in the garage awaiting its new home as she still is unpacking into the new home. I’m excited for you and all that is happening in your days.

    • I actually have the cart thing, in turquoise – it’s in my office and I love it! It really is so handy. Hope all is well with you, Michelle!

  • What a cool room–I wanna come over for dinner! I can’t wait to read your novel…this whole process sounds so intriguing and inspiring. Always cheering you on girl!

  • I love overnight oats! So good! So glad your novel is coming along! So excited for you!

    • I had no idea they were even a thing until recently and now it’s our favorite breakfast 🙂 Thank you, Trish!

  • Girl, I am right there with you in regards to warm weather. The hotter, the better. I’ve been called solar powered. So excited to see all of the things that are happening in your life!!

  • I’ve missed your posts, but I’m even more excited about your book! I’m sending you all of the best vibes to keep filling in those gaps. I can’t wait to hear more.

  • I missed youuuu! So excited to catch up on your days and see all of those lovely pictures 🙂

  • Can’t wait for the conversations with my husband post. Husbands are hilarious, lol. Glad to hear you how you are going for your dream and writing your novel.

  • There is so, so much in this post making me smile!! I LOVE the arcade dining room! =) That quote is wonderful – and the whitewash you did on the bulletin board is fantastic! Scores are awesome to listen to – I have had the Romeo & Juliet one and Last of the Mohicans for what seems like decades. I like to have music on when I’m working in any capacity but don’t want lyrics to distract sometimes – scores are the perfect solution! Highly recommend the score to The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Keep on writing, my friend – I can’t WAIT to read your novel!! #egnovelfangirl 😉

    • Ooh- thank you for those other suggestions! Finding them now 🙂 (best hashtag ever. My day is made!) XO (Also, can’t wait for you to see the game room in person. Hopefully it will be done by the time you’re here!)

  • Ahhh!! You’re back! Love it. I have to check out that book from Amy. I’m reading nightly again and it feels wonderful. I’m currently reading Breaking Busy which is perfect! Happy to hear the novel is going well. So excited for you! Can’t wait to read the post next week with Christian!

  • I love your quote board – what a fun idea. I may have to steal that idea when I move and get my office space set up. What a great way to stay motivated!

    CUTE nursery stuff!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!


    • Thanks, lady!! They have the dry/erase sticky stuff at Michaels so I just put it on top of foam board. And I left it open in the back so I can switch it out with cork board again if I want to go that route (more of a vision board).

  • I love the IKEA wishlist- our closest one is 2 hours away so our trips are daytrips, too! Yay for chipping away at the novel. I find it helpful to listen to movie scores when I write, too! I can’t wait to read it someday!!

    • What are some of your favorite movie scores?! I’m always looking for more 🙂

  • I am so so SO excited to hear how well your writing is going! So exciting!

    • Thank you!!!! 🙂 I will be reaching out to you in the near future to pick your brain about some things. Fellow novel writer 😉

  • Good to hear from you, girl! And so inspiring to hear how well your writing is going– keep it up! Gotta love Under the Tuscan Sun, too 🙂

  • Still so heart broken about Joey… but just imaging the health she has restored to her now. Praying for that family

  • I absolutely love your framed white board! What an awesome/pretty idea! I might have copy that one 😉 Glad to see you back in this space, and to hear that your novel writing is going well!!


    Maybe I should start one again.

    • Seriously- I refer to it for so many different things. Don’t you miss having journals like that?! 🙂

  • We totally made the 2.5 hour trip to the Ikea in Kansas over the weekend. It’s an amazing place to get ideas and inspiration from. We ended up getting our new dining table, two chairs, two stools, and the vanity for our bathroom remodel.

  • Welcome back, Emily!

    Sweet Joey. She was a one of a kind woman.

    So glad to hear that the book writing is coming along nicely. =)

    That chest of drawers is one that we purchased for Delta Mae’s room a few years back. It held up okay the first two years, but no so much after our move to Portland. It’s currently taking up space in our garage…

    • We actually have the chest of drawers in our own bedroom, just in a different color. Totally know what you mean- we’ve had it for 4 years now and no, it hasn’t held up perfectly – we keep nailing back in the back of it haha. It will get the job done for a few more years though!

  • I don’t know if you’ve already shared or not, but what is your novel about?

    • Hi Candace! I haven’t shared much about what the novel is about, you haven’t missed anything 🙂 In a vague sense, it’s a love story!

  • I feel like I’ve been a hermit too for the last few days. So much catching up to do, including blog reading!

  • Glad to see your back, Emily. I feel like we were kindred spirits when I was reading your writing update. I’m in the same point with my piece–filling in gaps and polishing, re-writing and rethinking. Once I get into it, I get into such a groove, but it takes me a while to get there (45 minutes like you do). As painstaking as it is to some, I’m actually loving it too. It keeps me centered, somehow, being (as you said) multiple people at once during the week. Thanks for sharing. It comforts me to know that someone else shares the same writing process that I do. Sending you good vibes and some really productive days ahead for your writing! Have a great week!

    • Yes!! This is comforting to me to hear from you too 🙂 Sending YOU good vibes this week!!!! Please keep in touch; looking forward to reading your book someday 🙂

  • According to our weather reports we are having the hottest dry season ever. You’d love it here. 🙂

    I myself am not so enjoying it but I’m making do by visiting the beach as much as possible.

    I took a seven month blogging hiatus but now I am back with a renewed sense of passion for my little space. Breaks are so good.

    • Breaks really are so good. I think there was something about this winter where I just needed to hibernate and regroup 😉 Springtime is filling me back up. Hope all is well with you, Tami!