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Dear Ember Grey readers… (xoxo)

December 11, 2015

Friday! We made it. It’s going to be 75 here in Nashville this weekend which highly confuses this former Chicagoan’s brain. How am I to feel Christmasy when I’m applying sunscreen and wearing a t-shirt?! (Alright I guess it’s not that bad.) We still haven’t finished decorating our house and poor Fred is standing in our living room without any lights or ornaments or anything. He’s just a big green tree and he’s beautiful but I can’t wait to Christmas him up 😉 The only thing that’s “done” is my Michael Bolton tree in my office. (What. You’re telling me you don’t have a Bolton Christmas tree??)


As we near this year’s end (and I mean CRAP did that happen fast, gah!) and as I look back on this year of blogging, it finally felt time to create a little survey and get some feedback from the people who matter most here: EG readers! There are only 10 questions (all multiple choice or yes/no so you won’t have to do any typing). Taking the survey is super easy: all you have to do is click the link below AND, as a thank you for taking my survey, I’m offering 10% off my Soul Provider and Go the Distance ad spots to EACH PERSON who completes the survey.

This feedback is really, really helpful to me. If you’re a blogger, you know that it’s not always easy to understand what readers enjoy most or hope to find when they come to your space – especially if your topics vary so greatly. While I personally enjoy sharing my own favorite things with you all, it’s also important to me to better understand your hopes and expectations as loyal Ember Grey readers. So, thank you SO much in advance for helping me in my blogging ventures by answering a few questions  🙂

To take the quick survey, click HERE.

(12/14/15) The survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who gave input!


And, here’s a little preview of what’s to come on EG next week…

Monday – My favorite Christmas tradition (plus the Grateful Heart linkup, of course!)

Wednesday – I’ll be sharing one of my favorite salsa recipes from a new cookbook!

Thursday – Lindsay from Bourbon, Lipstick, & Stilettos shares her favorite holiday makeup!

Friday – A Holiday Home Tour!


Have a great weekend!

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  • salsa…my love language.

  • I am excited to see your home tour. I know It is after moving and unpacking,etc.

    • It will just be a holiday home tour (but still fun!) … I still need a little while to finish decorating for the every day 😉 Hope you have a great weekend, Brittany!

  • Just took it-hope you get some great feedback! xo

  • I love surveys! Probably makes me the weirdest person ever, but I have always had this karma attitude about surveys.. if I help others out, then when I have one surely people will help me! haha. Also, just a thought, but having an open ended “anything you want to tell me?” question on the survey can be insightful. At least for me it was when I have held surveys in the past! And again, just a thought 😉 but since you asked about the sliding header.. I love it but I think it’s a bit repetitive with the most recent posts, so maybe try most popular posts? Really like the new design though!

    • It does not make you the weirdest person ever – I am SO appreciative and agree with you on the karma thing. Thank you for the suggestion! I did think about adding that but in the end decided I really just wanted to focus on those select things that were asked. Such a great idea for the sliding header, thank you Linda!!

  • I heart you.

  • It seriously is unnerving that it’ll be so warm this weekend while we hang Christmas lights – not okay south! Happy Friday sweet friend!

    • It’s so crazy!! (Also glad to hear we’re not the only ones still decorating) 😉

  • Aww, poor Fred. I’m sure he understands, though- you’re a busy lady! Can’t wait for next week’s Holiday Home Tour!!

  • Cracking up over the Bolton tree LOL. Have a great weekend!

    • What’s funny is that originally I was going to put the tree in the nursery (because it’s white and pretty) and then I remembered I had the Michael Bolton ornament and thought, nope- it’s staying close to me. ha!

  • Oh, I can’t wait to the Holiday home tour!

    • We finally decorated the tree last night, so it’s heading in the right direction! 😉

  • At this point in our friendship I think I would doubt your Michael Bolton obsession (? fondness? love?) if you don’t have a tree designated just to him. I mean c’mon…..he deserves a tree. Can’t wait to see it! XO

  • I can see a Bolton tree, I thought for sure you would at least hang a stocking from the mantel for him!