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Friday Faves!

June 12, 2015
Let’s celebrate FRIDAY & recap, shall we?! Here are a few of my Friday faves:
 Song: Current jam is Fight Song by Rachel Platten. I’m declaring this as my summer anthem, sure to be blasted through open car windows and sunroof on sunny days 🙂
 Blog Reads: I’m a Real Girl, by Taylor from Taylor DuVall. “We weren’t made to be perfect puppets, we were made to be real people, alive and breathing and imperfect.” // Challenge for the Day, by Kelly from Southern Komfort. “No more hiding behind curtains, afraid of how we’ll be judged by members in the church. WE’RE HERE FOR CHRIST!”
 Must-see: If you haven’t yet seen the JUST DO IT video from Shia LaBeouf’s Facebook page, please stop what you’re doing immediately and go watch it. (Make sure you’re in a place where the noise won’t disrupt anyone though- omg.) You can click here to go to my FB page and then just scroll down a bit – I shared it on Monday. I can’t tell you the tears I cried this week over laughing at this SO HARD. I must have watched this video 10 times by Wednesday, and it somehow got funnier each time.
For those of you joining me in Twelve Months of Bliss, how is the letter writing going?! Next week will be week three – who will you be snail-mailing? Have the best weekend, all!

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  • Sarah Emily

    I hadn't heard "fight song" until the other day and I LOVE it! I love nothing more than reading a good trip recap so I will definitely be catching up with yours! Have a great weekend girl!

  • Eeek thank you for the love!! I saw that video you posted earlier this week but didn't have a chance to listen to it. Thank you for your reminding me about it lol! Happy weekending, Em 🙂

  • OH MY GOSH! "Fight Song" is my JAM right now! Love it! Thanks for the shout out, Emily!

  • Oh I had no idea anyone elsebin the world knew about Rachel Platten. Love her-though she is more obscure than mainstream! 1,000 Ships has been my ringer on my phone for like 5 years (or maybe?)

  • yes!! Such a good song, it's often on repeat over here 😉 Hope you're having a great week!

  • The video is still hilarious to me. haha. Crazy but hilarious!

  • YES!! 🙂 So good!!

  • I'd never heard of her until recently- so glad Taylor Swift introduced me to her! 😉