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EG interviews: Mr. Cullen (1)

February 5, 2015

I did it! Last week, I convinced my husband to take part in Betsy’s The Guys Behind the Blog Linkup, what a sport he is! (I told him, “Babe. Just do it. DO IT #FORTHEBLOG!” and then shook my hands dramatically in the air, so I mean how can you say no to that, right ladies?!) For all of you newer readers, please note that Christian’s nickname (given to him by friends) is X and will be used in this post because it’s faster to type 😉 (And thanks to Rebecca for some of the Bonus Round questions!) 

Have you ever had a blog or considered starting one?
X: I had one for one day.
Em: Just one day?!
X: Yeah, it didn’t last.
Em: Why didn’t it last?
X: It was just random… it was about positivity and nachos and stuff.

If you could be a member of any band, which one would it be?
X: Huey Lewis and the News, circa 1984.
Em: What about present day?
X: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Do you have anything planned for Valentine’s day this year?
X: I plan on taking you out for our Anti-Valentine’s Day celebration.
Em: Like that one time we saw Die Hard 57 and it was horribly bad?
X: Even though you love Bruce Willis.
Em: Yeah.
(Back when we started dating, we were both anti anything love and vowed that while we may go out on Valentine’s Day, we would NOT celebrate it. So now we pretty much celebrate it but just put the word anti in front of it. Because hey, a vow is a vow.) (You can read more about our Bruce Willis Anti-date here.) 

Tell us about a date-night-gone-wrong.
X: Hmm. I don’t think we have ever had one. Have we?
Em: Well what about that one time we didn’t make reservations for our Anti-Valentine’s Day and ended up driving 30 minutes away to a sushi restaurant in a strip mall at 9pm because it was the only place with availability?
X: Hey, that was good sushi.
(Also in this post.)

Do you know who’s playing in the Superbowl this year?
X: Packers?
Em: (laughing) 
X: And the Predators.
Em: Who will win?
X: The Predators because that’s how they survive.


Do you read my blog?
X: (smiles) Every day.
Em: What do you think about it?
X: I love it. It’s inspirational and funny. I love being able to see you from the outside, being creative.
What’s your first memory of me?
X: The way your eyes looked when I first met you, in the alley. You were smiling at me.
Em: Because you were doing the Running Man?
X: Yeah. My moves were really good.
(You can read more about that here.) 
What are 2 things I do really well?
X: Make banana bread, and love me.
When did you know that you wanted to marry me?
X: Well, we’d always said we’d never get married.
Em: Right, that we’d just be together. Like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. 
X: But you told me on NYE, while we were eating pizza, that you wanted to marry me.
Em: And you wanted to marry me?
X: Yeah!
(You can read more about that here.) 
If you could pick a theme song to play every time I walked into the room, what would it be?
X: Smooth Operator.
Em: Is that an oldie?
X: No! It’s exotic and sexy and mysterious. Yet familiar. 
Em: (laughing) And that reminds you of me?
X: Yeah, like I’ve always known you, you know?
Em: (my head is in my hands at this point)
X: Ok, ok. I got it. Red Red Wine. Cause you like wine. 
Em: (laughing) Okay no, if you were to make my life’s movie, what would my song be?
X: Easy. Wildflowers by Tom Petty. Because that’s your song. 
(This is true. I’ve always said that that song is “my song.” Last year for my surprise birthday party, X made a video of pictures of me from the time I was a baby to present day and the song he chose for the video was Wildflowers. I’d never told him before that I had always connected to that song, so when the song came on, of course I started bawling. Soulmate, I tell you) 🙂  

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  • Gah…..adorableness alert!! You guys are the cutest!

  • this cracked me up!!! Yall are too cute! 😉

  • Hahahah. The Predators???? LOL! You two are awesome.

  • So precious! And Wildflowers—GAH I love that song.

  • best interview ever!! y'all are just sooo cute. Christian cracks me up with the "it was about positivity and nachos and stuff." I'm dying!

  • Liz

    So. much. fun! You guys are so cute 🙂 I love what guys have to say about blogging and all…it's so funny. Loved getting to know more about you and your sweet little family!

  • This is too funny! "The predators because that's how they survive!" haha!

  • I loved this so much!! The last question was the best! I was laughing because I can see you putting your head in your hands. Lol! You guys are so cute!

  • Jae

    I'm convinced that you married a keeper. 😉

  • adore you two together… this is awesome. i need to get mr. monaco on board! maybe during our road trip to maryland tomorrow 🙂 you are adorable together, cullens!

