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Gilmore Girls Revival: Wait, a year in WHOSE life?

December 19, 2016

If you are looking for the Grateful Heart linkup, head back to last week’s post and continue to link up there – it will be open until Friday! This week I’ll be recapping the Gilmore Girls Revival in a series of posts (Tuesday: Winter, Wednesday: Spring, Thursday: Summer, Friday: Fall) as well as hosting a special daily GG linkup for anyone else who has written/wants to share their thoughts on the revival! I have some pretty strong feelings, as you might have guessed from the title of this post, and I’m SO curious to know what you all thought about it too. If you haven’t watched it yet, I’m going to need you to stop reading this immediately, watch all four episodes (or at least the first one), and then check back here tomorrow and join me in recapping all things Gilmore.

See you all tomorrow for a recap of WINTER!

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  • Confession. I have never ever watched one single Gilmore Girls episode. I want to say it was on television stations that I did not get.
    This is all coming from the girl who had to ask her entire masters class how on earth I am supposed to watch a movie (for school) that I do not own. I don’t stream or have wi-fi. I am totally unsure how to rent a movie. I seriously live under a rock most days. Ha!

    • Haha!! It’s ok, Brittany! Unfortunately this week on EG is going to be super boring for you- sorry! 😉 See you in 2017! XO

      • I will totally live vicariously through you ?
        And I will still try to post GHM posts back to last weeks linky.
        Have a beautiful week!

  • This is cute. I like how you’re splitting it into different days. I’m not a huge GG person, but I know enough about the characters and stories, and I don’t mind the spoilers, so I’ve enjoyed reading people’s thoughts!

    • I originally wasn’t going to split it up but I have way too much to say haha!


  • I can’t wait to read it! I had some mixed feelings about the revival and I am a huge GG fan.

  • Leslie

    I am SO excited to read this. I’m obsessed with GG and I have mixed feelings. Overall, I loved having new episodes but I didn’t love all the plot points…