Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Hockey: Walked in rookies, walked out pros.

February 14, 2014

January 2013: Hockey: Walked in Rookies, walked out Pros. (Chicago, IL)

We’d walked in the place like total rookies, wearing enough winter gear for an epic winter storm. I
wore my full-on quilt (coat) with like 23948 layers, and X wore
his heavy duty winter coat, complete with heavy duty gloves and
scarf.  This was only my 2nd real hockey game in my whole life (semi-pro, but still), and first time going not as a five year old. X and I were sweating, burning up before we even got to our seats,
meanwhile- there were chicks in tank-tops and cut-offs, walking around like
they owned the place. I told X to get us some Cracker Jacks, so that we could fit in and he said to me, “Em, this isn’t baseball.” 
Emotions ran high. I could hardly contain myself as the entire crowd (of mostly 12 year old boys) went wild, awaiting for their favorite players to come out on the ice. And what started out as a calm and what looked to surely be an exciting opening ceremony to the game…

became completely terrifying and hot to the face. 

Now this was all “normal,” mind you. This “light show.” I’m pretty sure I peed my pants from laughing so hard over everyone’s reaction, especially my husband’s. (No, seriously. Peed.) If we weren’t hockey fans before, we sure as hell were now. You know, before anyone actually started even playing hockey. I’m just talkin’ about the intro here. (And when the game did finally start, I
was still peeing my pants from the fire ceremony. I
seriously laughed for a good 40 minutes after it happened, which I’m
sure only further pointed out the fact that I’d only been to “a few”
hockey games in my life, as everyone else was talking about the actual game and I was still like, “You guys, the fire!”) So,
yeah. I’d say it was a success. And we’ll be back. (If they let us back in.) And the next time, I’ll know exactly what to wear (tank-top, cutoffs, and a face mask for the flames.) 

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