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Grateful for new smiles

October 10, 2016

Guys? Our sweet Crew has been the smiliest boy the last 3-4 days and it’s melting both Christian and me into straight up PUDDLES. His little personality is starting to show – he coos all the time now and recognizes our faces – and I’m just pretty much OB.SESSED with this bebe. Is there anything better than a brand new smile? As Crew experiences his new smiles, he’s helped me find a new smile of my own. Pure joy, this kid.


Alright now can I also just be grateful for fall every single Monday until fall time is over? Because I can’t get over how beautiful this season is… both in weather and in life but yes, this weather. LOVE. Fall just makes everything slow down and feel cozy. I had a super fall and cozy weekend; Crew and I visited the countryside (southeast TN) with my parents and aunt & uncle. We only stayed for about 48 hours but it was the perfect amount of time to soak up all the rest I could, introduce Crew to the beautiful outdoors (because it was finally cool enough to take him out!), and enjoy some precious family time. I love that time with my parents is always precious time – something else I am so, so grateful for. They celebrated 34 years of marriage yesterday – so proud of them! (You can read more of my thoughts on the countryside here.)




Crew and I continued with the great outdoors adventures yesterday – we grabbed Christian and spent the early afternoon at Percy Warner Park. It was so much fun! The weather was perfect and I got in some quality time (my love language) with my guys.



I know I’ve been posting less frequently on EG, and that my posts have been a bit shorter than they usually are, but as you can see I am soaking up every single second possible with my sweet boy! I imagine once he starts sleeping through the night or when we introduce naptime I’ll be able to get back to this space more but for now, I’m grateful that you all greet me when I end up coming around 😉 Oh, PS though! For those of you who saw my baby toy announcement on Instagram awhile back, I’ll be introducing those toys AND giving all of them away in the next week or so on EG. So excited!!

Hope you all have a GREAT week! xx

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  • Simply the cutest. And your family pic while walking!!! So happy for you all still. No words!

  • Oh my goodness. I saw that precious little face on Instagram this morning and about died from the cuteness. He is so expressive! Also, on a side note, after waking up to 48° temps this morning, I’m feeling kinda envious of his cozy PJs. 🙂

  • Crew is so sweet! I love watching babies’ personalities start to show through over time.

    • Each morning X and I wake up and look at him and we’re like – oh my gosh, he looks older. 😉

  • Ahhhh! How is he so cute?? And I swear to you I think he has your smile! Joy is passed down without or without genetics and he’s definitely got your shining joyful smile! Those outdoor shots are gorgeous- what a perfectly fall weekend!

    • Um, thanks for the virtual HUG! This comment just made my whole day 🙂 Thank you xo

  • Look at those sweet facial expressions! I’m right there with you girl – I would be soaking up every minute you get with him and the fam. Those moments are fleeting and wonderful.

    • It’s hard to get his really big smiles on camera because I’m usually laughing haha! So cute!

  • Christian Matthew Cullen

    I love sharing this joy with you. Xo

  • What a cutie!

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  • Crew is such a cutie – but you guys knew that already! So exciting seeing him grow already! You’re doing great mama! <3

  • Crew is SO adorable! Glad you got out to enjoy the fall sunshine!

  • His little smiles are so cute! That’s awesome you got to spend so much quality time with your parents. And happy anniversary to them!

  • oh my gooooooodness those smiles!

  • So precious! It’s so fun to see their sweet personalities develop. Nothing like a smile for momma.

  • “Is there anything better than a brand new smile?” I love that and it’s so true! Such a sweet time in your life and I can tell that you’re enjoying it so much. I’m really happy for you! Love the photos of TN. I spent a few days in the Memphis area visiting my mom’s side last month and enjoyed it so much. I just love the beautiful, tall trees in TN. The trees hadn’t changed color yet when I was there but I can imagine how gorgeous they look now.

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