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Gilmore Girls Revival recap: SPRING

December 21, 2016

**This post is about the TV show Gilmore Girls so if you are not a GG fan, you will definitely want to skip this post. If you have not yet watched the Netflix Gilmore Girls Revival, stop reading this, go to Netflix and watch it immediately, and then come back here and fill me in on your own thoughts and feelings. The following post contains strong emotions, all. This is your warning.

If you missed yesterday’s recap of Winter, you can read it here. Today I’m recapping Spring!


  • Lorelei and Emily at therapy together  = drawn out, not believable, and UGH!

The therapy scenes about KILLED me. It was so slow and so boring and so unlike Emily Gilmore to do something like that with a stranger therapist. Don’t Lorelei and Emily basically do this with each other at every family dinner? Bicker? Attempting to talk through things? At least then it’s mildly entertaining because Lorelei’s had a few cocktails and doesn’t hold back with the sarcastic one-liners.

  • Seriously? Rory is cool with Logan having a fiancée & being the mistress? Guess it started with Dean… ??

So…. maybe it all did start with Dean, this no-regard-for-others side of Rory, but this whole Logan thing – after he made it clear to her that he’d never leave his fiancée for her (and WHY, Logan?? You know you love Rory!) was the beginning of a lot of head scratching for me when it came to Rory.

  • The Letter?? WHAT?

Not only are we back in therapy again (please make it stop) but this whole letter thing was so frustrating and didn’t make sense. First of all, writing a letter like the one Emily was describing doesn’t sound like something – anything – Lorelei would ever say. She may say a lot of things to her mom but she’s never been as cruel how this supposed letter sounds. Plus, if Lorelei Gilmore has something to say she says it, she’s not going to write a letter. And don’t you think she’d remember a letter as big as this?

  • Um, why does Luke have a cell phone?

I don’t care that it’s an ancient flip phone; the Luke I remember would not be “tied down” with a cell phone. And then the fact that the reason it’s ringing is because Emily Gilmore wants to give him money and tell him what to do with his diner? And Luke doesn’t put a stop to that immediately? And what’s more, he actually goes with her to look at potential locations?? Dude, Luke, WHAT HAPPENED TO your balls YOU? I miss grouchy Luke.

  • Rachael Ray: Don’t quit your day job.

Let’s let Rachael Ray cook. Please no one hire her for anymore acting jobs. Please.

  • Rory back at Chilton

As boring as it was to listen to her speak to the class at Chilton, at the same time I kept thinking- let’s make this happen. You have nothing else going for you, Rory, just go back! Go get your Masters (because really, you’re like a forever student type anyway) and become a professor! (Right?? Anyone else agree?!)

  • Paris’ scene in the bathroom with Rory and Francine : BEST. EVER.

Looking back, this was a major highlight of the entire revival for me. Hilarious, I was literally laughing out loud. Liza Weil is everything. (But hey, can we back up to the part where Paris freaks out about Tristan? I really doubt after all this time she’d still have feelings for Tristan of all people. If they were going to throw anyone in there, maybe make it Jamie but not Tristan.) (Also, maybe get the actual guy, CMM, who played Tristan, not a stand-in.)

  • The three cell phones. No.

Just one more thing that leaves me scratching my head about Rory… who is this new Rory??! Old Rory is a smart girl and would figure out how to make one cell phone work. Might seem like a small, insignificant detail but this bugged me to no end!

  • Lorelei lying to Luke about continuing therapy.

Why?? After all their time together and everything they’ve been through, why does she feel the need to lie about something like this? If anything, I see her telling him right away, calling him on that cell phone of his (*eye roll*) and laughing about how her mother ‘conned’ her into staying. But keeping it secret? More drama between the two of them that just feels like it’s been done already and most of all, unnecessary. If this show breaks up Luke and Lorelei again I’m done.

  • A WOOKIE, Rory?? Really?

So Rory has a one-night stand. With a guy in a costume. And not just any costume but a Wookie costume. WHAT?? Seriously, I’m not even entertained at this point, I’m just annoyed. She’s an absolute train wreck, I mean forthelove. How and when did things start to fall apart for her in life is what I want to know because she’s a LONG way from the Rory Gilmore we used to know.


