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Friday Faves: Michael Bolton (duh), flowers, cookies, and YOU.

August 22, 2014
Seriously, it’s Friday?! I thought this day would never come! So here’s some random but super important information for you today… did you guys know there’s a Phil Collins Day? Yes, Phil Collins has his own DAY and parade, which is… well it’s awesome and kiiiiinda weird, but mostly awesome. Christian told me about this a few years ago and then, just this week, I read that Bill Murray is now getting his own day and parade. So of course I had to check to see if there was a Michael Bolton Day (because, why wouldn’t there be??) and while I had no luck finding any sort of MB parade day (although it definitely gets my mind a-goin for future endeavors), I did find this:


[click here to watch video via youtube]

I mean, right?! Sign me up Sally!

In other news, X met me at the train station on my way home from work this week, holding these. (And not that we do the whole ‘point system’ over here but he basically just got 2039572394269q points.)

Also, the grocery store is trying to kill me with these. Check back next week for an official Cookie Dough Oreo tasting special. (No, but really.)

Let’s do a quick little EG recap, shall we?

* This week’s Grateful Heart linkup had the best turn out yet and I have LOVED getting to know all of you new GH linker-upers! 😉
* Lindsay from Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos answered some of my questions on Thursday and she really has me wanting to give the ol’ bourbon another try. (The last time B & I met, he gave me one wild night and this was not a good thing come the next morning, if you know what I’m sayin’.)* Turns out you all are AWESOMEly weird just like me and we’re all Twilight fans. I love you all, even those of you who lied. (And for the few who were brave enough to mention the fact that you aren’t and will never be a Twilight fan, I’ll let it slide just this once because… well, vampires… who sparkle… in the sun.)



All The Joys Friday Favorites

I’m linking up with the lovely Meagan from All The Joys to share w/ you all some of my favorite posts from other bloggers this past week.
* With my (truly unhealthy) obsession with coffee, Cassie’s post (from Sage the Blog) 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Coffee was obviously a favorite read of mine this week. Clearly I need to travel to some exotic land so that I can take my own coffee tour.* Anne from Love the Here and Now had such a heartbreaking week and yet still encouraged us to find some good in the dark days with the question: Do you see wishes or weeds? with a picture of dandelions. That picture and question has stuck with me for the rest of this week… definitely reminding me that it’s all about attitude.

* TJ from His Little Lady is my newest “new to me” blogs to follow and I am loving all of her recent posts – her blog is visually (and creatively) inspiring to me, not to mention – what I wouldn’t give to have her hair!

* Kristyn’s post from Carolina FirefliesA Heart That Won’t Stop Breaking was so honest, brave, and real. Breakups are so hard, and sometimes you just have to go through the hurt to get to the other side. (Sure wish I could make it go faster for her though!)

* Chelsea over at The Contented Wife posted How To Distress Furniture Using Vaseline and let me just tell you- I cannot wait to try this once we move to Nashville!

Have an awesome weekend! 
I’ll see you all bright and early on Monday for another edition of the Grateful Heart linkup! 🙂


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  • Lindsay

    Gorgeous flowers! What a sweet treat! And I cannot wait for your review on those cookies… I want to try them! Happy Friday!

  • Thanks for linking up! I realllly hope you tell us that the Oreos are gross. Because I just can't handle not trying them (aka eating half the bag in ine sitting!)

  • Let me know how those Oreos are. I mean, I am an Oreo LOVER. Seriously. Hardcore lover. However, I ONLY like double stuf Oreos. Soooo yea. 🙂 Also, those flowers are beautiful!

  • I have a great weakness for cookie dough, so this stuff is something that I could get very addicted to!

  • oh, me too. This is pretty dangerous!

  • Thanks for sharing friend! Those flowers are to die for. And I need to get my hands on those cookies. Even though gluten hates me, those are surely worth any suffering!!!

  • I know!! I'm going to try them (ONE) and then bring the rest to work 😉 ha!

  • I hope they're REAL gross! (But I'll let you know)

  • I can't wait for my review too!! 😉 Happy Friday!

  • I'll be clicking around now for a while with all your links. Love the flowers- so sweet!

  • amy

    Oh thanks for sharing these….I haven't read most, so I'm off to do that now. You know, while I listen and take really good notes during teacher training. And….it's hard for me to share this in public, but your love for MB is like my hubs love for Lionel Richie. I'm glad you're all big fans, but seriously guys….welcome to 2014!! 😉

  • amy

    and I can't believe I never thought to mention tis to you…Steve did the lighting for a MB show….haha…think it was def a highlight of his career!! Like, I think it's listed at the top of his resume.

  • haha!!! I'm laughing out loud. Ok well Steve understands then, clearly. I think it's a love you're born with… so it just stays with you. (Have fun in training!)

  • haha!! It would be on mine, for sure!!!! 😉

  • Oh Michael Bolton, I am becoming quite acquainted with him thorugh you. It makes me chuckle. Have an awesome weekend friend!! ox

  • Oh my goodness, I have missed you!!!
    Also, yes please Michael Bolton parade!

  • So glad! 🙂 And yes, thank you. It was the sweetest surprise at the end of a hectic day!

  • Girl that makes me so happy. haha!!! Happy weekend!!

  • I have missed YOU!!!!!!

  • aren't they so sweet?! Made my whole week 🙂 Sometimes it's the little things!

  • Those oreos look amazing!! Glad you had a great week 🙂

  • Melissa Camacho

    YUM! Oreos. I'll be right over to share the bag with you. 😛 and hooray for flowers! so sweet.

  • OH my… I'm praying they have those Oreos at the store tomorrow when I go shopping for my "cheat" day! hahaha

  • Those flowers are seriously sweet! I'd give my guy that many points, too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend- looking forward to joining the link up next week!

  • I do hope you are serious about the cookie tasting special.

  • Thank you so much for sharing my post. Next week will be better right? XO


  • Yay for sweet husbands and pretty flowers!

  • ohhhh… I tried them yesterday and I'm pretty sure they're worth anything ever!! 😉

  • hahah! I think you're the only one who actually watched it and THANK YOU! I KNOW!

  • YES! Next week – I can feel it, it's gonna be good, Anne!

  • oh you betcha. Check back Monday!! 😉

  • it was the best way to end the work day, for sure 🙂 Thanks, Kelsea!! Hope you're having a great weekend!!

  • i hope they had them for you! They were SO good (and yes, were saved for my cheat day too)

  • Come on over, lady!! I need someone else to eat the rest of them, ha!

  • Love love love the flowers. So pretty! I guess we can be looking for you at the school of Michael Bolton 😉

  • you betcha! 😉