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Friday Love.

August 21, 2015
This post today is dedicated to all of the bloggers out there… (queue stadium-style echo & 80s pop song). No but seriously, this one today is for all of you! By now you have most likely seen posts pertaining to Adproval (and why they rock) and I wanted to chime in, as well as share my story and why I made the (easy) decision to make the switch to Adproval. Plus? I’ve got one fabulous giveaway to share with you!

I have been very vocal in comments and conversations with others about my love for not only Adproval the company and service, but for the people at Adproval as well. I can’t tell you the countless conversations (emails, chats, in-person conversations, Skype/Google Hangout calls) I’ve had with Matthew, Adproval CEO, and his team over the last year but my respect for them is very high – not to mention, they are one fun and hilarious group. (I love when I feel like I “know” the people of a company.)

Alright, so what IS Adproval? Cassie said it best a few weeks ago but essentially, Adproval is a master connector who makes it easy for all parties involved to do just that: connect. Not only do they connect brands and Influencers (aka: that’s us bloggers!), but they also manage the technical side to all of your sponsorships.

Example: So when someone requests to purchase an ad spot from me, the button they click on from my blog brings them to set-up page at Adproval, which will then take care of the rest. Not only does this make it incredibly easy for me (especially considering I’m SO not tech savvy and really don’t have the time or feel like manually managing all of my adspots), but it makes it easy for YOU as the sponsor. With just a few clicks, you’re then scheduled and queued to sponsor me in the way you have chosen and your ad will then show on my blog at the time your sponsorship starts. 

Perhaps you’ve seen another company, Passionfruit, who “manages” the technical side of sponsorships too, which leads me to my story of why I made the switch from Passionfruit to Adproval… (queue scary slasher music.)

A little over a year ago, I’d been dealing with the nightmare that was my experience with Passionfruit. The nightmare in itself is an entire post, one that I’ve often thought about sharing on here but then decided not to because you all know I like to keep it positive and on the up-and-up over here. But let’s just say, I will never EVER go back to Passionfruit, I will never go through them to sponsor another blogger who is using them, and I will never recommend them to another blogger. Passionfruit still owes me money and their “customer service” is one of the worst I’ve ever encountered in my life. (Because it was nonexistent.) I was ready to pull EVERYTHING from Passionfruit and attempt to manage all of my ads and sponsors on my own (gah!) until the heavens opened up and I got an email from Matthew of Adproval, asking if I might like to try the New Adproval.

Clearly the timing of his reaching out to me was perfect and I was really curious to learn about this “New Adproval” he was introducing me to. However, I had a lot of questions about it all. (Because that’s just how I roll. Lots of questions, always.) How would this affect my current ads on my blog? Why did they use Stripe and not PayPal? Etc…

Matthew was more than happy to answer any and all of my questions, as well as help me make the transition to Adproval as smoothly as possible. And you know what? It was a smooth transition, and Matthew and his team have only continued to maintain amazing customer service ever since: quick and thorough in answering any questions or fixing anything that needs to be fixed or tended to. Perhaps some of you may have the same questions I had and I can tell you- 1. Adproval was fabulous about helping get everything installed and moved over, and 2. I did my own research on Stripe and felt very comfortable with it – and I still do, it’s been great.

Working with a company who strives to better themselves and their ways based on what works best for their clients is pretty sweet. Adproval has always welcomed my suggestions and has always made the point to let me know they not only value my feedback but that they truly do want to make the entire experience a positive one for both the blogger and the brands.

As Bloggers, I think it’s really important that we professionally relay our input to companies we’re working with – no one is a mind reader. While there are a few things I feel Adproval could revise/improve on (just based on my personal preference as a blogger), my faith in knowing that they are in motion to work those things out and remain open to continued conversation about such things, as well as everything else I’ve mentioned, is what will keep me a loyal Adproval user 🙂 And the bonus to all of this of course is that Adproval is so much more than just a “technical manager of your ad spots.” I told you- they are a master connector and their mission is to connect you with other brands – ones that make sense to your space and your voice. I have worked with brands such as Loxa Beauty (one, two, & three), Sky Zone, Olive & Clyde, & Tinker Coffee.

Whew! Told you I was a fan 😉 So how would you like a chance to win FREE Adprovalfor life?? (No, this is not a drill.) This means that 100% of the profit you make from selling ad spaces is yours. Good luck!!

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If you’d like to learn more about Adproval, check out two of my favorite posts by two of my fave blogger gals:

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Have a great weekend!

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