conversations w/ my husband

Conversations w/ my Husband: Gilmore Shmilmore

November 6, 2015

cwmh bean EG

While watching Gilmore Girls one evening (the episode where Rachel leaves Luke), X walked into the room and observed for a few minutes before saying…

X: “Wow, that guy’s a jerk.”

Em: “What?! No he’s not!”

X: “Oh, ok.”

Em: “We like HIM, we don’t like HER.”

X: “WE?? I’m not even watching this.”

Em: “Well then don’t you dare come in here talkin’ crap about Luke when YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.”


[For more CWMH, click here.]

Have an amazing weekend, guys 🙂

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  • Hahaha! Too funny! You just can’t badmouth Luke!
    Peace, Sarah

  • Pretty sure we’ve had similar conversations. You JUST started watching Gilmore Girls, right? Isn’t it the best?!

  • Hahaha! We have similar conversations about contestants on Project: Runway when he randomly pops into the room! 🙂

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA. omg I love Luke!

  • hahaha….sounds very familiar! I am just getting started and am 3/4 through season 1…so i just barely even found out who Rachel is!!

    • I finally made it to season 3 (clearly I’ve been busy in the evenings). I’m hooked!

  • Wow. Dude. Woooooow.

  • The girls and I have seen them all. We use to watch it when it was on every week. I know the episode you’re talking about. Okay, “X” must come out of my post for Sunday now!!!!!

    • I love that you used to watch it with your daughters 🙂 (And actually, I think X is slowly coming around)

  • Haha! My husband has been forced to watch Gilmore Girls, at least in the background when he’s doing something else and I’m watching it. He loves Luke!

    • Christian is starting to actually watch it with me now. It’s only a matter of time! 😉

  • He just doesn’t get it!

  • I haven’t seen the show but that doesn’t mean I can’t like this conversation right? Love how you defended that gut like there’s no tomorrow! 😉

  • Hahaha YES! Luke can do no wrong in my eyes. I think my husband secretly likes GG even though he pretends not to.

    • I wouldn’t doubt it! I think X secretly likes it too. Which is nice because now I have someone to talk to about it, ha!

  • Ha ha! Love your defense ♥

  • Hahaha too good! I haven’t watched GG in the longest time! I think I need to get back into the show over summer 😉 Love your defence though! That’s exactly what I would say!

  • Hahaha, I love this! Adventures in hubbyland. Very cute post!

  • I got my husband addicted to Gilmore Girls. He walked in on enough episodes that he got hooked, and whether he will say it or not, I know he loves it. We watched the whole series together :).

  • Dang husbands… What do they know?! LOL!

  • ALL. THE. TIME. Chris tries to have an opinion about my characters and I’m like WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER OKAY.

  • HAHAHAH Luke is so the best. He has NO idea.

  • Oh geez. I really need to watch this show.

    • Give it about 3 episodes, k? I do think you’d like it though… Lorelei is pretty sarcastic and actually reminds me of you sometimes 🙂

  • Joellen

    It’s amazing how attached you can become to characters!

  • Laura

    My hubby and I had SO many conversations like this with that show!!! After a while, he started watching it with me to see if he agreed with me about certain characters. He go so upset with the whole Dean/Rory thing and had quite a bit to say about …well, all of it. ha. but if you ask him, he didn’t watch it or enjoy it. nope. 😉

    • haha!! That’s so funny. Yeah… he’s watched a few of them with me now too 😉

  • chall1018

    Hahaha! Love this. Nate does this all the time. Or he will pretend to not be interested, but sure does make me pause it if he has to get up for a bit. And no Luke hatin’ allowed!! 🙂

    • haha! The pausing is awesome. Or the questions about why a character is doing something… not that they care though 😉 Love them!