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November 14, 2016
Currently 705

Currently 705

Anyone else deliriously happy to welcome a brand new week? DUDE. I was in desperate need of a fresh start. And it’s not that we forget, or quiet our voices if we feel led to keep speaking, but it really does feel nice to take a deep breath on this Monday and know that we got through last week… we’re still here… and we can still CHOOSE to be grateful. I’m in, are you? Hey, also, congratulations to Emelia, Rachel, Karissa, Erin, Chelsea, and Becca! These gals won EG’s Infantino baby toy giveaway! If you didn’t win this time, you can find all 6 of the Noodling toys from Infantino at Walmart!

I haven’t publicly taken part in a month-long grateful heart prompt anywhere but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been giving thanks each day. I do think there is something to giving thanks out loud and sharing that part of your heart with others so that’s just what I’m doing here today! Have you made a list this month? Do we share some of the same reasons to be grateful?

In no particular order…

1. The Hallmark Channel. (I’ve most likely lost over half of my readers with this one but I can’t help it.) This dang, sappy channel sucks me in every year around this time. I’m not even saying the Christmas movies are good, but I watch them and I cry and then I scold myself for being such a sap, especially over such a crappy movie. Ah, I love this time of year!

2. Long walks under the trees, with my favorite little boy.


3. Coffee. Because duh.

4. Holiday food. Can. Not. Wait.

5. My son, Crew Xavier. I could fill a million pages with all the ways I love him so… instead, I’m going to tell him so. Every single chance I get. And guys, his smile? Pick me up off the floor.


6. Crew’s birthmom. I tear up every single time I think about her. I am forever grateful for her choice: to give my son life, and for choosing Christian and me to be his parents. It’s the greatest honor of my life.

7. ART. Creativity! WORDS. I was so sad to hear about Leonard Cohen’s passing; I’ve been a big fan of his written words for some time now but had forgotten about quite a few pieces he’d written in his career. It was inspiring to go back through some of them… and so comforting to read them in a time of national chaos.


8. Oooj and Cleo. I think they’ve finally started to understand that Crew is a part of our family now and isn’t going anywhere πŸ˜‰ They’ve been so good with him, but I know they miss the extra attention. I’m glad they have each other too!

9. Twinkle lights. They are especially wonderful around Christmastime but I am a twinkle light lover year-round too. I have them above my writing nook in my office and the minute I turn them on and the other lights off, I instantly feel creative.


10. Imagination. Stories that must be told. While I haven’t gotten a lot of writing done as of late when it comes to my novel, I think about it every single day. I can’t wait to finish writing it!

11. Good health. Thank you, Jesus, that my family and I are healthy!

12. The Peace channel on Spotify.

13. Our home. I really do love our home, it’s so cozy and a perfect size for our family right now. We still have yet to hang many things on the walls and I’ve still yet to accomplish all of the grand plans I had for each room (#babylife) but even without the extras, it’s one of my most favorite places to be.


14. Gilmore Girls. Yes, I went there. Love me some GG!

15. Hot showers and sleep. (Mamas, can I get an AMEN?) I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I could sleep standing up and – confession – how many times I’ve just sat down while in the shower with the hopes of getting some sort of shut-eye for a few seconds.

16. My husband!!! For all the ways he provides for our family, the countless ways he makes me laugh, our shared love of The Office (we are currently partaking in The Office marathon on Netflix), and for the times he takes Crew for an hour or two so I can get things done around the house or write a blog post πŸ˜‰


17. Growing families! I’d like to wish my girl Brenna a happy Due Date today! πŸ™‚ I also have quite a few other friends expecting babes – both via personal pregnancy and via adoption.

