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Gilmore Girls Revival recap: WINTER

December 20, 2016

**This post is about the TV show Gilmore Girls so if you are not a GG fan, you will definitely want to skip this post. If you have not yet watched the Netflix Gilmore Girls Revival, stop reading this, go to Netflix and watch it immediately, and then come back here and fill me in on your own thoughts and feelings. The following post contains strong emotions, all. This is your warning.

It has pained me to write these recaps for this week. If I could instead use sound effects to sum up my feelings for the beginning, middle, and end of the GGR (Gilmore Girls Revival, please keep up), it would sound a bit like this:

(Much thanks to my husband for helping me create that little number.) I had such high hopes and seriously high expectations for this reunion and glimpse into the last 10 years of our favorite mother/daughter duo and the people who love them as we do. I’d planned my evening of catching up on this series like my life depended on it: I patiently waited until Crew was in a deep sleep and then I made some hot coffee, put on some comfy clothes and cozy slippers, and nestled in for a long winter’s nap evening of GG watching. I also decided to live tweet as I watched each episode, as some of you may have seen, and will be using those tweets this week to walk us through the train wreck the episodes. Let’s start at the beginning…


I loved the beginning of this episode. The intro of simply the audio of previous episodes? Perfection. Then… the Lorelei/Rory banter (ah! as if nothing had ever changed!), the familiar scenes of Stars Hollow and the people who make it what it is: Miss Patty, Lane, Kirk, Luke, Michel, etc. etc. etc.. It felt like the happiest and best reunion ever and I’d been invited!! I was truly giddy with excitement and the moment Lorelei whispered, I smell snow I was already tearing up. But then as it continued, I just found myself feeling incredibly confused and a bit hurt… like, apparently I’d missed out on some seriously important Gilmore happenings the last 10 years and they weren’t even really filling me in on any of it. They’re just like, oh hey, Em. Sorry, we’re like really busy right now. You can hang around if you want to, but don’t ask too many questions, ok?

  • Um, Paul?! What?! Who is Paul?! And WHY, Rory, WHY?! #Bleh

Anyone else SUPER confused the minute this Paul guy entered the picture? Not only did no one on the actual show know who he was (I mean, they did, but they could never remember) but no one ever caught us up on how and when and why he came into the picture. We get flashbacks of so many other things and NOTHING on this. (Which, actually – I’m now grateful for.) This was what immediately confused me about Rory… this did not sound like something she’d do – have a boring boyfriend who she keeps forgetting to break up with. FOR TWO YEARS. And emphasis on the boring – good grief. There’s nothing Dean, Jess, or Logan about him – what was the attraction, Rory?! Looks-wise he’s like if Ray Romano and Jimmy Fallon had a baby. (No offense, Jimmy, I love you forever!) But that combo + Paul’s horrible personality = gross! He’s almost as bad as… dare I say it… April.

  • The bit between Lorelei and Luke discussing which recorded shows to keep in the DVR = HILARIOUS.

I swear, X and I have had the exact same conversations… only I’m always embarrassed over what I’ve recorded (and can’t wait to watch) whereas Lorelei doesn’t care at all and totally owns it. #goals #iloveher #ineedtobefriendswithherinreallife

  • Wait. Michel is married?

Alright, I’m ok with the fact that we are finally confirming Michel is gay (because, duh) but how is he only just now talking about his husband? When did this happen?

  • Sookie has been gone A YEAR? And she and Lorelei don’t even catch up on the phone??

I know Sookie is apparently in a cabin without phone service but I feel like she’d somehow find a way to call Lorelei. They’re bffs and haven’t talked in a year??!

  • Flashback to Richard’s funeral and the fight between Emily & Lorelei = picture me bawling.

Is it weird for me to say I feel like they did a really nice job with this? I felt like I was right there with them, mourning the loss of Mr. Gilmore and then the never ending issues between Lorelei and Emily. And the part where Lorelei is drunk and can’t think of a fond memory – absolutely gut wrenching, ugh! But I felt like this was such an important (and believable) part to the entire revival. It was the first true glimpse/chapter of so much explanation to the Lorelei/Emily/Richard dynamic.

  • Luke and Lorelei possibly having a baby? Seriously?

C’mon. We all know this is just something they threw in there, as if to shake things up but it doesn’t really because we all know it’s never going to happen. Are Luke and Lorelei bored or something? Is this a midlife crisis for Lorelei? I mean, it shocked me when she got Paul Anka the dog, I can’t imagine her with a newborn! Plus, all Luke ever wanted was Lorelei. Can we please just move on with all of this and let them be happy together as they are??

  • Did NOT see that occupation for Paris! So good! ?

I’d seen the photos of Paris’ nameplate and thought – she must be a lawyer! But I did NOT see the whole surrogacy clinic thing. It’s so ridiculous it’s perfect!

  • Love that Rory is in London. ??

