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Epic weekends. (A Grateful Heart)

January 18, 2016

Can you remember the last time you had an epic weekend? I’m talking, you-laughed-you-cried-you-barely-took-any-pictures-but-you-did-get-tattoos-and-you-never-wanted-the-weekend-to-end epic?? That was my weekend, plus so much more.

Family time is always cherished in my family – I soak up every minute when we’re all together. But, there’s something so special about having time with just my mom, or just my dad, or just my brother. This past weekend it was just me and my mom and there were so many snapshot of the soul kind of moments, I jotted many of them down in a journal so that I’d never forget. The funny thing is that a lot of what we did may not seem that “epic” if I were to tell you… although some of them most definitely would: yes, my mom – the woman who said she’d never get a tattoo – got her first ever tattoo (we got matching ones- something we have been planning for some time) and was the most adorable woman you’ve ever seen in a tattoo shop. We walked out of there practically skipping and with each person we passed on our way back to the car, my mom whispered to me, “I just want to tell everyone that I have a tattoo now! I feel so cool!” She texted my dad a picture of it and told him we were headed home to drink some beer, so naturally he responded with: Omg. What have you done with my wife? – which made us laugh hysterically because it was such an honest reaction, but also because my dad texted the word ‘omg’ and suddenly I wondered when in the world my parents got so “down with the times.” And all of that was most definitely epic.

We got manicures the next day and my mom’s manicurist was one of the most southern women I’ve met since moving to Nashville, calling my mom “Baby” and “Baby girl” – and each time she did I smiled and thought, yes – she is totally getting the southern experience right now, this could not be more perfect. Then, we came home and colored in coloring books while we told each other our novel ideas – stories and details we’ve never ever shared with anyone before in our lives. We spent hours doing this and all of that was most definitely epic.

But we also did little things like take walks with Oooj, make each other laugh until we cried, roam the aisles of Target, put on pjs and eat egg & peanut butter sandwiches for dinner while watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory. We talked for hours about dreams we had when we were younger, dreams for our future days, and made fun of really bad pharmaceutical commercials. We stayed offline, were in bed by 9:30p each night and slept in each day. (Oh yeah – my Own It goal of waking up early was paused for such an epic weekend and I feel zero guilt about that so perhaps that means I’m still “owning it” in a way?) We did so many other little things that probably wouldn’t sound very epic to anyone else, but in my heart – they are some of my most precious memories with my mom… and they are most definitely still epic in my book.

Sometimes you don’t have the photo album of the hundreds of pictures you took of all the amazing things you did. Sometimes you don’t even tell about how great your time was because parts of it feel like they should be protected – that they should remain memories only between the people who shared them. Sometimes you do have something to show for it all – like a tattoo – but sometimes you choose to save that reveal for another day 😉 Sometimes, like today, it’s about waking up with an unbelievably grateful heart for a best gal and an epic weekend such as this. Sometimes, it’s as simple – and as epic – as that.

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What are you grateful for?

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  • Oh I just love the relationship you share with your mom! Reminds me so much of my own (minus the tattoos!! :)). And I can only pray that Claire and I will have epic weekends like this when she’s grown up.

    • I have no doubt the two of you will have MANY epic weekends together!! 🙂

  • This is absolutely beautiful, Emily. Your day with your mom sounds wonderful–especially the sleeping early and sleeping in part. You’re right: your weekend may not be so “epic” by others’ standards, but it was absolutely perfect for you and your mom, and that’s what matters most. Thanks so much for sharing and for hosting us this week on Grateful Heart 🙂 Hope you have a great week!

    • aw! Thank you for reading, Maria! 🙂 Hope you’re having a great week too!

  • This was epic indeed. Everything about it. As a mother of grown daughters, you gave her the best gift Emily. The gift of your time. Putting everything else on hold to make more memories, her memories too. Tattoo, well my hat goes off to her. I’d do a lot of things with my daughters, that one is waaaay down on the list, like off the list if the truth be told. So with that said, you both are brave and an extreme example of mother/daughter sharing at its finest. Made my Monday!

    • Never in a million, trillion years did I EVER think MY mom (the self-proclaimed “Pollyanna”) would get a tattoo! 🙂

  • I LOVE this. It filled my heart right up. I love that you and your mom have matching tattoos. My mom and I got tattoos together- her first, my something-eth, and not matching, but it was quite a bonding moment. And I love your dad’s reaction.
    My dad learned how to use emoticons this weekend. Of course he sends me the poop one- kind of made me laugh and was a good bonding moment in whatever new relationship we are trying to build.

