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April 19, 2016

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This one’s for all the Mamas out there – I want to hear from you today! As Christian and I continue to prepare for our babe, I’ve reached the point where I’m not sure I can force myself to read anymore reviews on 29487620 different kinds of bassinets or the 9346720 different kinds of diaper changing pads. For the LOVE, seriously. How and more so WHY are there so many different kinds of changing pads?? We’re talking foam wrapped in plastic here… meant for butt wiping. And yet there are a million different kinds ranging from overpriced to way overpriced. (I know, I know. Welcome to the land of baby buying.)

A few weekends ago, my mom and I ventured into Buy Buy Baby to test out strollers and the minute we walked through the doors we both felt totally overwhelmed. Racks and racks and racks of clothes and bathing tubs and wipes and chew toy necklace thingys. (Yes, I’m aware they’re not called ‘chew toys’… even though that’s essentially what they are, no?) We walked out of there having only purchased one thing: a cute pacifier. Baby steps, right?

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(My dad’s name is Dan… he is also a doctor. I felt it absolutely necessary to read this book to our babe one day, about their Papa. #allthehearteyes. You can find more of the classic Little Golden Books at World Market!)

SO. Today. I would love to hear from my fellow mamas: What are your top five newborn must-haves? I’m talking absolute essentials here. We’ll have a shower after the babe arrives. And seriously, no more than 5 things because, you know, Buy Buy Baby overload. I just can’t. It’s too soon.


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PS- As far as non-essential items like nursery decor, what are some of your favorite Etsy shops?!

PPS- EG’s sponsorships are BACK! You can check them out here. (All proceeds to go to our adoption fund!)

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  • The baby stuff is TOTALLY overwhelming!! I feel you!! 4 weeks into this mama thing, I’d say these are must-haves:

    -sleepers that button down BOTH LEGS for the middle of the night changings… The ones that zip down one leg are super frustrating when you’re so tired you can hardly think 😉

    – rock n play!! I was skeptical of this because we have a bassinet, but after the first week at home Adeline hated being swaddled and would NOT sleep in the bassinet. We had the rock n play for daytime naps downstairs, but gave in and tried letting her sleep in it at night and PRAISE GOD SHE SLEPT SO WELL!!! It’s also super portable so I can carry it up and down the stairs, into the bathroom while I shower, etc!

    – changing pad liners – these are little white pads that go on top of your changing pad in case baby pees mid changing! These are awesome because that happens a LOT and instead of changing the whole pad cover, you just throw this guy in the wash and stick a new one on top. I’d say you need two 3 packs – we go through multiple a day and I so baby laundry every other day usually.

    – car seat/stroller travel system – we live our Graco seat and stroller. Everything is light weight so I can do it by myself. It’s so nice to wip out the stroller with a one strap pull open and put her car seat in it when I’m out and about! It’s compact and light – love it!

    I’m putting a post together of what I ACTUALLY USE with Adeline because we have SO MUCH STUFF lol. It was hard to know what to register for (and how many of each!) beforehand, so I’m hoping a “minimalist what you really need” post will be helpful to my friends in that place!

    Good luck!;)

    • THANK YOU! I’ve heard about the Rock n Play from multiple moms now so it must be good 😉 Can’t wait to read your post, Lauren!

  • Katie @ A Beautiful Little Adv

    It is SO overwhelming and stressful. I spent hours and hours researching and in the end, mostly for nothing. Newborns don’t need much! Our top 5 products: 1. Arm’s Reach co -sleeper, 2. Rock n Play 3. Newborn baby lounger 4. love to dream swaddle up (our baby hated being swaddled) 5. baby jogger city mini. In the end, baby just needs your love, cuddles, attention, and food. 🙂

    • ha! Yes! Hours of researching and then just when I thought I’d settled on a bassinet (from hours of research), a woman standing next to me at the store started to tell me why that particular bassinet was awful. *back to the drawing board* 😉 Thanks, Katie!

  • Awww. I love this journey you’re on! Baby Grey is going to have the best life!
    I don’t have any parenting advice or essentials to recommend, although I know a lot of new moms that swear by their sleep machines or CDs with sleep-machine-like noise on them… 🙂

    • Oh yeah, lady. We already have a sleep machine – it was one of the first things we bought! 🙂 Thank you!!!

  • dude, buybuybaby is a terrifying place. I suggest doing as much registering online as possible….it will save you. also, I call all teething items “chew toys”, and always have, and will never stop haha. gonna list my top 5 here, but also link to my newborn must-haves from back when I had a newborn:
    top 5 items: 1) rock n play – literally the best gift we got, and I have friends who say the same. Amelia wouldn’t sleep in the crib at night until 4 months, or naps until 6 months, and this was our saving grace. 2) boppy – also amazing. ours is still out because Amelia plays with it, but it makes feeding (bottle or breast) so much easier on your shoulders. 3) aden anais swaddles blankets – we were gifted 8 of these, and I used them for everything…swaddles, blankets, nursing covers, car seat covers, spare changing pad covers, play mats, etc. and they’re so cute. 4) sleepers with snaps/zippers, not buttons – you take those damn things off and on so much during the day and night, let them be easy! 5) wubbanubs – looks like you already have one, they are the best nooks in the world. Amelia still uses hers at night and during naps. we’ll think about getting rid of them after all the teeth are in…

    • haha!! Terrifying. For real. Thanks for the suggestions and for the link, checking it out now!

