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Conversations w/ my Family (Thanksgiving edition)

December 1, 2015
ghetto with dad

You all know I’m a sucker for a good (read: funny) conversation, as many have been frequently documented here with my husband. I mentioned yesterday that my Thanksgiving this year was packed full of HILARIOUS conversations, some of which I wrote down to be shared in this space. Unfortunately, some of the best ones were not as easily documented… like when my mom and I were watching the James Bond marathon on TV and my dad came running into the room, dove over the couch in slow motion, acting like he was Bond. I tell you- I have never laughed so hard. (Actually, I have – remember when he pretended to be a dolphin on our family vacation, jumping for Doritos?) My family is crazy.

ghetto with dad

Andy, my brother: “Were you guys hot last night? Because we were.”

Em: “Yeah, it was a little hot.”

Andy: “Cassie and I usually keep it at 68 but turned it up because, you know, mom and dad are frail.”


Em and Andy Thanksgiving


While watching the Stanford/Notre Dame football game… 

Em: “Wait who are you rooting for, Andy?”

Andy: “Stanford!”

Em: “What? Why?!”

Andy: “Have you ever MET a Notre Dame fan?!”

Em: “But look how pretty their helmets are!”


us Thanksgiving 2015 1


While watching Daniel Craig as James Bond…

Em: “Ew. He’s totally ugly.”

Mom: “He’s TOTALLY ugly.”

Em: “I can’t even watch this right now, it hurts my eyes.”

Andy: “Wait, are you guys serious right now?”

Em: “No, I’m kidding. He’s totally hot.”

Mom: “Yeah. He’s our favorite.”

X: “Oh yeah? Well you know that one girl who’s really ugly. Um, you know. That one girl, Em? Who is she again?”

Em: “Scarlet Johansson?”

X: “Yeah. She’s really ugly. I’m not a fan of hers at all.”

Andy: “Wait, are you guys being serious or kidding again??”

Em: “We’re kidding, Andy! X totally has a crush on her.”

Cassie: “Dude. So do I.”

Cass and Biggie

Did you have any epic conversations with your family over Thanksgiving? Anyone else out there a fan of Daniel Craig? (Or Scarlet Johansson?) #noshame

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  • I feel like the helmet comment sums up my football knowledge #noshame. I usually will try to cheer for the one with the killer outfit (as long as they’re not playing against Washington and Philadelphia) Gotta have standards 😉

    • haha! I really do watch a lot of football – that comment just sort of slipped out! (But yes, we still have to have opinions about the uniforms girl!)

  • This is great! And in all honesty I don’t think Scarlet and Daniel are that yummy, sorry. Yet this is coming from the girl who had old man crushes on Jeff Goldbloom and Liam Neeson in highschool. 🙂

  • The frail comment is hilarious! Also…Daniel Craig…yes please!

  • These conversations are too good. I love that you knew EXACTLY who Christian was talking about… haha! Your family sounds hysterical, and I love the likeness between you and your momma!

    • Oh yes, I am well aware of his love for her 😉

      My mom and I have a lot of fun together that’s for sure!

  • If we ever do a meet up in person be sure to bring your family ok? I would love to meet them. Besides my stomach could use a work out form all the laughter. Love your photos and happy you guys had such a great Thanksgiving (and a fun one too!).

  • Love it! I cracked up with your brother’s comments about your parents being frail lol!!

  • Haha, lovely. I had some pretty funny convos over the weekend. I also had a super weird thing happen. Adam’s family was renting an Airbnb in the city, and the rental had the SAME EXACT couch that we sold to a couple on Craiglist over a year ago. IT WAS OUR COUCH. It was the strangest thing that’s ever happened to me, hahah. What are the chances??

  • I love Cassie! And her perfect timing. So good!!

  • This is such a cute way to document an evening. I love how you captured all of the funny and perfect moments.


    • Obviously there were a LOT of convos I didn’t document but some of them were just too good, I had to share 😉

  • chall1018

    I love that your dad ran in acting like Bond. So fun, that
    one! “But look how pretty their helmets are” haha! Love it. And the “ugly” convo cracks me up. When
    Nathan thinks an actress is hot he always says “She’s so funny” and I know
    exactly what he means/thinks. I love that you document these.

  • Sounds like your family is a blast to be around!