Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

June 24, 2016

Happy Friday, all! If you were following me on Snapchat yesterday, you know I’m fighting one of the worst things you can fight in the summertime – a cold. The good news is that, while I’m not out of the woods yet, I AM feeling better. The bad news? It looks like this here in Nashville this morning:


The good news though? I definitely had a dream last night that Taylor Swift and I were best friends. (And let me make mention that this is now the 4th dream I’ve had where we’re bffs. So…) But the bad news? It was just a dream and in all honesty, I think she found me a bit weird.

BUT. The good news is that my husband is playing on the morning news this morning! (I’ll share it on Snapchat [embergrey] later today.)

Let’s get to a few Friday Faves, ok?

My pig obsession continues – especially when Christian texted me THIS while he was out of town:


He then proceeded to ask me if I’d want one someday, you know – A PIG. To which I said um, yes to which he then said he’d never eat bacon again to which I replied WELL GOOD. I don’t know if we’ll really have a pig someday but I’m happy the option is there, haha 😉

Have you guys heard about the new Girl Scout Cookies baking mixes? I’M THINKIN A WHOLE LOTTA YEAH! I may just have to try the Thin Mints cupcakes… you know, #fortheblog.


My new fave music right now comes from FM-84. OMG. 80’s are a big thing in this house – for one, my husband grew up in the 80’s (no, like really grew up in them… like was ten years old in 1984) and he played with one of the biggest 80’s rock bands. He loves all things 80’s and even though I began my life in the 80’s, music from that time is still my all time fave. So when I heard Christian listening to this new band, FM-84, I was hooked too. My favorite song from their new album Atlas (although I have many) is Running in the Night.


ALSO!! Some new things to expect on EG this fall:

An all NEW vlog series will debut sometime early fall and I think you guys are going to like it 🙂 I’ve been working on this for quite awhile and think it will be interactive, hilarious, and so much fun.

What are your favorite boards/pins to follow on Pinterest? Food? DIY? Beauty? Mine are usually Home Decor and Style. While I don’t expect EG to turn into a fashion blog (like, ever), I am going to try something new this fall and it will revolve around choosing a style from Pinterest and attempting to recreate it. I need to step up my fashion game, something that has kind of fallen to the wayside since I left my corporate job.

Also, returning to EG? The GRATEFUL HEART MONDAY linkup! This was a series I did for quite awhile before my hiatus and I’m happy to bring it back each week/Monday, most likely sometime in August or September, I’ll keep you all posted.

Have a great weekend!

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  • I’ve been fighting an awful cold for like 2 weeks. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    That pig!!! Oh my goodness – TOO CUTE!

  • A pig…I wonder what the cat will think of that!! Grateful Heart – yes! You know I’m a huge fan of your linkup. All things to be thankful/grateful for. 80’s nothing finer than that. Have a great weekend.

    • I think as long as Cleo stays Queen B, she doesn’t care about anyone else haha! Happy weekend to you too, Michelle!!

  • I look forward to joining the grateful heart linkup with you!

  • WHAT WHAT WHAT GIRL SCOUT MIXES WHAT. Thanks for letting me know my weekend plans!

  • Excited for all of your new blog ventures! Also, E is a Girl Scout and after our last cookie sale, I’d be ok never seeing another box. Overload!

    Feel better!

  • You had me at Girl Scout Cookie mixes. THIN MINT FOREVER

  • I don’t think I could give up bacon, but that baby pig is so cute!

  • That pig is adorable, but yeah I don’t think I could give up bacon. SO excited to hear that GH will be making a comeback this fall! & hooray for feeling a bit better despite the yucky weather!

  • Oh my goodness, that cute wittle piggy!!! I just love him (or her)! My mom had a little piglet in her first grade classroom one time last year and it’s now her phone’s background picture- haha!
    Can’t wait for the Grateful Heart link-up to return! And hopefully you’ll inspire me with your Pinterest fashion recreations!

    • I seriously cannot get enough of the pigs. And baby lambs. And goats.

      (Girl, I’m hoping to inspire MYSELF with the new series. I cannot keep living all my days in workout gear.)

  • Ooh a vlog series! Exciting!! Just like those Girl Scout cake mixes! 🙂

    • I am so excited about the new series! 🙂 (And yes. I plan on trying one of the GS mixes over the 4th!)

  • that pig is too cute! xx

  • Lots of fun stuff coming up! Can’t wait to follow along xoxo

  • So I’ve been reading your posts from different devices and haven’t been able to comment until now. I’m loving the whole pig obsession. Last week’s video was often. Yea for grateful heart returning!!!

    • aw! haha! I’m working on a little intro vid this week regarding the vlog series. Stay tuned! 🙂

  • You should DEFINITELY get a pig!! I have wanted one since I was little and think if you and the hubby are both in – no reason not to! 🙂 Excited for everything that’s coming up on your blog!

  • Summertime colds are the worst but glad you’re on the up and up! Girl – my SIL wants a pig so stinkin bad. LOL!

  • Sounds like you’ve got some big big plans for EG coming up!! I’m excited!

  • so this is going to break your heart but pigs are… well, my mom rescued a pig that was fifty pounds. he was a “mini pig” and supposed to stay small but limiting his food intake was SO IMPORTANT. well, that’s because he was living on the edge of starving to death. i wish i was kidding but he now weighs 180 pounds and is “full grown”. the poor boy had been starved to stay small! sooooo, you need a YARD for your pig because they GROW.

    • Oh girl I know – so crazy! We’ve had a few friends (who lived out in the country, one on an actual farm) who had pigs for pets and oh yeah – lots and lots of food. That’s so sad that pig’s previous owners were starving him! Ugh. We would never get a large animal of any kind without a proper yard 🙂 (Funny enough, we have a big one right now for Oooj but – because he grew up in the city/Chicago – he’s not used to grass and HATES it. ha!)