  • Oh my goodness this is precious! You guys are so adorable together. And….I also LOVE Bruce Willis…was seriously just thinking about him on my drive home a few days ago because I heard the FYC song You Drive Me Crazy and remembered a video clip of famous people singing this song and Bruce & Demi were in it…which also made me think about how crazy is she for ditching the man!! haha

  • I'm so glad you got him to do this!!! You two are seriously meant to be, your answers are hilarious and so so sweet 🙂 i will now be singing Smooth Operator and Red Red Wine in my head allllll day long! XO
    (PS I also had a major crush on Bruce Willis back in the day, like whoa) 😉

  • This is so cute! I need to rope my hubby into doing this, it's #FORTHEBLOG after all!

  • SO many things. I cannot wait to meet X someday, because clearly he is hilarious and I'm convinced that he and AJ will get along SO well. haha…I love that you celebrate "anti Valentine's Day" but basically are just celebrating Valentine's Day. perfect. 🙂 thanks for joining in!

  • You two are simply perfect! Love that you got your hubby to do this. I am now listening to Wildflowers. Love that song.

  • Best guy behind the blog post…ever! 🙂

  • SO cute! One of these days I'm going to have to try to do something like this with my husband. 🙂

  • "That's the power of loooooove!" Haha. LOVE Huey Lewis and the News!

    X just earned a few brownie points in my book. Great guy you've got there Emily. :o)


  • very sweet! I love Tom Petty and love this interview. I can totally picture it in my mind.

  • Katherine Lacabe

    Every time I see your husband it reminds me of an ex who broke my heart. Your husband is much cooler though! 🙂

  • iamsidny

    So cute!

  • Could you two be any more perfect?! I love your conversations. Blog..about nachos. I would read it! Also, I don't think I know the song wildflowers…looking it up now!!

  • He definitely keeps me laughing… which is NEVER a bad thing 😉

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  • This was pretty fun to do & share with you guys! 🙂 Thanks for reading, Liz!

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  • YES!!! Road trips are the best time to document convos 😉

  • I love that you love BW too!!! I still do, it doesn't matter how old he gets I just love him. (Also why Die Hard was one of my top 10 Christmas must-see movies haha!)

  • When I asked him if he'd do it, he goes "Alright. One sec." and went to grab a glass of whiskey. hahaha! ("back in the day"?!! You don't still have a crush on him?!?!)

  • You should, Julia!! 🙂 #FORTHEBLOG !!!

  • haha 😉 He's not kidding either… he showed me his blog but wouldn't let me share it on here. He really did talk about nachos and being positive. haha

  • I can't wait for all of us to meet too, Betsy!! 🙂 One of these days, it will happen!

  • it's the best song, isn't it?! 🙂 XO!

  • haha!! You always make me smile, Jamie 🙂 So…. will Mr. Hudspeth be partaking in this someday?!?!

  • Do it!!! It was hilarious to do & share with you guys.

  • I think so too 😉 There is a totally weird connection between me, Huey and X… I will have to email you with further details haha.

  • Did you also picture X drinking whiskey as he answered these questions? He said he needed to loosen up. (He's already crazy in real life so I tried to go as quickly as I could through these haha)

  • awww!! Wait, because of his nickname or because he looks like your ex?!

  • hahah. He showed it to me- it really was about nachos and being positive!

    (Listen to Wildflowers IMMEDIATELY. Well… actually wait until you're in your car and driving… that's my favorite time to listen to it) 🙂

  • He had me at Positivity and Nachos.

  • My sister and I read this together and she got teary eyed, "Kate- he loves her so much." This was so sweet and funny!

  • Katherine Lacabe

    He looks like my ex! Hahaha! I didn't even think of that lo!

  • Me too. Meee toooo.

  • aw! 🙂 Makes me smile. (I also love that you girls were reading blogs together… I want a sister!!) 😉

  • LOVE this! I need to meet ya'll in real life and we can laugh at our husbands' adorable goofiness together lol!

  • Haha that's great! Well you know, I rarely get to movies these days lol. I'm sure if I ever bumped into him I'd DIE!!

  • For sure 🙂 One of these days, we will!!

  • chall1018

    Absolutely love this!

  • It was so much fun to do, haha. Betsy's next Guys Behind the Blog is in a few weeks… fingers crossed he'll do it again 😉

  • Bursted out laughing when I read Smooth Operator!!!!

  • haha! He's crazy!