Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Kindergarten Love.

January 31, 2014

August 1989 – Kindergarten Love (Carmel, IN)

truth is, while I remember a lot about my younger years and early
grades, I don’t remember this particular day. Looking at the picture,
though, I can tell you a few things. My mom is standing behind me, my baby brother is standing to the left of me by the red chair, the boy in the red shirt
never smiled, I had a mean Kindergarten teacher (she’s the one in the
flower pants), and the boy in the blue and black striped shirt was about
to propose marriage to me that year. (A one-sided love affair that
lasted for years.) (We’re good now.) (He actually sent me this picture.)

If I had to guess as to what we were doing in this picture, I would
say that we were gearing up for a big ol’ session of Show and Tell.
There are many things about this picture that I love. I love that the
date (most of it anyway) is in clear view: August 1989. Now here’s a
funny (and true) story: I never learned the months of the year. We could blame it on
my mean teacher but it’s really because I was talking to a classmate the
day we learned about them. The look on my face in the picture above is
how my face looked for YEARS anytime I had to remember what order the
months went in. “I have no idea.” It wasn’t until high school that my
Dad taught me how to remember The ‘Bers. You know- September, October,
etc. Those were the ones that really threw me off. It was a true
terrifying relationship, The ‘Bers and me. (We’re good now.)

Other things I love about this picture: all of the boys that age had
pants that were too high and shoes that seemed too big. I love that I
had in my favorite barrettes (yes, I remember those exact ones) with my
natural bleach blonde hair (totally Children of the Corn, right?!), that
I was rockin’ a purple bracelet (my favorite color), and that even in
Kindergarten, I was taller than all the boys. I love that my brother, Andy, is so
sweetly looking on as my teacher was giving instruction. Andy
probably wanted to be in school so badly. And as much as I hated it at the
time, I love that my hopeful future husband, Jordan (in the striped shirt), was standing
next to me, as he always did. That year, whenever we had field trips and
had to match up with a ‘buddy’, Jordan would always make sure that he
was paired up with me. Me, being painfully shy and someone who wouldn’t dare hurt
anyone’s feelings (even if inside I was dying), never objected.
I’ll never forget the time we took a field trip to O’Malley’s grocery
store (because c’mon… grocery stores are totally interesting for a 6
year old!) and the teacher said “Now pair up with your buddy and because
we’ll be walking to O’Malley’s, you’ll need to hold hands the whole
way.” Terror, I tell you. Straight fear, as Jordan calmly walked over to
me with the biggest smile of his life. And as he held my hand for what
seemed like eternity, I remember thinking “Does this mean we’re

Jordan and I did not get married to each other, no, but we have remained friends since these early days of youth. He’ll
still tell me that I was his first true love and I’ve reached the point
now where I can look back on that and smile 🙂

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  • That was a feel good, happy story. I love that you can remember your barrettes. Remember the ones with your name written on them?! I was obsessed with that kind of stuff.

  • Anonymous

    I so remember that field trip! And I totally remember that huge grin I had on my face:) I'm so glad we became friends:)

  • I love this idea…let me know if you decide to do a link up!