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Friday (Fashion) Favorites: Primarily Inspired

September 23, 2016

(A note from Emily): Even before I became a mom, it always interested me to read about other mamas and what their day to days looked like, particularly style posts. Just as I’ve always believed that we bloggers can do it (blog) our own way – and all of those ways be okay, without one of them being “the right way” (because if it’s right for you, that’s all that matters) – I think the same goes for mom life. And if we might stumble upon someone else’s shared thoughts and be able to relate to it, that’s pretty awesome. And if we don’t relate to it, that’s okay too. Today, Kelly from Primarily Inspired shares how motherhood has changed her way of style. What’s interesting about this is that while I personally can’t relate to all of her points (because my body did not go through a pregnancy with my son), there are still things I found myself nodding along to, and reading about her style got me thinking about my own. So, I’m curious Mamas, whether you carried your baby in your belly or in your heart, how has your style changed since entering into this new life chapter? Let me know in the comments below!

*The following is a guest post written by Kelly from Primarily Inspired blog, and written specifically for Ember Grey readers.


Having babies these days is almost like a silent competition with every woman on the planet to see who can get their pre-baby bodies back quicker. Social media allows us to follow the supermodels who are able to shed the weight and walk in a runway show a month postpartum or even witness the Duchess of Cambridge waltz out of the delivery room (the delivery room people!) with a fresh face and blow out – leaving us all wondering if she’s wearing mesh underwear underneath it all. Kim Kardashian West has made fitness and getting back to her goal weight public fodder for us all to revel in and somehow care about. Damn, I even have girlfriends of mine who are slimmer than they were before getting pregnant!

Since giving birth five months ago it’s hard to not slip into self-loathing and judgement as it relates to ones postpartum body. Prior to getting pregnant I was always proactive about staying in shape, eating well, and taking care of my body. I journeyed through Weight Watchers twice with success, bought a Fitbit to keep me motivated, and shelled out money for those really cute Lululemon yoga pants that keep everything tucked in. I ran a half marathon with my husband back before we got married two years ago – and throughout it all I’m guilty of body shaming myself. I remember feeling as though no matter how much weight I lost it was never enough to satisfy the woman in the mirror.

When I found out we were pregnant last year I was over the moon excited. I had no idea how pregnancy would affect my body, or my self-esteem, but all of a sudden those frivolous things didn’t matter to me anymore. It was through my pregnancy where I gained 30 lbs, stretch marks took over my belly, and transitioned in and out of maternity clothes faster than my bank account could keep up with. But it was well worth it because it meant I had the privilege to create life; and if that meant my baby boy would alter my body’s chemistry forever then so be it.

However, since giving birth and having a few months to recover my body did indeed change. I’m no supermodel nor am I a Kardashian. My stretch marks remain as a testament to what the human female body can endure and my boobs, which were quite large to begin with, became larger and uncontrollable since nursing is a full-time job these days. I still have that little ‘pouch’ of skin that sits where my pregnant belly used to. But, despite all of that, the irony is is that I have found more confidence in my body since childbirth and it’s made transitioning back to regular clothes that much easier.

Styling my postpartum body was something that took me time. I had to get reacquainted with my curves and accept that the only clothes I’d fit into for a while were maternity and items that had a great deal of stretch – and better yet, that that was okay. We all know that feeling of joy when we can button the tops of our jeans without a little extra hanging out over top of them or the day when we can finally throw away our Belly Bands. Through it all, one lesson I’ve only recently come to embrace is finding clothes that fit and feel good regardless of the size on the tag.


Blouse (similar) | Chino Shorts | Necklace | Open Cardigan
 Scarf (similar) | Rainbows | Omega Watch | Target Nursing Cami

 This is a quintessential style that I stick to: comfortable and nursing friendly tops, shorts or jeans, my trusty nursing cami, and a simple cardigan or sweater. These common pieces have really helped me transition back to ‘normal’ clothes without feeling like I’m stuffing things in. It’s all about listening to your body and adapting to your new figure. I’ve learned to be proud of what my body accomplished and it’s going to take time for things to return to the way they were and I’ve accepted that somethings may not ever bounce back. However, there’s no reason to not look and feel my best even in this Kardashian world in which we currently live.

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*This post was a guest post written by Kelly from Primarily Inspired blog, and written specifically for Ember Grey readers.

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  • “Through it all, one lesson I’ve only recently come to embrace is finding
    clothes that fit and feel good regardless of the size on the tag.” -My body has NOT gone through a baby and I still have to remind self of this every time I shop. If it looks good, fits comfortable, and I feel confident it 100% doesn’t matter what number is on that tag!

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