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Flashback Friday: snOMG

January 3, 2014

February 2011 – snOMG (Chicago, IL)

photo courtesy of Chicago Tribune

They had called it many things like, The Great Blizzard of 2011 and Snowmageddon but my favorite was snOMG.  (And no, this photo was not altered or photoshopped.)  This picture was taken right out front of where I’d been living at the time.  Right off of Lake Shore Drive.  It’s crazy to look back on this picture and remember it all.  The building I lived in was some 30-something floors, I was on 12 which was still high up enough where you really didn’t know (and couldn’t see) what was going on down below. I had gone downstairs with Oooj to take him out, only to literally be stuck inside.  I wasn’t able to go through the revolving doors so one of the doormen let me sneak out the side door (as wide as we could open it, which was just big enough for poor Oooj to squeeze through).  I simply plopped Oooj right outside the door, he looked at me like “you’ve gotta be freakin’ kiddin’ me” … he did his thing and it was back in we went. We hung out with the rest of the doormen for a bit… I loved those guys and most of them were stuck at the condo building.  It was fun… everyone in Chicago was just camping out wherever they last ended up.  It was cozy.  And exciting.  And as for the folks in the picture above?  Ya win some, ya lose some I suppose.

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