DIY Flower Picture Box.

May 9, 2014

By now, you all know about my obsession with all things floral. The fact is, I can’t even walk outside without wanting to take 23587209.04 pictures of flowers and if you pin anything that has to do with floral – I will be repining it, no doubt. So I thought we’d continue this obnoxiousness into a DIY. I give you:

Details:  (all items were purchased at Michaels)

  • Wood box
  • Foam
  • Paint: I used Americana Acrylic Paint- Deep Midnight Blue for the white daisy box and Cool White for the pink flower box)
  • Flowers: I bought 4 bundles of the daisies (which included about 15 flowers on each bundle – approx. 60 flowers) that had the wire inside the stems. This will make it much easier to push through the foam. I ended up using about 2 1/2 bundles for the daisy box. (You could definitely use more or less flowers though depending on how full you want it to look.)

The inspiration came from a gift from my mom. It was basically (fake) roses in a shadow box (although you can’t open the glass lid on this one). I loved it so much, I was inspired to make my very own Flower Picture Box.

I opted for a box without the glass lid because 1. it was less expensive and 2. I loved the idea of being able to touch the flowers. So I found these awesome wood boxes, which also happened to be on sale at the time. Gotta love the sales!

Cut foam to fit inside the box.

(My cutting clearly wasn’t perfect but it didn’t matter because you’re not going to see the foam anyway)

Cut the flowers

(Don’t mind Cleo… taking time to smell the flowers and always involved in my crafts.) 

I cut the stems down to about an inch from where the flower connects to the stem. It kind of depends on how you want it to look- do you want the flowers to come out of the box or to be more inside the box? I opted for a little bit of both but thought it was cute to have flowers coming out of the box off the edges.

The wired stems made it really easy to push the flowers into the foam. If you’re worried about the flowers falling out, you could always put glue on the stems to actually glue them into the holes.

Once I got all of the flowers into the foam the way I wanted, I took out the foam piece (with the flowers still in there) so that I could paint the box. It took about two coats of the paint for each box. (Why I painted the box after I had already put the foam with the flowers in there in beyond me. I would suggest painting it first, mkay?)

If you decide to hang your box on the wall, attach the (what I like to call) “teeth hook thingy” on the back after the box has dried. I also really like this as a table decoration, just laying flat like an actual flower box! I think this would make a super cute center piece for a kitchen table.

Optional: Glue the foam into box. I actually did not do this because I love the idea of being able to switch it out as the seasons change. I plan on making multiple foam pieces with different flowers and switching them out throughout the year.

So there you have it! This was by far one of the easiest (and most fun) DIYs I’ve ever done, and I think the perfect way to brighten up a room! Will you be crafting the Flower Picture Box this summer?

Happy Friday, all! Have a great weekend!

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  • What a great idea! I love that you can easily switch out the flowers to reflect the season. I was going to try doing a "D" with flowers (Pinterest!) but I love the fact that you could hang the box or display it on the table.

  • This is so pretty!

  • Love! I may have to do this little project this weekend for my dining room table!

  • love this project, it would make a cool center piece on the table for spring. So simple and pretty! 🙂

  • This is awesome sauce!! I am so doing this this weekend!

  • Oh such a simple cute idea!

  • Ugh, obsessed. One day I'll do a DIY and not cry

  • This is super cute and simple! Love it!