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December 4, 2015
baby stocking

I went almost the entire day yesterday thinking it was Wednesday. It wasn’t until later in the evening I realized that no, it was in fact Thursday. So this Friday is especially exciting for me, considering it CAME OUT OF NOWHERE. Let’s catch up a bit, shall we?

Right after we got back from Thanksgiving, X so lovingly gave me his cold and I’ve been as sick as a dog this whole week. I finally ventured out yesterday (which was Thursday, not Wednesday by the way) to pick up some meds and orange juice…


Please note the hole in my shirt, as well as a good case of “I took a shower last night before bed and didn’t brush or dry before falling asleep” hair. But – I DID put on real pants for my trip to the grocery store so I was pretty proud of myself. (And for all of you germ-a-phobes who are shaking your heads at me for going to a public place with my cold germs, I wore gloves the whole time and kept my scarf around my face.) I was actually terrified people were going to think I was going to rob the place as I shopped in purple gloves and sunglasses and an infinity scarf over my mouth. (For the record, I am one of those germ-a-phobes so I’m not picking on anyone.) The only good thing about this dang death cold has been the hours spent in bed or on the couch watching ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas. And let me just say that Tim the Toolman as Santa Claus has to be one of my favorite things (from the 90s.)

My favorite kitty, Cleo, clearly has Instagram. This was proven last night when she sneakily showed up at the bottom of the stairs right after I’d Instagrammed her refusing to leave the upstairs (which has been the case since we moved into our new house). Is this what I have to do to get her to mind? Instagram and tattle on her?

Cleo downstairs

On the other hand, my favorite pup was being especially cute last night as he tried his best to fit his entire body on a couch pillow. Oh, Oooj. You can do no wrong with a face like that.

Oooj on pillow

My favorite part about beginning the decorating process at our house this year?

baby stocking

Hanging this little stocking on our mantle. We think about and pray for our babe every day and know they are on their way to us – we feel it! It only seemed right to bring that reminder of joy, hope & gratitude to our Christmasy-ness!

My favorite recipe at the moment is this one for Pumpkin Chili. In fact, it’s so good that I made it two nights in a row this week – at Christian’s request. (You can see what else I’m cooking here, and what I’m baking here.)

My favorite new tradition for Christmas this year has involved these JOY Cards Advent Calendar from one of my favorite shops, Persimmon Prints (owned by one of my favorite people). While I’d originally had grand plans of hanging these from our banister upstairs, life has been so busy lately and I’m just not sure if that’s gonna happen. HOWEVER, instead they rest on our dinner table and Christian and I have been reading each day’s card over dinner, reading the scripture and answering the questions at the bottom. It’s encouraged some really sweet conversations between the two of us… I think perhaps the cards will stay in this spot 😉

Before I wish us all a happy Friday, have you seen my current sponsors??

Lindsay, Kentucky blogger at Bourbon, Lipstick, & Stilettos. This girl is my go-to for all things makeup and bourbon. (Because sometimes it’s both, am I right?!) I’m also guaranteed a good chuckle thanks to her witty sarcasm and ability to keep it real.

Amanda, Seattle blogger at Little Tranquility. First, can I just say- I LOVE getting to know new-to-me bloggers. Second of all, I might have a slight obsession with her Instagram account and travel adventures, and am counting on being invited to her next road trip. (Creepy, yes totally. Hopefully her husband will understand.)

Anne, New York blogger at Love the Here and Now. If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time now, you probably already know my love for this lady. Anne was my very first blogging friend and has helped me a number of times with all things blogging. (Seriously, just check out her blogging how-tos – so good!) But, she’s also a really fabulous person too 🙂

Also, if you haven’t read through November’s Twelve Months of Bliss recaps, get on over there and catch up. WOW. I was so moved after reading each post. Doing these monthly challenges with you all has been really, really special to me. I cannot WAIT to read about how you all have been paying it forward this month!


Have the best weekend,

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  • Oh my goodness, Remmy loves to rest her little self on pillows like that… or papers on the floor or my purse or anything to keep her off the real floor.
    Love it!
    Hope you feel better soon. I am talking to my little antibodies every day telling them to fight whatever thing I am trying to catch :-/

    • I hope you don’t get it!! I drank a ton of orange juice yesterday and woke up today feeling so much better!

  • I do hope by the time you are reading this you are feeling back to your old self. I’m loving your Cleo. Among his other groupies! My dad had a cat named Cleo. Maybe it’s in the name, he was much like yours in personality too. Enjoyed all your happenings today. Have a wonderful weekend Emily.

    • I am feeling better!! I slept A LOT yesterday and am so happy I’m feeling more like myself today. (It must be the name Cleo! 🙂 Too funny!) Happy weekending, Michelle!

  • The vision of you in the grocery store has me giggling a little bit. Hope you are feeling bette and thank you so much for your kind words…so thrilled we have connected! Hope you ave a greta weekend with X and Cleo and Oooj (my youngest dog does the exact same thing!)!

    • I know I looked ridiculous doing it but maybe I was kind of fashionably ridiculous?! Happy weekend, Anne!!

  • Just from the around-the-house pictures you post your new home is just GORGEOUS. And your fur babies are so adorable! I hope you feel better soon!!

    • Thank you!! 🙂 It will be fun to continue the decorating process once Christmas is over (not that I’m rushing that or anything) and then I hope to share more pictures!

  • Ha! I love that photo of your pup. Walter does stuff like that all the time – trying to squeeze his entire body onto something that he is too big for!

  • I am right there with you, girl. I KNOW my coworkers have cursed me for working this week! Hope you feel better soon, friend! This thing is still hanging on… hope you get over it quicker than me! Also, thank you so much for the sweet words. Love working with you!

    • Fortunately I’m feeling better today, I can’t believe how long yours has lasted – you poor thing! Hope you feel better for the big day tomorrow! XO!

  • Boo! Winter colds are the worst! Feel better soon-and no more of this real pants business until you’re all the way better! Pajamas all the way.

  • OMG your puppy is just too darn cute. I literally could not stop smiling at that picture of him on the pillow about to fall off!!

    • He is the sweetest. He’s 10 years old but definitely still acts like a little puppy! 😉

  • Hope you get to feeling better!

    • Thank you, lady! I woke up this morning feeling MUCH better, thank goodness!

  • I love your mantle with your stockings! So cute

    • Thank you! It’s about the only thing I’ve done so far… maybe more this weekend 🙂

  • What kind of breed is your puppy dog?

  • Aw, you look adorable even pouty and sick! 🙂 I had a cold too this week, although lots of sleep seems to have cured me! Your cat is so cute. I love that it just took a little IG shaming to get her moving 😀 Have a great weekend!

    • I did a lot of sleeping yesterday and I swear it’s what helped cure me too – I’m feeling better today! Glad you are too. Thanks, Jess! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  • So sorry you haven’t been feeling well, but that thing about Cleo is hysterical.

  • Your fur babies (and your teeny stocking) are adorable! Hope you start to feel better soon!

    • Thanks, Alyssa! I’m not 100% but definitely feeling better than I was 🙂 Hope your weekend is going well!

  • Sneaky sneaky Cleo. 🙂

  • 🙂 You can join us any time, lady! Thanks for the shout!

  • Cracking up at the mental picture of you walking through the store with the scarf over your mouth and sunglasses. In all seriousness, I hope you’re feeling better! I love the little stocking on your mantle, so sweet. 🙂

  • I’m sorry you’ve been so sick! I love the little sticking for your little one. <3