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July 30, 2014
I will tell you, I have blogged about my doppelgänger before, back when I had my private blog, but have recently had a few of those readers encourage me to share this story with you all as well. I’d thought about sharing it before, considering it’s terrifyingly hilarious, and finally found the courage to do it today. So here we go.


We all know what a doppelgänger is, yes? It’s basically someone who other people think you look just like. It’s like your twin… from anotha motha. (That doesn’t sound as good when you say it that way.) I’ve had some pretty awesome(ly hilarious) doppelgängers over the years…. of course, these aren’t people that I necessarily think I look like but have just heard from others over and over and over again that I look just like these people. So let me take you back, fill you in, and break it down for ya.

In high school (when I had a fuller face), I heard these two constantly. 

Jewel, Julia Stiles


Then in college, right at the start of my professional modeling days and when I was most definitely too skinny for my own good, I mainly heard Nicole Kidman & Cameron Diaz – which is funny to me because 1.) I don’t think these people look anything alike and, 2.) I don’t see it. Like, at all.  (My friend just corrected me and said it’s not that I looked like Cameron but that I acted crazy like her. Good to know.)


But the weirdness didn’t stop there… in my adult life so far, I have heard (more times than I’d like to admit) that I look like a younger version of this gal:

So basically I go from being hot like Jewel and classy like Nicole Kidman to DIANE SAWYER. Is this what 30 does for you?? I mean this one threw me. Like really threw me. In my defense, I did start hearing it the minute I cut my hair short, and then was paranoid that instead of what I thought was a cute cut, that maybe it was really a “mom cut.” (You know the one. Katherine Heigl mom hair.)


BUT – the story does not end there, no. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse…. last year at my corporate job’s 20th anniversary party, I heard a new one that made the Diane Sawyer doppelgänger feel like a dream. Here’s how the conversation went down:

Client: “Oh my gosh, I’ve figured out who you look like!”
Me: “What?”
Client: “Yes, who you look like. I’ve been trying to figure it out all evening. You look exactly like her.”
Me: “Okay, let’s hear it. I’ve had a few over the years.”
Client: “Glenn Close. Totally Glenn Close.”
Me: “….. …… ………… so, basically I look like a man. That’s what you’re saying.”
Client: “No! I’m talking about Glenn Close in her early days. You know, like Fatal Attraction days.”

…. because that makes it better, right?! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about it at all the rest of the night. (I THOUGHT ABOUT IT THE REST OF THE NIGHT.) Like, seriously freaking out about it. To the point where when I was laying in bed later that night, I could not stop looking at pictures of her and saying to X, “SERIOUSLY??!” to which he would respond,” Em. You do NOT look like her.” to which I continued to say, “It’s my nose, isn’t it. My nose makes me look like Glenn Close.”


Completely traumatizing. The good news is that I did find out this particular client had had a few too many drinks at our party (surely THAT explains it) so I felt a little better. But only kind of better. Because really all this meant was that in this person’s drunken state, I still resembled Glenn Close.



Who is your doppelgänger?

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  • Yeah, I think that lady had had a little too much to drink… Not even close! I agree I can see Diane Sawyer, but I hadn't thought of that, and your hair is sooo not a mom cut! It's so funny to see this post because when I first "met" you I was talking to Daniel trying to figure out who you remind me of–it seems like everyone always reminds me of someone. And I finally figured out it's a mix between (it's always a mix…) Julia Stiles (!!) and Emily from Friends. You know, Ross's 2nd wife? However, I have no idea who I look like. Nobody famous, that's for sure. 😉

  • Baha! Too funny. I don't know if I have a celeb twin, but I often have people tell me I look "just like someone I know." I want to be like NO I DONT IM UNIQUE. But who knows? Maybe my twin is out there…

  • I just died lol!!!! Oh my, that is quite the twin you have there lol! I can honestly say I don't see the Glenn Close thing AT ALL. I definitely see the Jewel look wayyy more. Thank you for sharing this funny story!

  • Meg

    Hahaha! I laughed out loud when I scrolled to the Glen Close picture after reading what you said about that conversation! I get that I look like Julia from Parenthood a lot. And in college when Carrie Underwood was on American Idol (curly hair, fuller face) I got that a lot. But I'm usually that person that tries to figure out who everyone else looks like!

  • LMFAO! Now just walk around and scream: I WON'T BE IGNORED!!!! That is hilarious. I swear!

    My doppleganger is Drew Barrymore or Goldie Hawn. That's what everyone has told me. Oh, and the singer Poe. WTF!

  • No no no no! Nope. None of those except for Jewel. You totally look like Jewel (minus the wonky teeth). You're beautiful!

    I've had a lot of (older) people tell me I look like Diana Krall. I didn't even know who it was until I looked her up on Google. A jazz singer.

    Have a great Wednesday!


