DIY Jeweled Mirror

June 13, 2014
Is it seriously Friday?? AGAIN?? Juuuuuust kiddin’ 😉 TGIF!
I have a new DIY to share with you today! This is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now. I came across some majestic purple jewels (trying to set the tone for y’all) while wandering around Michaels last month (it happens) and knew they were the perfect accessory for a DIY jeweled mirror. My bff’s daughter’s room is purple and I’d wanted to craft her something to hang on the wall that had a verse referring to a person’s internal beauty or how precious we are to Jesus. “You are more precious than jewels” is a variation of Proverbs 3:15 and is about how the knowledge of the wisdom of Jesus’ truth is more precious than rubies/jewels. 

As simple as this DIY should have been (and pretty much was), boy did I learn some hard lessons. ha! I ran into some issues when gluing on the jewels, and also when stenciling. But- mistakes I won’t make the next time around, and this is for a little babe who I know could care less about any mishaps. 

Step One: Paint frame. 
I found a plain mirror w/ wooden frame in the crafts section at Michaels and painted it 2 coats of a dark midnight blue (paint I had left over from a previous DIY!)

Step Two: Placement of jewels. 

I placed the jewels on the frame to get an idea of what I wanted the “design”/layout to look like. Cleo tried desperately to help me switch up the layout each time I’d place one down, so she spent this particular evening locked in the bedroom by herself, watching Food Network.
Step Three: Glue the jewels
Well here was the first of many lessons in this DIY, all. Perhaps it was the fact that I didn’t know you had to use certain glues for certain things. I thought- hey, if it sticks, we’re good! Perhaps it was also because I’d started this step late at night when all of the stores were now closed, thus leaving Krazy Glue as my only option. Note to self: that Krazy Glue is straight up CRAZY. And truly not a good idea for a project like this. Each time I put the glue on a jewel and went to push it down, the glue got all over the frame and made smudges. I also glued my fingers together a few times. 
Lesson #1: Do your research and get the proper craft glue. 
Step Four: Stenciling.
This was a first for me, stenciling. I found the smallest letters I could find – a Martha Stewart Craft brand (whattup, Martha?!) and had a light adhesive on the back, which I loved because it meant no taping anything down to keep everything in place. I first started with spacing the letters out properly to get an idea of where each word would go. I also ended up cutting the stencils down a bit so that I could get the letters to fit closer together. 
I used a light pink paint for the letters, and this is where Lesson #2 comes in. I hadn’t really pushed the stencil down hard (for fear it would mess up the blue paint) and then instead pushed the paint sponge down pretty hard when painting the stencil. What did this do, you ask? It forced the paint to go outside of the stencil, thus making the letters…. well, not good.
Lesson #2: Make sure the stencil is pushed down/as close to the surface as possible, and lightly dab the paint over the stencil. If it’s not dark enough, you can always do a second coat. 
I knew I wanted the word “precious” to stand out (vs. the word “jewels”) so I opted for some transparent glitter paint to paint over the already painted pink. It was at this time I started noticing all of the “lessons now learned” on the front of this thing. Who knew gluing and stenciling could be so difficult?!

I was especially bummed about the “Y” in “You.” Eaaasy on the brush, Em. Easy.

Gifting this to a 2 1/2 year old or not, I could not leave this thing with all the messes. I ended up taking my sponge and painting over the glue with the blue painted, which worked, and then I took a toothpick and used more of the blue paint to fix all of my stenciling mishaps, which worked too. Fortunately, literally all of my friends are pregnant right now and having girls (no seriously- I have like 23952 pregnant friends right now) so I see more new and improved jeweled mirrors in my future!

I can’t wait to give this to sweet Savannah and pray that as she grows, she’ll come to truly know how precious she is in God’s heart, and that she’ll understand His truths in her own life.

Happy crafting!!

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  • This is so cute! I honestly cannot tell you how many times I have smudged my stencil letters. So so depressing but I guess I need to keep practicing ha!

    Have a good weekend!

  • Adorable!! I love that you pointed out all of your little mistakes LOL, but at least they were fixable!

  • That is very cute…I think I might do something like that with the girls one of these days

  • What a sweet gift!! And it turned out brilliantly, well done! I am a poor DIY-er but I have dreams of one day being good at it. Love the tips 🙂

    PS – I snort-laughed at the 'oops' photo 😉

  • That's such an awesome DIY! And the finished product looks great:) Thanks for sharing it!

  • I love this mirror. More importantly I love the way you wrote this….funny little things along the way that remind us that little snafus in DIY happen and are common. Thanks for keeping it real! Love the color choices too btw!

  • Look at you go!! This is adorable!

  • This is so adorable! I love the idea of this for a little girl's room. Definitely going to keep this in mind for an upcoming birthday I have (for a friend's daughter).

  • That is really adorable! I may steal this idea and make something like it!