I really did love this. I thought, YES! She’s done something with her life! (Little did we know…) But does anyone else think it’s weird that she’s working for this nutjob of a woman? I don’t know, I just thought she’d be doing a bit more… she went from working at the White House to this? How did the Rory Gilmore we thought we knew allow this to happen?

  • JAW ON THE FLOOR. Whattup Logan?! Yes!!!

I hear you. All of you anti-Logan people shaking your heads, wondering why was I excited about this? Well because this was before I knew Logan was also engaged and because I actually liked Rory and Logan together. I know, I know! Logan can be a jerk but on his best days, I feel like he and Rory are the best for each other… they get each other. And don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of Jess. But, I’m a fan of Jess for Jess, and not Jess with Rory. We don’t know yet who Jess is now as a person but old Jess is way too different from old Rory.


WINTER final verdict: Didn’t LOVE it but liked it a lot. Lorelei was perfect in the opening scene, like nothing had ever changed. But the minute she and Rory came together something felt… off. And it occurred to me that it was Alexis Bledel’s acting (as Rory) that felt off. It felt forced and really different from ‘back in the day.’ And it wasn’t just because Rory is now grown up (although, ugh, IS SHE?! Getting to that later…) but the two of them together in this first episode just felt unnatural. This seemed to change as the seasons went on, that or I just got used to it. And please hear me say: Lauren Graham is EVERYTHING. She can do no wrong, ever, because she’s amazing. But I just felt really left out in the end. Like, WHAT ABOUT LANE? No really, what’s she been up to? She’s Rory’s bff and we get like one and a half quick catch-up sessions with her? (GGR really screwed the bffs.) All in all though, I really liked Winter and my hopes were still high as we entered Spring.


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Check back tomorrow for my recap of SPRING.

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  • So far this is the most in depth recap of the revival that I’d read! You’ve covered it all! And I love the sound clip you and Christian came up with- hahaha! Sorry it fell so flat for you overall!

  • I linked up the post I wrote a week or so ago, but I didn’t do each episode individually, just one giant post! 🙂 I did think the Paul thing was funny just for a second because I thought they were doing a bit. And then I realized they’ve been dating for two years and also that she’s having an affair with Logan? Ugh. That clip you made is perfect! I felt the same way: I liked Winter but didn’t love it. Spring was my favorite. Summer was the WORST. I agree that the chemistry between Lorelai and Rory felt off somehow, and at the episodes went on it wasn’t as noticeable, and I do wonder if it actually got better or if I just got used to it. It was Rory, I think. Lauren Graham did a great job!

  • I think my biggest disappointment was Rory in the revival. I feel like she just gave up on life.

  • I actually preferred the way the show ended in season 7. I think the writers gave Rory a good ending and she went on to do great things for her career. Then Palladino came in wrote this revival and ruined it all. Maybe Palladino was booted out of the original series for a reason. I didn’t like Rory’s character at all. The affair plot line and her just flailing around in her career ruined it all for me. I did like Lorelei’s story line though…I think Palladino stayed true to that character.

  • I should have written my recap this way – so smart! So here are my thoughts: loved the intro, too. I really wish they’d have given us more of a “what they’ve been up to” kind of recap because I felt really confused about a lot of things. Rory’s boyfriends had all been cute; Paul did not seem her type at all! I think some of the best scenes were between Lorelai and Emily. Needed more of that, less of other things (Rory, the musical, April, etc.). I have never been a fan of Rory’s acting. She’s not a natural. Disappointed in Logan and Rory, especially since it’s a pattern for her. I kind of thought the baby story line was all about Lorelai not being able to deal with her father’s death – like you said, she got Paul Anka when she couldn’t deal with being estranged from Rory. That’s when she shows her immaturity.

    • It’s like you know them personally, Linds. I always go to you for GG thoughts!

  • YES!!! So, so, yes. I actually couldn’t stand Rory in this revival. It got moderately better as they went on but I just could not gel with the way she was acting. It wasn’t “Rory” or at least not as she used to be. Ugh. And I was all for Logan too (love him) but I am a big Jess fan…I had half hoped they were living the writer life side by side somewhere funky and cool.
    Paris was hilarious in it. Thought she was excellent. But where was Lane?? And Mrs Kim?? All of these key characters from before and we barely saw them! 🙁 Made me a little sad.
    Luke & Lorelai were excellent from the get-go. It was like they fell right back into their roles and I am so glad for that.
    (Sooooo many more comments but I’ll try to keep them in line with the season approach you’re doing ha!)

    • YES. I had hoped the same for Jess and Rory!!! Just like you said- living the writers life… laid back, traveling, etc. And totally agree- so many great characters were screwed, we never got a true catch up.

  • Emily Seals

    I think the surrogacy plot line did end up being a waste of time, but I think Lorelai would be fine with a newborn. She did it at 16, you know?