SPRING final verdict: Depressing and absolutely boring. I can’t stop complaining about the therapy, I mean honestly. I’d go as far to say it about ruined the entire Revival for me. Then add in the crazy English Naomi lady Rory was killing herself to work for? Why? What was the whole point of that, other than to show that Rory’s life is spinning out of control? (Ok, so maybe it was to show that Rory’s life was spinning out of control. Okay, Amy, okay.) Between her sneaking off to be with Logan and lying to Lorelei about it (how old are you, Rory??) to a one night stand to ultimately not being prepared for a job interview she never even wanted in the first place, to then failing the interview and not getting the job and in return being an ABSOLUTE SASS about it, this Rory seems like a completely different character than the one we were left with nearly 10 years ago. And not that people can’t or don’t ever change, but this just seems like a COMPLETELY different character. Ugh… at this point I’m not even looking forward to the next episode, especially if there’s more therapy… but I’ve come this far and I guess I’ll finish it.


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Check back tomorrow for my recap of SUMMER.

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  • You are NOT alone in your feelings. I really didn’t get most of it. And Rory’s character “development” if we can call it that. She actually regressed backwards it seemed….They played the “I’m lost and don’t know what to do” card when she dropped out of Yale for a bit. She’s better then that.

    • You’re right! She did kind of go thru that after Yale. But yes, agreed- I feel like that’s somewhat normal for your 20s, but 32?!

  • The letter thing was so bizarre and then was never brought up again. Like, poof, it vanished.
    The cell phones were ridiculous for the sake of being quirky. Unneccesary!
    And yes, Rory is better than being an engaged guy’s sidepiece. Come onnnnn.

  • Hahaha, meow! Tear it apart, girl! 😉 From the other reviews I’ve read this is what a bunch of other people hated, too!

  • The thing I hated the most about the Rory/Logan situation was that he made it clear he wouldn’t leave his fiancé..I feel like that was the most unbelievable part of that circumstance!

  • I actually really liked the Spring episode, mostly because of Paris (amazing) and that scene in the bathroom was hilarious. But Rory is a disaster and it’s just a mess.

  • YES. spring was just so weird for me. I wanted to slap Rory for a good portion of the whole thing. And then sometimes Lorelei. Lots of me wanting to slap people which is not an enjoyable way to watch something like this. FORTHELOVE is right.

  • Spring was a snoozer for sure…evidently really for sure because I seriously don’t remember the bathroom scene with rory, francine and paris…AND I didn’t know I fell asleep. I think I was so totally screwed up in my younger years that I can somewhat “get” and relate to the whole Rory/Logan scenario. I can’t wait to read the rest of your reviews!

  • Again – YES. I’m so glad to see you talk about all of this because I feel like I’ve been trying to find people who also eye-rolled through most of it but it seems like a lot of GG fans LOVE the revival and I don’t get it. Do you not know these characters!? Who did Rory become???? It’s so disappointing. UGH.

    • I know! Lots of my friends loved it and I thought, well I’m glad I wat he’s it by myself then bc I would’ve ruined it for those people- I wasn’t able to keep my mouth shut even while watching it by myself haha!

  • Everything: agreed.
    Logan: I kinda get why he wouldn’t leave his fiancee for her, I mean Rory did turn him down years ago. And he’s got to marry an heiress, right? Carry on the family dynasty or something along those lines. But Rory being ok with sleeping with an affianced man…ugh. I so hated to see the trajectory of where they were taking her character. I mean, I get it. They brought it full circle and she was basically Lorelai back when she had Rory. But whose personality changes like that, in their twenties?? Rory was together, buttoned up, totally ‘with it’ and had a clear picture of what she wanted in her life. How did all of that change??

    • Yes!!! And that’s what I get cheated out on- more of the story on HOW and when Rory began to change. Everyone keeps talking about how Rory was destined to live a similar life to Lorelei, but from what we’ve heard, Lorelei was very different from the Rory we used to know when she was younger.