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February 20, 2015
Wow, is it finally Friday?! It’s been quite the week down here in TN, what with the 248720 inches of ice that fell for what felt like 2937652 straight days, and another storm brewing as I type this. Christian and I will most likely continue to be stuck indoors, as this city doesn’t seem to own any salt trucks or shovels. (I know. I’m incredibly dramatic & sassy today. The Chicagoan in me is all, “C’mon, Nashville! Get it together! It’s winter!”) (This only further proves that I’m a total newbie here, clearly.)

I had a few people ask me what I wore for Cassie’s bridal shower and thought I would share those details with you today 🙂 I opted for comfort and something that wouldn’t get too hot (since I was running around like a hot mess, as well all know). I wore a dress I’d found at H&M in Chicago a few days before – being a complete sucker for anything floral print, it quickly became mine once I realized it was on sale for $7.00. The actual style of the dress felt a bit southern, which I felt was appropriate since, you know- I’m a southerner now 😉 I went with my usual Daytime Makeup routine and due to the extreme heat of being a busy bee, rocked the side braid.

The fashion detail I was most excited about, however, was the Jamberry hearts design – which you may have seen on my Instagram but it had to be shared again. Talk about a PERFECT bridal shower accessory! 🙂
Can I just tell you guys how much fun I’m having with Jamberry Nails?? I gave up on acrylic and gel a long time ago. For one- I can’t type with fake nails and they absolutely destroy my nails. The fabulous thing about Jamberry is that 1. they’re super easy to put on and remove, 2. they stay on for a long, long time (with occasional maintenance, aka: filing.) Mine have stayed on for 3 weeks although I know others have had better luck keeping them on longer without too much decal damage. And most importantly (for me, at least) – they don’t damage my nails, and the designs are so much fun!
I might be just a tad obsessed with the Garden Party design selection (bottom row). Margaret, also a fellow blogger, has been so great to work with and I highly recommend reaching out to her if you might be interested in trying out Jamberry!

I’m linking up with Meagan today for some Blogger Love! My favorite reads from this past week were: 

 How the Search for Simplicity Leads to Contentment, by Brittany from The Nested Nomad. Honestly funny and deep, this post really got me thinking about what living a simple life might look like for me (and how welcomed it would be). I especially loved her formula for living simply, and the acknowledgement and reminder that we can’t do it all (and truly, shouldn’t). Favorite Line: “Big things happen when we believe the truth that we already have enough.”

 Anne from Love the Here and Now shared an unbelievable recipe for Cannoli Dip. I mean really, is there even a need for an explanation as to why this was a favorite, other than I need it in my life?!

 Jamie from The Celebrating Momma is back on the list – it couldn’t be helped. Her post, Valentine’s Day Gone Wrong was so good, if there was a ‘love’ button I would have clicked it 10 times. Favorite Line: “We are called to love everyone and sometimes that means showing grace especially when we don’t think they deserve it.”
Have the BEST weekend,

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  • I am cracking up at you talking about snow in the South!! It's a whole new ballgame down here! People go crazy! We can't function! 😉 I was in St.Louis for 5 months while my little was in the hospital, and I was shocked at how everything kept going in the middle of a blizzard!! People acted like nothing was going on!
    Oh, and aren't $7 dresses the best???? Happy Friday!

  • Love that dress! So pretty and timeless. I can't imagine a city shutting down because of a little ice. I think the Southerners' minds would be blown if they saw what we went through for months on end! All about perspective right? That's ok….I don't think I could live in the deep south where temps are over 100 in the summer. I'll keep my winter and 80 degree summers up here! Thanks for sharing my recipe….hope you enjoy it when you make it. It is so good! And I', not a huge fan of traditional cannolis but this? This I can eat!

  • Girl, I LOVE jamberry! I wish I could master the art of applying them though! Mine usually only last a week. I should give it another try because I totally have the mint and gold floral design second from the bottom!
    Love you dear beautiful girl!

