Flashback Friday us

Flashback Friday: Heart Bursting.

January 17, 2014

August 2010 – Heart Bursting. (Glenview, IL)

was fresh… still so new. It was really new, actually. It was one of our
first dates with friends. They were X’s friends, new to me. I
felt free. To be happy. And we were. We had great conversation with our
friends and I just remember feeling so comfortable. In my own skin, but
next to him too. He had reached under the table to squeeze my hand, and I
remember the way he looked at me while I told stories… like he
thought I was the greatest thing. There was an impromptu photo shoot in
their living room… it felt silly but totally fun. I felt so happy I
truly thought my heart would burst. And when he pulled my face to his to
kiss me – just as our friends snapped the camera – I felt safe in his
hands. Treasured. Wow… God, this is so good.

And you know? It’s still fresh. It’s still so good. He still looks at
me like I’m the greatest thing. And my heart still bursts, knowing I’m
safe in his hands.

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