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Friday Favorites: Fourth of July Edition

July 1, 2016



The Fourth of July is a big deal in my life. Like HUGE. When it comes to favorite holidays, the Fourth of July takes the cake. (And partly because yeah, cake is involved.) This started at an early age, my love for all things Fourth of July: grilling out, fireworks, family & friends, Bags (or Corn Hole, depending on where you’re from), patriotism, cocktails, swimming suits, a classic summer playlist, late nights, and did I mention fireworks? My mom said that when she and my dad took me to my first fireworks show when I was little, they could barely keep me seated because I just kept walking closer and closer to the fireworks, my face fixated on the glittery sky above. It’s still that way for me 😉 In my mind, summer is pretty much over after the 4th, so I like to go out with a bang. (Get it?!)

I’ve had some pretty epic Fourth of Julys in the last 5 years, probably because they were spent with Christian and he’s pretty much a guaranteed epic time, no matter what we’re doing. Our first Fourth spent together is one of my all time faves: we spent the entire day together, exploring my Chicago neighborhood (I lived in Boystown at the time), stopping at different bars for drinks, and then watched the fireworks both on Lake Shore Drive – over the water and while it lightly rained – and then on the rooftop of my condo building – 49 floors up. It was seriously magical, watching all of the fireworks shows for miles and miles and miles… there was just something about being able to see so many people celebrating together. We spent a late night that night on my balcony and could still see and hear the fireworks from people who just couldn’t stop.

IMG_3185 500

IMG_3188 760

IMG_3189 760


Another epic Fourth together was when Christian was still playing with Night Ranger and just so happened to be playing in Chicago that year (which was nice because for once we wouldn’t have to spend a holiday apart). I grabbed some friends and we spent the evening with hundreds of other NR fans, and I felt so proud to be cheering on my man as he rocked the keys. No one except my friends knew that X and I were dating at the time, so when a woman standing next to me began to profess her love for “the hot keyboard player,” I smiled and quietly nodded along as she explained that if only she were a bit younger she’d “for sure go after him.” I think I said something like, “Oh girl, I know. I hear you. Me too.” All was cool until my friend said to the woman, “This is that guy’s girlfriend, you know!!!!” Game over. This woman begged me for the rest of the show if I could get her backstage to get his autograph. So funny.



Christian and I spent another Chicago Fourth in the rain when he played with friend Jim Peterik and it was – to date – one of the most amazing fireworks shows we’ve ever seen together. Maybe rain just brings us good luck??

IMG_3198 760

The year after that we traveled to Indiana to celebrate the Fourth in my hometown – this time NOT in the rain! It was so nice to celebrate with both my parents and my bro and his soon-to-be-wife. My brother is one of the most hilarious people I know, always seeking a thrill. (I’m not sure this is what he had in mind this particular year though.)

IMG_3197 760

Last year was another favorite Fourth of mine – my parents came to Nashville and we celebrated together – in the rain, of course! haha. Are you sensing a theme here?! As Christian and my mom napped (day drinking is not for everyone, mkay?), my dad and I sat outside underneath the umbrella and sang Katy Perry’s Firework at the top of our lungs. And it does not get much better than that.


This year, Christian and I will be going back to my hometown in Indiana to celebrate once again with my parents and brother and SIL, and watch the fireworks from a park I grew up in. It’s a small town which means small town festivities like a live band and face painting and food trucks and I’ve only been counting down the days for the last month. And I’ll probably get choked up as the fireworks go off, just like I do every year, because my heart just feels so grateful to be alive and free, with so many moments to celebrate with my favorite people – glitter exploding in the sky.

IMG_3196 500

Wishing you all a FABULOUS Fourth of July spent with fabulous people! xx

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  • Fourth of July is just the epitome of summer to me-I love it so much! Laughing so hard at the hot keyboard player story…so cute!

  • I love how much passion you have for the Fourth of July! I have so many great memories from the Fourth as well! Singing Katy Perry’s Firework is a must though! I remember singing it at the top of my lungs with family on a boat a few years ago as the fireworks were going off.

  • I love 4th of July because it’s always family time for us!

    • Yes! That’s the best part for sure! Hope you had a great one, Steph! 🙂

  • Aww, happy Fourth of July!! I always thing of the 4th as the START to summer because in band we had practices up until the parade and them FINALLY had a month off before summer/fall practices started in August! We live near the city park so we have great access to fireworks. One year K parked his jeep on the hill by the park and we laid on top 🙂

  • Liv

    I love how you put together this post! It’s inspired me to document more things like this haha, very cute.

    • Yes!! It really was fun to look back on all of them… and it wasn’t until I was writing it that I realized almost all of them were spent in the rain. ha!

  • You guys have had some wonderful Fourths of July! So glad to know you’re a Corn Hole gal…add that to the long list of things we do to do together sometime!

    • haha! YES! Unfortunately we didn’t get to play this year…. it RAINED the entire time (except for about an hour when we went to the fireworks show!)

  • So fun, what a great holiday to love! I love small town celebrations, they’re the most fun. Enjoy your weekend Emily!

  • Happy 4th to you too! Have a great trip back at home. ??

  • There is something that is so special about a fireworks show, especially when you get to share it with someone you love. We watched one last night at a baseball game.

    • Agreed!! 🙂 It did rain while we were home but we were able to see the fireworks, whew!

  • Love all the excitement! We had a pretty quiet 4th this year. And guess what… we forgot to buy fireworks! Who does that?! Thank goodness for neighbors and their fireworks… LOL!

    • ha!! It turned out to be a pretty quiet 4th for us too – but still good!