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Currently : Mornings Like This

October 15, 2014

Loving // Cleo, who so enjoys her mornings in the sunshine, always close by to where I am. 
Listening to // Ben Howard, my newest music love. 
Thinking about // my Grandpa. He’s been on my mind a lot the past few days, and sometimes I like to think it’s because he’s thinking about me too.
Reading // about how to add Google Analytics to my blog. These are the days of our (blogger) lives. 
Making // excuses as to why I should watch Grey’s Anatomy all afternoon. (Patrick Dempsey. That is all.) 
Remembering // to be grateful. On the best days, but especially on the ‘just okay’ days.
Learning // that I most definitely cannot get through a day without asking God to be the biggest part of it.
Planning // a day for myself at The Art Institute of Chicago, to journal and experience, and to be inspired by some of the greats. 
Wanting // a donut. (I mean, if we’re being honest here.) 
Excited for // our upcoming move… I can’t believe we’re only a few months away from this new adventure!
Cooking // a sweet treat that I’ll be sharing with you all tomorrow! 
Encouraged by // people who pray for others, before they pray for themselves.
Wishing //  for more time. Time in the day, time to do good things, time with loved ones, time to rest, time to work, time to love, time to live. Wishing for more time in this life.

and speaking of wishes…

Linking up with // my friend Anne from Love the Here and Now, who is hosting a fun linkup called Wednesday Wishes. Come by, say hello, meet some other fabulous gals, and share what you’re wishing for today!
What are you up to currently?

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  • Remembering // to be grateful. On the best days, but especially on the 'just okay' days. YES! 🙂 Have a happy day!

  • Lindsay

    Love the remember to be grateful part. That's very difficult some days. And if you figure out how to add Google Analytics, please, please let me know!

  • I'm with you on the donuts…let's just eat donuts and watch Grey's all afternoon, shall we?

  • Um, ditto!

  • Gratitude is a daily reminder for me too. A small thing that pays big dividends!

    Let me know if you need any help with your analytics. ?

    Currently… I am enjoy the silence of an empty house and planning our next big adventure.

    "Time and silence are the most luxurious things today." – Tom Ford


  • Love this list.. 🙂 Been missing you my friend. 🙂 Grey's is always the best! I've been thinking about google analytics too…it's stresses me out to think about adding stuff I'm not sure how to

  • I really love "currently" posts but I especially love this one! SO sweet. And how cute is Cleo? OMG I see now why you want Zander to keep "spooky" so badly. hehe. 😉 I can't wait to see the sweet treat! <3

  • Patrick Dempsey and Donuts??? Now you're talking my language! Love posts like these for the glimpses theory give us into your daily lives….not that I'm a stalker or anything…. 😉

  • I absolutely cannot wait to hear all about ya'lls adventures! Can I be real for a momento? I have never seen Grey's Anatomy. I know I know… I'm missing out on life. LOL!

  • I found you through the link up, did you find anything good on Google Analytic? I haven't delved into that yet 🙂 Grey's Anatomy all day, is the best plan. Except if I watch too many I can get kinda depressed, not a lot of happy endings there.

  • Thank you, Shannon! 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week!

  • oh girl, I cannot figure out how to install the dang thing! I will let you know if/when I figure it out though! 🙂

  • YES, please!!

  • Wow, love that quote – I'd never heard that before and it's so true. I hope you enjoyed your day of quiet 🙂 Can't wait to read about your next adventure! (I just found out we're going to Italy and Paris in the spring… I've never been and those two places have been on my list for the longest time!)

    Okay the analytics… I'm having the hardest time "installing" it into my blog!! Is it really this complicated or am I just making it so??

  • aww, I've been missing all of you too!! And yes- I know… the analytics has been such a hassle but I'm hoping to have it figured out soon!

  • Cleo is my little precious babe!! Well, she's not so little, but she IS precious! 😉 And I'm still loving that cat's name- Spooky. haha! So cute!!

  • haha! Yes, I do love them both… a lot. I love currently posts too… and I'm a total stalker! No shame!!!! 🙂

  • Oh Kel! I had only seen one episode YEARS ago and just remember bawling (turns out it WAS actually the saddest episode, go figure) but when Netflix added all of the seasons, I thought- oh I'll just start at the beginning and watch it "when I have time." ….. I will never admit how far into it I am because it's SO embarrassing. #breaktober right?

  • Hey, Mary!! 🙂 I've read so much about the analytics, etc the past two days but still can't figure out 1. how to "install" it on my blog and 2. how to even read the stats when they come in. Baby steps 😉 And I totally agree with you – I have to turn off Greys, too, otherwise it does get a little depressing!

  • I had a doughnut today. 😛 The kids at school sell them on Wednesdays as a fundraiser, and I usually resist, but they targeted me today and you can't say no to all the glazed goodness forever, ya know?

  • Amanda E

    I had some mini donuts just now. It's been that kind of day :). I'm also remembering to be grateful! Thank you for your post!

  • Are you on WP or Blogger? You'll copy the installation code from your Google Analytics account and paste it into your blog just before the tag.

    If you need help finding the tag in WP :: Go to Appearance > Themes > Editor > Header.php

    And for Blogger it can be found at :: Template > Edit HTML > Click somewhere in the code area > Hit Ctl+F > Search for ""

    Does that help?

  • Oh I know that kinda day very well 😉 Thank you for reading, Amanda!

  • Seriously! How can you ever say no to donuts?! Kids know what's up 😉

  • I can't tell you how much I appreciate this!!! I'm sure it will work- I'll did it and will check it when I'm home this evening. THANK YOU, V! 🙂

  • Fingers crossed! If it doesn't work, drop me an email and we'll sort it out one way or another! ;o)

  • Haha you crack me up! I really just need to sit down and hash it out with Netflix. But first I must buy Netflix…. Confession: Hunter and I had Netflix, hated it, and got rid of it. I'm rethinking that decision now. LOL!​

  • Oh goodness, I would love to go to the art institute of Chicago! So neat. I hope you share about it.

  • Well, I wasn't a fan either (x likes it) but we decided to get rid of out cable for the last few months we're here in Chicago… So Netflix it is!

  • I will for sure!! 🙂

  • And now I want a donut too.

  • I would give anything to be in curled up in front of that window like your kitty!

  • McDreamy and donuts. Amen and Amen.

  • I know! The life of a cat, I tell you. She makes everything look so cozy 🙂

  • Cleo + that sunshine make me smile! Whenever I wake up for work, I'm always envious of my cats as they steal sunshine + lay about. Great moment captured 🙂

  • You are so sweet, Caitlin. Your comments always make me smile 🙂 I agree with you… some days I wish I could just lay around with her! 😉

  • chall1018

    McDreamy!!!! Yes!!!! Funny story…I have 5 aunts and they all call my husband McSteamy! ha.

  • hahaha! (Yeah… I'll be going back to your blog to stalk your pictures now. ha!) Your aunts sound fun!