  • hahah. I love this post! I don't really know if I have a celebrity twin, but two people in my office building have stopped me and asked if they could take my picture because I look identical to this girl who works on the 6th floor of the building. Then another time when I was visiting a vendor's office, the people in the meeting asked me to stay late so that they could introduce me to my "twin" who worked there. Every time I went to their office, someone mistook me for her. It was bizarre!

  • bah….you do NOT look like Glenn Close. i do, however, totally see Jewel! Definitely. I've gotten Kiera Knightly a few times, but I really don't see it…mostly, my doppleganger is my mom…so she's my twin from anotha motha who's also my motha? ew…..that definitely didn't sound good at all. hahaha

  • For not seeing you in real life (which should happen btw), I can totally see Jewel and Julia Stiles. The others? No way – alcohol definitely played in to those comments!

  • Glenn Close? No way. Don't see it at all. The others yes, but bunny boiling Glenn? Nope.

  • BAHAHA Oh my gosh. You do NOT look like Glenn Close. I'm pretty positive she's a man…and you are definitely NOT. And awww Diane Sawyer. Honestly, I wouldn't be offended with this one. She really is beautiful. She was GORGEOUS when she was younger.

    Oh and totally Jewel. I can absolutely see that one.

    I was always told in high school that I looked like Amanda Bynes. Like "She's the Man", Viola, Amanda Bynes…not crazy, cheek piercing, drugged up Amanda Bynes. 🙂 Of course, this was when I was much skinnier. I don't think I look like her at all anymore.

    xo Denise

  • Perfect writing material! No way do you look like her AT ALL! I think you and Diane Sawyer have the same smile but that's about it. You look way better than all of those ladies! I don't really have a doppelganger. It's quite sad.

  • oh seriously…this is my 2nd time reading this and I still have no words! However, I have always thought you look like Jewel…plus, I adore her. Oh but you have better teeth.

  • I can see where you would look like Jewel, especially on Instagram! Your jawline is stellar!

  • I can definitely see Jewel! 🙂 And I agree with everyone else .. those people were plastered if they thought Glenn Close! Not at all! lol!

  • Oh gosh…Glenn Close??! haha, I don't see it. When I was younger people always said I looked just like Avril Lavigne (in her darker hair days).

  • What?!?! Glenn Close?! Ummmm no! I see the Jewel comparison tho! I've had people say sooo many different people. Julia Styles was one of the ones people said for me too. LOL! And I can't stand her!

  • I can definitely see the similarity between you, Jewel, and Julia Stiles! Diane Sawyer? Oh man… that's one heck of a doppleganger (but I don't think you look like her at all – you're so much prettier). And then… Fatal Attraction Glenn Close?! Really?! Not at all – haha, what a horrible "compliment" to receive. Just to add another doppleganger to your list — to me, you look like Portia de Rossi during her Arrested Development days, but not with her sharp face features 🙂

    I don't think I look like any celebrities, but I've heard Kelly Clarkson once or twice.

  • Wow, you are compared to some pretty women. Lucky you. I don't really see the Glenn Close though. Happy Wednesday, visiting from the Wednesday Wished link up.


  • Thank you so much for linking to my post!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think you totally look like jewel!!

  • i mean i love me some Glenn Close in Sarah Plain and Tall, but no you don't look like her! I can see Jewel though! I get Reese Witherspoon or Carrie Underwood a lot 😉 I fee like there have been others but those are the most common.

  • i definitely don't think diane sawyer but i definitely see the top two being your doppelganger, maybe you could be a face double for either of them and star in the movies!

  • This post made me giggle! And, hey, you could have been compared to worse. 🙂

  • People tell me all the time that I look familiar to them, but they can never say who I look like. I did do a picture test once that said I looked like Tiffany Amber Thiessen… So there's that.

  • I get Molly Ringwald all.the.time. Like, fo realz, e'ry day.

  • okay, you are gorg so that lady was crazy!! I think you look like Julia Stiles and Kate Bosworth combined! I have never been compared to anyone besides my sister… haha.

  • I found this so interesting! To be honest, I've never heard of a doppelganger before so thanks for teachin' me! I've never really been compared to an actual celebrity before, but people always say I "look like" Lilo from Lilo & Stitch, lol! Stoppin' by from the link up!

  • OMG! That is seriously hilarious and crazy! I know I've seen photos here and there of you, but I can't actually 100% remember what you look like, other than thinking you were pretty! So, there.

    And my doppelganger (at least when I was younger) is Anna Chlumsky — aka, Vada from My Girl. I used to hear that ALLL the time. And it's kinda still there; I just don't get told that anymore because she kinda fell outta the spotlight.

  • LOL! I am sorry but I couldn't stop laughing while reading this post. I can't remember what you look like (will need to stalk your Instagram) so I can't say who I think your doppelganger is.

    As for my doppelganger…I have heard a few times that I look like Halle Berry. I don't see it at all, but I take it as a compliment. I mean…the woman is fine!!! haha

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