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Friday Favorites (already?!)

August 5, 2016

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Oh, you know. Just some birthday Snapchat randomness. (“Got a ear of corn, put it on the grill. Cooked it up, and ate it really fast.” Welcome to my daily life!)

Alright well the fact that it’s Friday again is blowing my mind. Didn’t I just share a Favorites post?? The last week has been the busiest, craziest week of my entire life (all good!) but I honestly feel like last Friday was only a few days ago. For the rest of you who had normal weeks, I’m so happy for you and your impending, much awaited weekend! 😉

I thought it might be fun to do a little extra bonus share today with my current EG sponsors! I’ve “known” each of these gals for the majority of my blogging time here on Ember Grey and they are definitely some of my favorites.  I’m always surprised to learn more about my blogger friends, especially when one of them shares a Q&A post, so I emailed a few questions to these three gals yesterday and they’re sharing their answers with you today!

Christine @ Christine Everyday

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.45.14 PM

Describe your blog in 3 words: Random, Silly, Personable.

What does a typical Friday night look like at your house? A glass of wine (or two) for mommy, and a rousing game of Monopoly with my hubby and our daughter! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

One thing we’d find unchecked on your Bucket List: Travel is my biggest Bucket List item… I want to go everywhere! Right now I think England is at the top of the list, though.

Favorite post: 365 Blog Post Ideas That Are Actually Really Interesting

Serious stuff now. Snapchat or Instagram Stories? Am I allowed to say neither? Because I’m going to say neither. I like Instagram but I don’t understand the stories thing on either app.




Describe your blog in 3 words: Cohesive, Structured, Friendly.

What does a typical Friday night look like at your house? We don’t come home immediately after work! Friday night is when our weekend starts. Either we hang out with friends, family, or just enjoy the end of the work week by ourselves!

One thing we’d find unchecked on your Bucket List: Go on a trip to Europe!

Favorite post: A Year Ago Today: A Look Back (all the things that happened in my first year here in the US! Looking back on the day I left Manila was not easy, but life has been great since moving to San Diego. Life, indeed, goes on, but home will always remain where your family is.)

Serious stuff now. Snapchat or Instagram Stories? I only add people I know (family, friends, and even some blogger friends) on Snapchat where I’m comfortable to just be my crazy self. Since a lot of people I don’t know follow me on Instagram, I think it’s kind of creepy to let them in on some more personal things in my life. I find that this new Instagram feature is probably more beneficial in terms of “blog work,” but I’ll keep all the non-curated, behind-the-scenes posts on Snapchat!


Kelly @ Primarily Inspired

Kelly fam

Describe your blog in 3 words: Happy Place, Comfort, Inspired.

What does a typical Friday night look like at your house? It looks a lot like us enjoying dinner out at a local restaurant with our son. He loves his Phil & Ted’s chair and it allows us to set him right at the table with us so he can see what’s going on. I always look forward to eating out since we cook so much at home. Every so often it’s nice to have someone else do the cooking 😉

One thing we’d find unchecked on your Bucket List: Reading the complete Harry Potter series. I had seen all the movies but never got around to reading the books – so far it’s been going great (I’m on the third book!) and I’m still in wonder as to how I never read them before!

Favorite post: The Mom Without A Village

Serious stuff now. Snapchat or Instagram Stories? I tried Snapchat when it first came out when girl friends of mine coerced me into trying it – but that quickly fizzled and I have yet to continue with it. However, I am intrigued that Instagram has unveiled this new feature and I’m more likely to try it since I already regularly use Instagram! I like that it’s one less social media platform to use and it keeps my interactions authentic and fun with all of my followers.

So fun to get to know new-to-you bloggers, right? Don’t be shy – go say hello! (And I’ll be sharing my own answers to these questions next week!)

Have a great weekend!

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  • I check out Christine and Jae’s blogs often, but I’ve never visited Kelly’s space. Thanks for the recommendation 😉 I love that she’s reading all the HP books! It’s about time!! 🙂 Lol!

    • Jae

      This is true! Thank you, Audrey! <3

    • I’d love to get to know you Audrey! Haha I know! I’m so late to the game but better late than never, amirite? 😉

  • Jae

    Thanks for having me on your post for today, Em! Like Audrey, I’m not familiar with Kelly, too, but Christine has been a blogger friend for a while now… Hi, Kelly! 🙂 I re-read books 1 to 4 of the Harry Potter series recently because I never got around to reading books 5 to 7 when they first came out! I’m not on book 6, and I couldn’t wait to finish them, so I could read the latest (and final) Harry Potter book! Do you have Goodreads? Let’s be friends!

    Anyway, I just want to add a minor typo in my response here… I meant to say […home will always remain *where your family is.] Hehehe!

    Life, indeed, goes on, but home will always remain will your family is.</blockquote

    • Hi!! It’s so nice to meet you to and find yet another great blog to follow! HP is slowly revealing as to why it has the following it does and I can say that I’m enjoying it much more as an adult!

      • Jae

        So am I! I realized that I missed out on a lot of things when I re-read the first four books. I was only in high school when I first read them!

    • yay!! I love when people make new blogging friends! 🙂 (OK! Editing now, I’m so sorry!)

      • Jae

        No harm done, Em! 😉

  • You guys are too cute! Looks like he had a fun birthday. I love these ladies who sponsor you this month! I already follow Kelly and adore her content, but I’m going to have to go check out Christine and Jae. 🙂

  • Hahaha! Love the random rapping.