  • you know rambles are my favorites 😉
    so, 1- that dress is perfect for you! 2- I still really love the jamberry designs & 3- come stay with me for a week and I'll teach you how to do winter southern style. lol!! did you see my insta yesterday?? it was 20° & we had 5,000 layers on!! lol!! happy Friday! love you!

  • I love your dress and your nails are too cute! I want to try Jamberry!

  • Those nails are so cute! I heard from someone else recently that Nashville doesn't have salt trucks. I don't understand how a mid-western state does NOT have salt trucks!

  • Lindsay

    It's nasty here, too! It's like the world shut down this week! Your dress is gorgeous: what a steal! Have a great weekend!

  • Aren't they adorable?! I cannot wait until spring, the floral prints are so pretty. Well- TN is in the south, not considered to be midwest and I think the southern states just don't do the whole salt thing. I told X yesterday- they really should have backup salt, just in case! 😉 (And if there's extra- MARGARITAS!)

  • I was JUST talking about you to Christian! I said, I wonder how it is in KY, I will have to ask my KY blogger friends, Lindsay! 😉 Stay safe and warm this weekend!

  • Thanks, Julia! If you end up trying it, let me know which print you end up getting! (You should reach out to Margaret! If she has an extra sample, she might be able to mail you one so that you can try it!)

  • a $7.00 floral h & m dress- yes, please! it's so adorable and the garden party nails are so up my alley, too. love so much. stay safe in that tennessee blizzard! this is my eighth winter in the south and i am still amazed by the extreme difference in winter reactions 🙂 …still in cultural shock, haha. have a great weekend, sweet girl

  • I've never tried Jamberry nails but I've heard great things about them! I love the leopard and floral patterns a lot! So pretty!

  • The leopard is actually my favorite to use for an accent nail 🙂 I pair it with my regular polish (a dark blue) and it looks awesome! Reach out to Margaret if you're interested, Julie! If she has an extra sample she could always send it to you to try! xo

  • I thought of you when I was putting up the Garden design pics 😉 They just reminded me of your blog! Happy weekend, Nelle!!! I'll reach out to you next week to talk about the linkup/button/etc! xo

  • 🙂 not sure what i love more- the dress or nails. ♥ and sounds great- i can explore some photo and button options this weekend, too. chat soon and enjoy your day!

  • ps: your ring is beautiful!

  • thank you! 🙂 🙂

  • PS- do you guys consider STL to be midwest?

  • Yes, MO is a midwest state, that's why I assumed TN was, too. lol

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  • I watched quite a few youtube tutorials and realized I have to file mine each day to get them to stay. I haven't put them on all of my nails because I think I'd pick at them constantly, but they're fun for those special occasions! I missed out on the Christmas designs- so cute!! Happy weekend, Chelsea! 🙂

  • Emily, thank you so much for sharing the love! Simple living is a huge (and vulnerable!) part of my heart, and knowing that this post encourages you and other women just sends me over the moon. Also, I CANNOT WAIT to try Anne's cannoli dip. All the sweets, all the time.

  • haha!! I know it, we went out to dinner last night with someone from Nashville and he was dressed for a winter apocalypse. Both Christian and I had on sweaters! haha! Happy Friday! Love YOU!

  • Anne you would NOT believe it down here. Christian and I went out for some quick errands yesterday and there was ice in front of all of the store doors- EVERYWHERE! I kept thinking- how are they not putting salt or sand down?! And then one of the sales people said to us, "It's just SO dangerous outside!" and SOOOO bad I wanted to say, "Yeah. Because no one is shoveling or putting down salt." (Christian had squeezed my hand which was code for: Don't you dare say anything. haha)

  • CANNOLI DIP!!!!! Happy Friday friend!

  • Thank you so much for included Brittany's post! I needed to read it today.

  • I totally agree!! 🙂

  • I have missed you too!!!! Girl, life is a tornado right now.
    You have absolutely inspired me to pull them out of my cabinet!
    ? Stay warm and safe doll! Have a great weekend!!

  • But a fabulous tornado!! 🙂 If you have one of those wooden tool things to push down the nails in the corners, etc – def use that when you put them on. That has really helped mine stick, especially on the sides.