    • Oh my gosh- my dad just got his first ever smart phone and has been cracking all of us up over his new “relationship” with Siri. So funny!!

  • aww thats super lovely!!! its so wonderful to just live in the moment and not even pick up the camera or phone or anything sometimes! Can’t wait to see that tatt 🙂

  • What a fantastic weekend!! I’m so glad that you are able to have had this experience and make these memories. These are the memories that stick with you!

  • Definitely an epic weekend! Tell me your secret to getting moms to commit to ink! 🙂 I’ve been trying to get my mom to get a tattoo forever! Haha! Your weekend sounds amazing!

    • Oh my gosh, lady. I’m telling you- I NEVER thought my mom would get a tattoo. Neither did she. I think what prompted the change of mind was what we got, because the symbol and meaning behind it means so much. Can’t wait to share it someday 🙂

  • That is the epitome of an epic weekend – chock full of memories, feelings, love, and friendship!! I’ll say it again – however your mom and dad raised you, to grow up with such a fantastic relationship, I want to do exactly the same with my girls! If my girls call me their ‘best gal’ when I’m older I’ll consider myself a success. <3 XO

    • XOXO. YOU are one of the most fabulous gals I’ve ever met; I have no doubt you will be their best gal!

  • That sounds so fun! I’m glad you and your mom had such a blessed time together.

  • This sounds perfect 🙂

  • I love that you had such a fun weekend with your mom! I’m hoping to do the same soon now that I live so close to her again 🙂

    • Oh man, I’m so glad you have that, Emily! I kept telling my mom all weekend – I wish we lived closer so we could do this all the time! 😉

  • This post just makes me so happy.

  • This is so great. I love it. Times with our mommas are precious aren’t they?! So glad you had be best time. Xo!

  • 1. Cannot wait to see the tattoo. 2. I love the way you think about memories. I often feel the same way. Like having the best time and yet knowing it is sacred and special because these are your ride or die people. Love.

  • I love that you had such an amazing weekend! One of these days I am coming up there to share an epic weekend with you!

  • I smiled the whole way reading this! How wonderful and something you will NEVER forget! My Mama and I shared a few times that remain close to my heart memories. She has been gone from this earthly life for almost three years now and I miss her so, yet I have those precious times held captive in me. I shared a wonderful trip with my youngest sister a couple of years ago and that remains so special. Yes, family and the one-on-one is the best in my opinion too. Maybe it is good they don’t happen often for they remain so special.

  • ummmmm that is the definition of an epic weekend, I mean, tattoos with your mom??? what the what? you guys sound like a fun couple of gals to hang out with. how fun that your mom is your best friend too, what a gift that is!

  • You don’t know how happy this post made me…I love that you have such an amazing relationship with your mom and that you cherish it and nurture it. Scratch that…you have that with all of your loved ones. Such a beautiful gift!

    • You have the same with your girls, I see it every time you post a picture of you with them 🙂 And I love that.

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  • I can always judge the level of epic-ness by the lack of pictures I have of it. Just means I was present. Glad you had such an epic weekend!

  • Aw, I’m so glad that you had this amazing weekend! I’m still waiting on tattoo pictures. 😉

  • Love it! So amazing that you were able to spend the weekend with your mom – AND that you have such a special relationship!

  • Precious times. My mom has visited the past two weekends in a row…she makes me crazy sometimes but I’m so blessed to have her.

    • haha. She wouldn’t be your mom if she didn’t make you crazy sometimes!!

  • I so love that your weekend was fabulous in every way! And way to go mom for getting a tattoo!! Can’t wait to see it 😉

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  • Your story really touched my soul! I could feel the love pouring from the page. Your mom sounds like a really cool person and you are so blessed to have her. Cherish these moments which I see that you are. Love this! 🙂 I’m getting teary eyed.

  • chall1018

    Oh my goodness gracious…your mom is just precious. “I just want to tell everyone that I have a tattoo now!” – darling!! And so special that you two got matching ones. I want to see! Okay, wait…peanut butter & egg sandwiches? Like together? Or one of you ate an egg sandwich and the other ate a peanut butter sandwich? 🙂 I love this time you got to spend with your mom.

    • I was WAITING for someone to comment on the peanut butter & egg sandwich! hahah! I know- it sounds HORRIBLE but my brother and I grew up eating them and it’s our absolute fave. I will share it as part of my EG : Eat | Drink series on here soon! 🙂