  • I am still overwhelmed by baby things. It’s A LOT. But here’s my list: 1. Rock n Play. We got a bassinet and Jack refused to sleep more than five minutes at a time because it’s flat and it doesn’t move. Babies like to move. Buy this, seriously. 2. The boppy. I know these are popular for breastfeeding, but that didn’t work for me. But I use it for ALL the things, especially to prop him up with, and to make it safer for him to hang out on the couch or in bed with us. 3. The Ollie swaddle. It makes swaddling so easy, and it’s the only thing that has made Jack be able to sleep for more than 3 hours at a time (PS I think they’re having a mother’s day sale right now!). 4. A baby swing. Lifesaver. And you don’t need one of the insanely expensive ones. The baby won’t care if you spent 50 or 400 dollars, so save yourself some money. I know that’s only 4, but I would honestly say those are the only MUST haves I can think of. It’s not as bad as you think, I promise! So thrilled for you. love you so! xo

    • Ps: A little advice-don’t let yourself get too distracted by colors/prints/modernness. It’s so easy to get sucked into to buying the most trendy-looking thing, or feeling pressured to make sure everything matches and reflects your style. It truly doesn’t matter. Sometimes the best thing out there is just ugly, and that’s okay. You want your baby to be comfortable (and you also want to have enough money leftover to do things like, I don’t know, eat) more than you want a pinterest-perfect nursery. YOU CAN DO THIS!

    • These are GREAT! Thank you!! XO

  • Ellen

    1. Baby carrier – for the love of God, I wish I had bought one right away. The thing is a LIFE SAVER for every aspect. We have a Boba. I chose this brand, because of the maximum weight being the highest out of all of them (since J was so much older when I got it). 2. Swing. There were nights when he would not sleep no matter what I did. On these nights, he slept in the swing and I was on the couch. You do what you can for some rest. 3. Music projector. Again, this goes back to helping everyone sleep. We got ours at Target and there are three scenes it can project along with lullabies and other soothing sounds. We still use it every night (and he’s almost 3). 4. A stroller you can easily fold up. We have a Baby Jogger City Mini GT and I can fold that sucker AND get it in the car one handed while J is on my other hip. Make sure what you choose is lightweight and has a large enough storage basket for you. Otherwise they’re mainly the same. Don’t worry about getting a travel system, unless it makes you more comfortable. 5. Plenty of onesies, sheets, and extra everything made of cloth. You won’t believe how many blow outs will cause stains or a changing 10 times a day. You’ll be grateful for that giant drawer full of onesies.

    I know how overwhelming it is! I was just there, pouring over reviews and articles. Just don’t. It will drive you crazy. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

    • oh girl. The words “blow out” are almost as terrifying as my trip to BBB. haha! Thank you for all of this!! I appreciate it so much! 🙂 xo

  • Eeeek I love this!! One day I’ll be looking back on this post because I’ll be slightly freaking out over all the things. HA!

  • 1. EVERYONE gets you blankets and clothes when you have a baby, so it’s fine to register for the specific ones you want, but I found with both babes that a lot of people don’t shop registries. #annoying BUT…the Aden & Anais muslin blankets are everything. 2. Baby carrier…we have the Ergo. I like it because it’s “manly” enough for Steve to wear (he would never do a wrap!). 3. a good stroller. We got a Bob with Claire and I’m so glad we invested the money. It’s SO easy to push (I can do it one handed), goes over dirt, sand, etc. 4. I say a swing is good to have, but Claire hated it. Jude on the other hand, spent many naps and nights in the swing, so I was able to actually sleep. 5. Pajamas that ZIP! It’s so hard to button when their moving and kicking, or in the middle of the night when you’re barely awake. You can’t mess up a zipper!

    • That’s so true- every time I’ve bought things for my friends who are expecting, it’s always clothes and I never follow the registry. (I understand now! Never again! ha!) Thank you, friend!! Your number (and Rebecca’s!) will be on speed dial! 😉

  • chall1018

    Oh goodness friend, I wish I could help. Everything has changed since I had Mason. There are so many cool and new things out there. I don’t have a clue where to begin. But, I do know that I plan to invest in a wrap (for baby wearing) if we are blessed with a 2nd baby.

    • Christian told me yesterday he’s excited to wear one of the wraps, ha! Praying for you, friend!!

  • Omigosh I love the Doctor Dan book!! 🙂 I think I’ve given you my list already but I’m enjoying reading everyone else’s lists below…so many people swear by the Rock n Play! Wish we’d tried that because Bug only liked the swing for about 2 weeks and Peanut didn’t like it at all. They do love motion when they’re newbies, since they’ve been rocked and rolled about in utero for so long>…!
    PS >> THREE DAYS!!!! 🙂 XO

    • Yes, your list is safely tucked away in my Baby folder! 🙂 Literally everyone is mentioning the Rock n Play. We will for sure be getting that one.

      TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • If you have carpet, you need a Spot Bot Carpet Cleaner. Seriously. Babies make big messes, especially when they’re sick.

    A baby carrier frees up your hands for household chores or outdoor activities. It’s a must.

    • Great idea, Brettni! We do have a carpet cleaner (just from having pets) so we’re squared away in that dept.

      I’m thinking I’ll try out different carriers when the babe is here to see what he/she likes best.

      Thank you!!

  • I’ll keep this simple for you (besides the basics like stroller, carseat, etc) – sound machine, nose frida, travel sound machine (it hooks on your carseat), pack and play mattress and sheet, amber necklace. I’ts been three years for me but I’m still raving about all of those!

  • WhoAmIToday

    Fisher Price Newborn Rock-N-Play Sleeper has been the best baby gift we received. It is what baby girl sleeps in best both during the day and at night.