Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Friendship.

January 24, 2014

July 2010 – Friendship (Zionsville, IN)

Through thick and thin. At our very worst, somewhere in the middle, and what can only be our best getting better. Friends since the Barbie days, since the days when recess was our favorite class, until cheerleading came along, until much bigger sports came along (that most likely had to do with a boy wearing our favorite jersey). Since the days of a new crush, sneaking out, broken hearts, and big dreams. Since the days of underage (lots of stuff), possible regrets- even though none of us would ever admit that we had a single one. Since the days of college and smelly dorms and of-age (lots of stuff), being miles away from each other – yet somehow it never pulled us apart (for too long, anyway). Since the days of true loves (or maybe not), long nights with little sleep, more broken hearts (and mending), and possibly the best nights of our lives (so far). Since the days of laughing until it hurt (always), hugging until the tears stopped (or at least until we were too drunk to care anymore), and when sometimes silence and a smile was all that was needed. Since the days of engagements, new homes, a few moves, weddings & celebrations, life lost but never forgotten, pregnancies, and beautiful new babies ever expanding the love of our circle (and not particularly in that specific order – because we don’t do it that way).

I am blessed. 

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