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June 2, 2015

If you caught yesterday’s post, you’ll know that today Christian and I celebrate three years of marriage. I thought, what better way to celebrate my hilarious human being of a husband on this space than to interview him, once again, #fortheblog . 
What is your favorite family tradition?
X: Selecting Fred with you every year. 
(When we were engaged, we started the tradition of naming our Christmas tree the same name every year: Fred. This year it will be Fred IV.)
Who is your male celebrity crush?
X: The guy from Insurgent. 
(Yeah, DUH.)
What song best sums you up?
X: Simply the Best by Tina Turner. Nah, that sounds conceded, I don’t like that one. Firework by Katy Perry.
Em: Because that’s so much better. Okay, be serious now.
X: This is a hard question, I need more time.   
What three things do you think of the most each day?
X: How to show you how much I love you, how I can be pleasing to God, and what’s for dinner. And will we be having Mexican food. I’m on a Mexican kick. Do you realize we’ve had Mexican food 3 days this week?
Em: I did not realize that but I can tell you that we’re done for awhile now.
What is your most embarrassing memory?
X: (laughing) I can’t share it.
Em: Share it!!!!
X: It’s so embarrassing. I was in Tokyo with the band and I was super jet-lagged. We went to a dinner and the food was super, super salty and the next morning as we had press photos, I realized I was retaining water – like A LOT – because of the salt. I knew if I drank a bunch of water I’d be able to flush it out. Well, I drank wayyyy too much water and the next morning I woke up and my bed was soaked.
Em: With what?
X: With pee. I was too embarrassed to tell the guys, not knowing I was actually sick from drinking too much water. 

I love him. Katy Perry, Theo James, pee, and all. Happy Anniversary, babe! Here’s to many, many more!

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  • Happy Anniversary!!! I love the story about Fred. 🙂

  • I can see how he makes you laugh everyday. Love his honesty about his embarrassing moment.

  • His answers are so perfect! He is hilarious! I can't believe you got him to share that story! That's a great "embarrassing moment" in hindsight but I'm sure he was horrified in the moment! Too funny!

  • I love that he actually shared the embarrassing moment! Happy anniversary!!

  • I love how honest he is 🙂 Happy Anniversary!

  • chall1018

    Love that picture of your guy! So fun. And happy happy three
    years to you guys! I completely love that you guys named your Christmas tree
    Fred. “How to show you how much I love you”….I melt! So sweet. You two are adorable.

  • You two seem so cute together. Happy anniversary to you both!

  • happy anniversary!! I love that you name the Christmas tree! too too TOO cute

  • We have the same celebrity crush…all the heart eyes for Theo. And all the pee…..hahaha…poor guy! Happy Anniversary you two…can;t wait to see what this year holds! 😉

  • What a funny guy! Happy Anniversary to the two of you!

  • LOL too funny! Happy anniversary again to you 2 🙂

  • Some day you, X, my husband and I are going to meet up and go for drinks. I'm certain we would have an amazing time! Happy Anniversary!!

  • Hilarious. Happy anniversary!

  • Jae

    Hahahahahaha! Happy Anniversary, guys!

  • Aw, well first of all, happy anniversary!! Second of all, your hubby sounds like quite the gem 🙂 The song that best describes you answer cracked me up, LOL.

  • bahahaha! I can totally see him rocking out the Katy Perry though.

  • I was seriously shocked he went ahead and shared it, ha!

  • Same!! haha! (And thank you!)

  • What you see is what you get 😉 Thanks, lady!

  • I melted on that one too 🙂

  • Yes to SD and all the Mexican food, Amy!! Seriously! (And great, I now need Mexican.. it's 9am)

  • YES!!! Agreed, Anne! 🙂

  • ha! Thanks, Alyssa!

  • Oh and he does. We're huge Katy fans over here..

  • Dude…that's why there's breakfast burritos!! 😉 And COOOOOMMEE! How fun would that be?!?

  • Hahahaha!! The bed wetting story, hilarious! I love that you name your tree Fred. How on earth did that land as the first tree's name??

  • This is the best! I once wet myself but it was in an elevator. I have no idea why I just shared that either… haha. Anywho…hope yall had the best time celebrating!

  • I have no idea. I think we were decorating the first one and I just stood back and said, It's Fred! And it just stuck.

  • hahaha!! Jamie, I'm dying over here! Just one more reason why you rock.

  • I crack up every. time. I want to hang out with yall.

  • Same!!! 🙂