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Gilmore Girls Revival recap: SUMMER

December 22, 2016

**This post is about the TV show Gilmore Girls so if you are not a GG fan, you will definitely want to skip this post. If you have not yet watched the Netflix Gilmore Girls Revival, stop reading this, go to Netflix and watch it immediately, and then come back here and fill me in on your own thoughts and feelings. The following post contains strong emotions, all. This is your warning.

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  • Aaaand here’s April ????? Greeeat.

I mean KICK US WHILE WE’RE DOWN. I’m not even going to elaborate on April. I can’t.

  • Really, Lorelei? You’re lecturing Luke about helping April study abroad and your daughter, who is jobless, just moved back into your house?

I love Lorelei but if she were my friend in real life, I’d be bringing this point to surface. Give the guy a break… plus, you of all people should know that Luke goes above and beyond for his family, no matter what. Leave the poor guy alone.

  • All the YES to the southern accent/parasol/pool boys part! So good!

This was like a breath of fresh air in the midst of all of the boringness! Finally, a Lorelei and Rory banter we remember and understand! And the CLOTHES! LOVE LOVE LOVE the clothes for this episode!

  • The Secret Bar = hilarious and so perfect for this show.

Lorelei’s Godfather bit was so funny. Anyone else kinda want to go to the Secret Bar?

  • Alright, I’m kinda loving the newspaper delivery part ?

Did anyone else love this part? The music in this revival has been awesome and this musical bit was one of my faves. Plus, it finally felt like the Gilmore girls were back!

  • How are we just now seeing poptarts?! And where did all the coffee drinking go?!

Some things you just don’t take out of a show. We needed to see this in every episode, especially the first one.

  • This theatre performance in #GilmoreGirlsRevival #summer is very reminiscent of Waiting for Guffman ?

Why isn’t Michel a part of this? I feel like this would’ve been a great “shocker” for him to secretly have a stage/theatre love. Like, he’s so grumpy and uptight everywhere else but when he’s on stage he shines. Right?!

  • … but too long. #moveonalready

Amy. Why so long? The theatre piece is about as bad as the therapy! (Crew woke up at this part though and was totally entertained. But then I remembered he’s entertained by that horrible show Caillou so…)

  • Ugh! THIS IS SO BORING!!! Enough with the theatre already! Honestly?

I fast forwarded as much as I could, until I saw a familiar (and totally hot) face on the screen…

  • So… Jess walks in and Rory doesn’t react at ALL? Why? They haven’t seen each other in 4 years. Give some butterflies to this drab season!!!!!

Was anyone else dying to be better caught up on Jess? Like, what is he doing – really doing – with his life these days? Did he ever mention where he’s even living? What has he been doing the last 10 years? Who is he? Where do he and Rory stand? Did I accidentally fast forward through that part?

  • Jess comes up w/ the *perfect* book idea for Rory, BECAUSE OF COURSE HE DOES!

Love you forever and ever, Jess! (For the record, I totally get why Lorelei doesn’t want Rory to write it. But why would Rory have to include the leaving-baby-rory-in-a-bucket part?) (Also, wow. That’s pretty bad.)

  • Lorelei doing Wild. Hilarious and can’t wait to see this go down.

I know a lot of people had a problem with this, and I totally get it. “Doing Wild” is not something Lorelei would do for real… like, to find herself. And I agree. I wish they’d have made the whole Wild thing more of a funny-“I need to get away and get some fresh air” thing instead of “I’m trying to find myself-it’s never or now” kind of thing. Because no, I don’t believe that out of everything she could do to “find herself” that she’d seriously pick this and what does the ‘now or never’ thing even mean? Like she’s always wanted to do this? I’m not buyin’ that one bit. But I’m excited for some action and excitement in this revival so I say bring it!


SUMMER final verdict: Aside from the fashion, and seeing Jess’s beautiful and perfect face on the screen, what an absolute snooze-fest. I’m feeling a bit like we were cheated with this episode… so little on Jess and lots and lots and LOTS of filler with the theatre. And Rory just keeps slipping further down the hole. She’s supposed to be 32 years old but it’s almost as if she stopped maturing the last 10 years. Pick yourself UP, girl, and grow up! At this rate, she and Logan do deserve each other – they both have that whole “entitlement” thing on lock.


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Check back tomorrow for my final Gilmore Girls Revival recap: FALL.

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  • “Stars Hollow the Musical” was really long, but really funny too! “I am you in pants; you are me in a dress.” I need this on the front of a Hallmark card.
    Can she just get back with Jess already?!

  • Caillou is SERIOUSLY the worst. Totally off topic but it needed to be said.

  • Ugh girl yaaaaasss. I was SO mad after watching this episode. Like, irate. What was UP with the theatre parts!? WHY did they go on for sooooo long?? And I wanted to know more about what was up with Jess, too. And I agree – they hadn’t seen each other in ages but she didn’t even flinch when he walked in. Weird. As a whole I’m really not into the revival and it makes me sad. I’m mostly sad because Rory used to be my hero and now I hate her. :-/

  • Ugh yes…they DO have that entitlement thing on lock

  • I SOOOOO wish we’d watched this together!! With like a giant bottle of wine for when the coffee wasn’t enough for the weird / drawn out / wth moments!!! The theatre bit was soooooooooo beyond long. And hello, yes, um what’s the story between Rory and Jess for the last ten years???

    • Oh friend!!!! That would’ve been so much fun to watch it together!! Rory and Jess… I mean I feel like at this point he deserves better.