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Gilmore Girls Revival recap: FALL

December 23, 2016

**This post is about the TV show Gilmore Girls so if you are not a GG fan, you will definitely want to skip this post. If you have not yet watched the Netflix Gilmore Girls Revival, stop reading this, go to Netflix and watch it immediately, and then come back here and fill me in on your own thoughts and feelings. The following post contains strong emotions, all. This is your warning.

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  • Lorelei (and the rest of the women) attempting to “do Wild” = hilarious.

I had some strong feelings about the whole Wild thing I shared in Summer’s recap from yesterday but to continue, I LOVED the way they made this totally Lorelei (aside from the fact that I just don’t think she’d have chosen to do this.) Going back and forth between watching Snapped and binging on junk food to packing and talking herself up had me laughing (mostly because I feel like this is me anytime I have a big project to complete) (you know, like laundry or cleaning).

  • You guys, what is this night of partying with Logan and Colin/weird musical bit? It’s not a dream? What is going on?!

I hated this as much as the theatre and therapy. Please someone else tell me you hated it this much too?! Did I miss something? Did they do something like this back in the day? Once again, how old is Rory supposed to be? And really, it makes me mad because I still like Rory and Logan together. (Don’t hate me, guys.) He answers every single one of her calls AND comes to Stars Hollow to surprise her with this weird musical/dance bit/night of debauchery and he’s not even struggling with the fact that he obviously feels pressured to marry this other girl?? I know we’re supposed to hate Logan (right?) but I still want he and Rory to work it out. (Unless Amy would like to FILL US IN ON JESS, C’MON!)

  • Thank you Amy for saving this revival!!!! ??????

The part where Lorelei finally gets her moment surrounded by trees and then calls her mom and tells her THE story. BAWLED. I mean bawled. I loved so much that Emily’s immediate reaction to Lorelei’s story was sympathy. She remained quiet. She really listened. Finally – hope for this revival.

  • Luke’s last plea to Lorelei. OMGblesshim!

I think I had a sad face pout the entire time Luke was trying to get Lorelei to stay (even though she wasn’t planning on leaving, thank GOD), but everything he said to her had me like LOR! KISS HIM! RIGHT NOW! MAKE IT STOP! THIS HURTS MY HEART! *sigh* (And seriously? Thank you Amy for FINALLY giving us close to 90% of a character other than Lorelei. Thank you. Now, Jess??)

  • OB-SESSED with Emily in Nantucket.

Emily’s storyline is my absolute favorite one in the entire revival. I love that she’s finding a new version of herself. I love that she’s a bit more relaxed, smiling more, comfortable.

  • Emily is killing me at this DAR meeting!! ?????

GIRL YAAAASSSSSSS. Emily Gilmore has to be one of my favorite characters of all time. You hate her so much most of the time but you still find yourself cheering for her. (I mean, right? It’s not just me, right?)

  • If there was a snotty crying emoji, I’d use it right now. ???(You know the part)

Obviously when Lorelei and Luke get married.

  • Me at the finale: ?

Um? I honestly did not see that coming. Anyone else totally surprised?? At this point I’ve lost all hope for the Rory I thought I knew. I’m being introduced to a new Rory and I’m not a fan. And can I just say something… it’s annoying they’re making this whole “the last four words” thing as big as they did… when it is in fact two words. TWO WORDS, Amy.


FALL final verdict: WHAT THE WHAT. WHO IS THIS RORY GILMORE?? Did we ever really know her? Because I’m starting to wonder. Why was it so important to Amy to parallel the lives of Lorelei and Rory? Why? Their personalities are still completely different – Lorelei has worked her butt off to get where she is. While the last episode didn’t really feel like an ending – that deep breath we’ve all been in need of since Gilmore Girls ended the first time – it was enough to rope me back in and get me excited for more episodes, craziness, and all things Gilmore (even if Rory is obnoxious now). Also, I’m secretly hoping that a real Gilmore Girls book (the one “Rory” wrote) comes out – one we can all read. I mean RIGHT?!


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  • I seriously bawled like a baby when Lorelei called Emily with the story and I the story line on Emily. Total shock with the ending…total. I was not expecting that at all. As a mom who had a baby very young while still not married…this would break my heart to see my daughter repeat. At the same time, getting pregnant was the one thing I needed more than I ever knew and it truly saved my life, changed my life, made me grow up and be responsible when I was in a really reckless state. So…because of that hope is it does the same for Rory. 🙂 Granted I was 20 and she is freaking 32 but….

  • Rory did kind of suck during this whole revival. It’s like Palladino never wrote the first 6 seasons. Maybe the writers of the 7th season should have written this revival. HOWEVER, if they were to keep GG going I might give it a chance. I think some things are better left alone and GG should have been one of them.

  • YAAAAAS. I loved Emily Gilmore as a character (& the actress is phenomenal!) and I adored the way she developed in this revival, after Richard’s death. The DAR meeting was my favorite moment of almost the whole revival!
    And I so didn’t see the last few words coming. Looking back at it now you can see they’re working towards that moment with everything with Rory but still….le sigh. Not how I envisioned this revival going, and not how I pictured Rory’s life ending up, or their relationship at all. :/ Meh.

  • I LOVED where Emily ended up. Sobbed through Lorelei’s revelation moment and Luke’s final plea and, of course, the wedding. The wedding was absolutely perfect for them (except for the fact that Jess wasn’t there??). I actually really liked the night of parting with the brigade. And the ending…ugh. The fan in me HATED it because I WANT CLOSURE AND I WANT HER TO END UP WITH SOMEONE SHE LOVES AND UGH. But the writer in me thought it was the perfect ending because it was just so perfectly full circle and knowing that the entire time she wrote this show she had that in mind…delicious.

  • I’m totally with you on every point you just made. I’m a new fan of Gilmore Girls. I spent almost a month binge-watching every season, and I was determined not to watch the revival until I watched every single episode of the series first. Overall, I would say the revival was “okay”, but really nothing to write home about. Like you, I enjoyed watching Emily the most, and during her speech at the DAR meeting I was jumping up and down, shouting “YES! YES! GO EMILY!” (Hubby thought I had lost my mind). As much as I loved the series, by the time I finished watching it I couldn’t call myself a huge fan of Lorelei or Rory’s. I mean, seriously, what is Lorelei’s deal with screwing up her relationships – by screwing around? I don’t get it. Christopher over Luke? Um….NO. The musical-type parts in the series totally creeped me out. Didn’t like them at all – even when Lorelei and Luke got married. It just didn’t fit the show in the least bit and made it seem so childish. I like Logan, but Jesse is my favorite. (I have a hankering for bad boys). I have a feeling the baby is Logan’s. At least, I hope it is and not Chewbacca’s, because that would be awful. LOL.