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June 28, 2014

I’ve blogged quite a bit about my love for change. Part of it stems, perhaps, from the dreamer in me but I think it’s also about updating the things around me as I “update” and grow.

When I first started this blog, I had an overall idea of what I wanted this space to be but of course hoped it would grow and evolve over time. In the short time EG has been live, it’s grown into something so much more than a space to write & be creative. Not only have I met so many AWESOME people through this outlet, but I’ve learned a lot about my own creativity – and that, too, continues to grow. 
I started working with Bobbi from Ready to Blog designs in December of 2013. We came up with an overall layout/idea and in just a few weeks I was ready to publish my first post
Then, months later, I’d created a Facebook page for EG, eventually added the Sponsor option, and a few other cosmetic changes. It felt good to make updates to this space. For me, it meant things were moving forward and I was continuing along in my creative journey.
A few weeks ago, as my blog continued to grow and I felt I was beginning to understand the path my own creativity was on, I sent Bobbi an email and begged her to tell me that surely I’m not the only one who makes changes to their blog so often. (She assured me I was not the only one.) With Grateful Heart Monday becoming an important piece to EG each week, I knew I wanted it to be right at the top of this space. A new idea for the EG logo, a few changes to the layout in general, and before I knew it- Ember Grey had a fresh, updated look.
Slowly, but surely, EG is coming along as I continue to grow in this awesome world of blogging 🙂 So much fun!
So what about you? Do you make cosmetic/functionality changes to your blog often? 
Do you grow the things around you as you grow in creativity?

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  • First of all, I really like your blog design! It's so clean and organized. I haven't made too many changed to my blog since I got someone else to design it for me, but I am guilty of constantly thinking of different designs. I haven't had my blog for very long so I think I will wait a good, long while before I make any changes! I just want to wait and see what works and what doesn't and I want to develop a more clear vision of what I would like it to look life.

  • Love the new design! And yes! I find myself tweaking little things along the way. They may be minor but since my blog is a place where I spend a lot of my time I like to keep it fresh and change things every once and awhile. That's where I flex my creative muscles (or I guess it'd be more honest to say that's where I come up with ideas and others help me implement them). I have gotten brave and done a few things on my own but as of now, I still lack the confidence to do major things. I love that as we grow in our blogging journeys, our blogs grow too.

  • I've noticed for newer bloggers, we tend to "adapt" our blog designs a lot as we grow. But for more seasoned bloggers, they rarely change their layout around.


  • I think most changes in design occur in the first year and you grow and find your blogging voice. Some things that work well for others may not work for you and vice versa so we adapt our layout and design to fit ourselves and the little corner of the internet we've claimed. I dabble in design, so it's much easier for me to make little (or big) changes myself and its so very tempting sometimes to just re-do everything over and over.

  • I love this design! Your evolution has been subtle and good! I actually noticed the new "Ember Grey" font before I even read your post this morning!
    It's funny because last night, I talked to my husband about him designing a wordpress theme for me–not his favorite thing to design–and I ended up finding one that I loved this morning. It's the first change that I've ever made.

  • Your changes were subtle. I like seeing the blog change as it grows. I find that I can get a little carried away with changes, I do a little bit of design. I use to do blog designs when I first started. Now like you I am aiming for slow subtle changes as my blog grows.

  • I love your evolving styles!! I get bored easily and need changes all the time (why I change my hair and hobbies so frequently, and changed my job 7 times in 9 years at my last company..!) so I have no doubt I will tweak my design in the next few mos. 🙂

  • I do web design, and that can be a good thing and also a bad thing, because I'm never satisfied with how it looks. I have changed up my blog design a few times, and I'll like it for a couple of days, but then change it all over again. I'm sitting on my hands right now to keep from redesigning it. LOL. I think your blog looks fabulous, Emily! Happy Sunday!

  • Blogs change as much as your ideas change – sometimes you need your blog to match your mood. The more I learn from seeing other blogs, the more changes I make to my own!