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Flashback Friday: Fresh

March 7, 2014

April 2010 – Fresh. (Chicago, IL)

It was the most perfect
Spring day in Chicago. The sun was out, birds were chirping, and new
buds starting to bloom. There was a bit of chill in the air, but warm
enough for me to wear my first sundress of the year. Christian and I had
just walked out of my apartment building on Lake Shore Drive and were
headed who knows where, I didn’t care. I was with him. And by
this time, I knew that no matter where we were going, what we’d be
doing, who we’d see- I was going to laugh. I was going to be happy. I
was going to feel like me. I was going to feel fresh and light
and fun. Because he brought that back to me. With the sun on my
shoulders and the cool Spring air whipping my hair around, I remember
looking at him, smiling, thinking- gosh darn it, I’m happy. And you
know? He looked like maybe he was thinking just the same 😉 

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