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A Grateful Heart (+ week long linkup!)

October 20, 2014
This past weekend was quite the musical weekend for me and let me just say- a weekend I’ll remember for the rest of my life. This Breaktober really has given me so much perspective because it’s kind of forced me to honor it and to focus on life’s present moments. As I was packing to leave for Indiana on Saturday morning, I almost packed my laptop and then thought, Nope. It’s Breaktober. I can live without it for a few days. And then throughout the weekend there were times (many times) I was tempted to grab my phone and check emails or tweets or Instagram but I put my phone back in my purse and thought, Nope. It’s Breaktober. Try being alone with your thoughts for a bit. And I was and it was really nice to reconnect with myself 🙂
Today, I am grateful for the ways music brings people together, and the memories it creates. 
On Friday, Christian had a show at one of the most beautiful venues, the Copernicus Center, in Chicago. It was a show he’s done numerous times and one that tends to be one of my favorites. He played with Tributosaurus for One Hit Wonders of the 80’s and it was SO much fun. It never gets old seeing my husband on stage… his talent will amaze me until the day I die.
On Saturday, we headed to Indiana to see my parents, and more specifically so that my dad could treat me to my birthday gift from him. (A belated gift, but waiting for something really spectacular is always worth the wait, right?) My dad and I have always shared a love for Jackson Browne. My dad is actually the one who introduced me to his music when I was in the 8th grade and I have loved him ever since. There were times in high school where I’d just jump in my car, put in a Jackson Browne cd, and drive… for hours…. thinking, dreaming, most time just working stuff out in my head, the ways you do when you’re in high school 😉
Well I’ve been out walking
I don’t do that much talking these days

These days I seem to think a lot

About the things that I forgot to do, for you

And all the times I had the chance to

[These Days, Jackson Browne]
I am a words person… a lyrics person… whenever I hear a song for the first time, I always hear the lyrics first and then I go back and listen to it over again to listen to the music. I think this is one of the reasons I love Jackson Browne… his lyrics are beautifully simple, often times hitting home with my own thoughts and feelings. I had such a sweet time with my dad, it was one of those Snapshots of the Soul evenings for sure, and I am so grateful for this new memory together.
For any of you Jackson Browne lovers out there, he played a few songs from his newest album and they were amazing. Standing in the Breach is a new favorite of mine.
Although the Earth may tremble and our foundation crack,
We are all assembled and we will build them back.

And let’s just say the lives remain and held within our reach.

Try to put our world together, standing in the breach.

[Standing in the Breach, Jackson Browne]
On Sunday, the musical weekend continued, this time at my parents church. The worship at Traders Point Christian Church is some of the best I’ve ever been a part of (not to mention, the absolute best sermons I’ve ever heard). If there’s one way to close out such a fun, musical weekend, it’s singing praises to my King, alongside others who love Him too.
What are you grateful for?

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Ember Grey: Grateful Heart

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  • That wonderful you had a nice break filled with music! it is a challenge to shut things off sometimes and simply enjoy the day without checking on emails, twitter..etc because it is done out of habit. I have never heard of Jackson Browne, I plan on giving him a listen this week. Music is such a wonderful thing 🙂

  • Oh gosh, what a wonderful weekend. I LOVE music!! And, I love your photos. 🙂

  • I'm so glad you have been able to enjoy your break….I feel one coming up for myself soon. LOL! Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on time with my daughter and/or husband and I don't like that feeling.

  • What a great weekend!! I love it was spent with so much music and great company. You're very blessed my dear 🙂

  • Don't you just love the way music can totally change your mood and emotions? I used to have music playing in the house all the time, I really should get back to doing that.

    Looks like you had a lovely night. I'm already thinking about what I want to write next week so I can join the linkup! xx


  • A weekend full of music is the BEST!! I am also a lyrics person – I tend to fall in love with music that has clever lyrics. And what a great way to really enjoy your break – I'm so glad you had a wonderful time, and that you got to disconnect and enjoy time with your family!! ! XO

  • What a fun weekend! You look gorgeous!

  • Sound slike a great weekend. Love lyrics too…I always find songs that are so relatable to where I am inline or what I'm feeling. When I can't express it, they can.

  • Your weekend looks like it was a ton of fun! I used to go to shows all the time when I was younger, and I've really missed it. I'm going to a concert on November 2, so I'm excited to be able to do that!

  • I'm the same way with lyrics and songs!

  • Oh Emily it sounds like you had such a great weekend!!! That's wonderful! <3

  • What a great weekend. So sweet that you and your dad got to share that special moment for your birthday.

  • Late for the Sky is my favorite JB song 🙂 Check that one out. Running on Empty is another good one, less "chill" than Late for the Sky.

  • 🙂 Thanks, Stephanie!! I hadn't taken as many pictures as I'd hoped but I think it's because I was busy having too much fun 😉 That's my excuse, anyway haha!

  • Good for you, Julie! It really has been so nice, even though I'm super excited to be "back".

  • I sure felt super blessed after this weekend! 🙂

  • I love live music, whether it's an old band or "new to me" band… I will never turn down a concert! I find a lot of "new" bands via Spotify. Hope you see you on here next week, V! 🙂

  • It's so funny, listening to a song for the first time with Christian, because he will always say something like, "Did you hear that killer bass part?!" and I'm like- "there's bass in this?" because I'm so focused on the lyrics ha! I think one of these days, you, me and Amy should meet up somewhere "in the middle" for a concert!!

  • you are sweet, Chelsea – thank you! I was on the very beginning of getting the flu (currently have it- no fun!) so I wasn't feeling very pretty, but my heart sure was happy! 🙂

  • Exactly! And funny how you can listen to a song you've heard so many times but depending on what you're going through in your life, can hear it a completely different way than before. Music is great that way!

  • I love going to live shows!! Who will you be seeing on the 2nd?!

  • He and I were asking ourselves why we hadn't done this sooner!! I think it's going to become a birthday tradition (which is totally fine by me)! I totally get it, you know I do. So sweet!! I would love to see his work sometime!

  • YES!!! I totally want to do that!! =) (Isn't Nashville in the middle…??) 😉

  • oh what do you know?! Nashville IS somewhat in the middle!! 😉

  • It's funny to think that the music our parents listen to has such an influence on us. I still listen to music that my parents always played when I was younger. I'm glad you had an awesome weekend. It's refreshing to stay disconnected for a while. Enjoy breaktober!

  • We very rarely go out to see a live show, and by rarely I mean never. I've been to two concerts in my life, but I loved going. I wish we went more often.

    I love that you and your father can enjoy such great times together. A great relationship with your parents aren't easy to come by theses days. Such a blessing!

  • ashortblonde

    I've never heard of that Chicago venue. It looks beautiful though! What a lovely moment to share with your dad. You look great in that picture! Breaktober is looking good on you 🙂

  • I heard Running on Empty before, in a movie or on a tv show…maybe. I like it and I liked You love the Thunder. 🙂

  • I'd never heard of it either, actually. It was SO pretty! (You are sweet, thank you 🙂 It's been a nice breather!)