  • That dress is so cute and talk about a steal! I have some Jamberry nails to try but I'm scared I will be terrible at getting them on. Is it difficult if you're all thumbs? Because I am a clumsy mess.

  • I'm laughing over here because I literally watched the youtube videos multiple times of how to apply them, so don't you worry! It's so much easier than I thought it would be. I definitely recommend using the rubber or wooden tool thing (cuticle pusher) they talk about (I found mine at Walgreens), using the flat end to run across the nail/decal to push it down, especially on the sides. This really helps. I want to see a picture of yours when you do it!!

  • So good, right? Definitely one of those I saved for a future reminder too… 🙂

  • That makes me feel so much better that I'm not the only one who worried about applying them. Great tip about the cuticle pusher! I'm going to pick one up. I have been pretty excited about them because I'm terrible with actual polish (see comment about about being all thumbs)

  • Mmm I need an adorable dress like that! As in yesterday junior. LOL! What fun nails!!! I have honestly never heard of or done these so guess what I will be doing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Em and that lots of fun, indoorsy, relaxing happenings will occur while ya'll are inside braving the storms 🙂

  • haha! Practice makes perfect?! I think that's why I felt better by starting with just one Jamberry nail, my ring finger. Baby steps 😉

  • ha!! You crack me up. Yes, these are lots of fun, especially for special occasions!

  • Love the florals! I wish I could keep my nails cute but the cleaning products we use make all of our nails dry and brittle! 🙁

  • $7 dress?! can't go wrong! your nails are so cute!

  • i'm really liking your nails and the print of that dress! also, it always makes me laugh when cities are so unprepared for snow and winter weather in general, haha! x

  • I know how you feel about places not knowin how to use plow trucks and salt!!! My parents in southern indiana have the SAME prob!! They get like….3 inches of now and it's the end of the world and everything shut down! Lol!

  • Darn! Well one of these days when I finally see you I will bring you some to try out when you have a vacay from work!

  • I pretty much HAD to buy it at that point 😉 Thanks, Kristen!

  • Thanks, Laura! And yes… we're being blasted with another ice storm right now and are most likely IN for the next 2 days. Lots of movie watching! 🙂

  • Wow, even in southern IN! Crazy!!

  • That dress and a side braid….I can just picture you running around making sure your friend had the perfect day! I have several sheets of jamberry nails…still haven't mastered…it may be a little ADD or my inability to follow directions!

  • Oh, I'm hooked on Jamberry's too! My cousin sells them and I seem to be obsessed with every single design. haha!

  • haha! I think that's why I've started with just one nail…. I'm not sure I'm ready for a full set yet 😉 Too funny.

  • Same. I love them all. I can't wait for spring/summer so that I can rock the brighter colors! 🙂

  • iamsidny

    I love that you're loving your Jamberry nail wraps! So glad I could introduce you to them! I love how you just rocked the one nail – it's adorable! <3

  • iamsidny

    Hey Julie! I'd be happy to send you samples to try out, if you'd like! There's SO MANY fun ones to try!

  • I've never done jamboree, but I love the Garden Party designs too! And I love your accent nail. Very cute.

  • Thanks, Suheiry! 🙂

  • I think I've decided I need the bird print for my trip to Europe in a few months 🙂 Love them all!

  • That would be GREAT! Thank you so much!! I would love to try them out =)

  • iamsidny

    Just shoot me an email with your address, and I will send you some to play with! 🙂

  • iamsidny

    They're so pretty! I am debating if I need them.. they retire at the end of this month! 🙁 They're on my list of "Maybe? Do I need them? I might? Should I?" wraps. 😉

  • Your ring is GORGEOUS and I love those hearts!

  • I just ordered a sheet of Jamberry and can't wait to try them! And there is nothing better than a floral dress for $7, amazing!

  • Thank you, Christine! 🙂

  • They are so much fun, you'll have to show them off – I'm dying to know which prints you ordered!

  • chall1018

    $7 bucks for that beautiful dress? Score! Love your
    jamberrys! And your ring? So gorgeous!!

  • aw, thank you, Crystal! 🙂