18. Plans. Things to look forward to, both big and small.

19. Prayer and meditation. He meets me there.

20. Sunshine. Gives me life the second it hits my skin!


21. Michael Bolton. Because obviously. I can’t wait to put up the MB Christmas tree again this year!

22. Amanda Cook’s album, Brave New World. I could listen to every single song on repeat every single day.

23. My Indiana home. It will always be home.


24. Wine. Because it just kind of goes together with the holidays, you know? πŸ˜‰

25. Freedom. To go, to speak, to believe, to be.

26. God’s peace, comfort, and truth in my heart. I believe each person’s relationship with God is unique and incredibly special. I’m grateful that He knows my heart, my love for Him, and that I don’t have to prove it a thousand times over or by doing certain things someone else might do to show Him they love Him. He and I have our own special place, our own special ways… I will be eternally grateful for that.

27. Friendship! My gosh have I been SO blessed by beautiful friends, near and far!

28. Daytime TV. Particularly morning TV. Crew and I have developed a routine, we wake up AT THE CRACK OF DAWN, turn on the local news until the Today Show comes on, until Live with Kelly comes on, until The View comes on. And then, after we get us some Whoopi, we turn off the TV and get outside. But, all of those shows are kind of incentives to go downstairs at 4:30AM πŸ˜‰ And Comedy Central at night, before bed… so, you know, at like 7:30pm. I LOVE stand-up. (Anyone catch Dave Chappelle’s intro on SNL? STILL CRYING. So hilarious!)

29. Kindness shared by others, for no other reason than to be kind.

30. Family. FAMILY! For my extended family and for my little family right here under this roof, my goodness I am so, so grateful.

What are you grateful for?

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  • Oh, I love the Hallmark channel, especially during the holidays. Christmas movies are my favorite and they have the best ones. πŸ™‚

    Crew is so dang adorable!

  • I love all your happy, bright pictures in this post πŸ™‚ After your snaps yesterday I turned on the Hallmark Channel for a bit! Haha! I think posts like these are contagious and spread the special joy that you have for life to all your readers. I know I feel it!

  • i LOVE this! and I love Hallmark Christmas movies too! I watched one last night! They are the best! And Crew is the cutest, he’s lucky to have a mama like you!

  • oh my GOSH that smile. I cannot. And bring on the holiday food!

  • I’m excited for all things holiday! I like this post – made me all warm and fuzzy inside! And your baby is absolutely gorgeous! πŸ™‚ Lights up a room!

  • Thank you for this today! I needed this big boost of positivity. πŸ™‚

  • I am such a sucker for the Holiday movies over on the Hallmark channel. I know how every single one of them will end but I still watch them all. I just LOVE Christmas movies.

    • Haha!! Totally! The endings are always obvious, and I usually cry still every time ha!

  • SO many good things here, but I must say that I am also VERY excited about holiday food. πŸ™‚

  • SO many awesome things to be grateful for! I can barely contain myself with the upcoming GG! Stoked is an understatement.

  • Such a beautiful post from a beautiful soul. I’m pretty sure I could be your big sister…except I would of course make fun of you for watching the hallmark channel. πŸ™‚

    • Xo. What kind of big sister would you be though if you didn’t make fun of me for that?! πŸ˜‰

  • There is just so much to be grateful for. Crew’s smile is so sweet. I love looking at it so I can only imagine how you feel being his mother! I love your grateful heart posts, it was probably my favorite part of coming back to blogging

    • Aw thank you lady!! And HEY!!!!! I didn’t know you were back to blogland! So excited and can’t wait to catch up!

  • So so soooo many wonderful things to be grateful for! I always love stopping and standing in the moments, just surrounding myself with all the beautiful reminders that God has blessed me tremendously. He is too good to me πŸ™‚

  • I’m working my way through Gilmore Girls so I can be refreshed when the reboot comes out this month. Obsessed. And thanks again for the toy, can’t wait for both kids to play with it!

    • Ob. Sessed.

      Girl I tried hard to get your toy mailed out today but it just didn’t happen. I will for sure after Thanksgiving!

      • You don’t worry about that at all. Enjoy the holiday, stuff gets done when it gets done when you have a tiny baby.

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