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A Grateful Heart (+ weeklong linkup!)

November 10, 2014
It’s my favorite day of the Monday-Friday week! (Okay, maybe the second best but only because c’mon…. Friday rules.) It’s true though, I seriously love Mondays because it means that I get to connect with all of you for the absolute best reason: grateful hearts. THE BEST.
Today, I am grateful for tradition. As the holidays quickly approach, I’m sure we’ll all be reflecting back on some of our favorite traditions and how we might continue to make them a part of this year. I definitely have some holiday tradition favorites (another post for another day) but there is one fall tradition that is at the very top of my favorites list: the annual Father/Daughter Purdue Football Game.
                               #BoilerUP                                                    (These are our ‘game faces’)
I look forward to this day each year and I don’t know how, but I swear each year gets better than the last and becomes my new favorite Purdue game memory with my dad. If you follow college football, particularly Big 10 football, you already know that the Boilermakers aren’t the best team in the midwest right now (although with such a young team, just give ’em a few years and they’ll get really good, right dad?) (He says that every year.) But it wouldn’t matter if they won every game or lost every game, the time is special because it’s spent with my dad, and this is what we do.
We “get” this time, in that we have a mutual understanding of how fun and important it is and even though we both have heard each other’s college stories numerous times, we still retell them year after year, laughing just as hard (and maybe harder) than the last time we’d heard them. We’ve experienced it all: rain and sleet and freezing cold wind – shivering up in the stands next to all of the other crazy (awesome) Boiler fans, maybe cheering a little more than we usually would just so we can stand up and move around a little. Or the times it’s been so sunny and hot that we’ve already acquired a sunburn before halftime. And you can’t forget about those absolutely PERFECT fall, football game weather days… where the air is crisp but not too cold. This past weekend was a mix between perfect and cold 😉
We got a little extra bonus though on Saturday when we got to go onto the field before the game started, proudly wearing our “all access” passes, feeling like a couple of bad (rhyming here.) 😉
Each year we’ll spend a good 10 minutes at the beginning of our day talking about the weather, whatever it’s like that day and always comparing it to the year before. We always, always toast with my dad’s famous Bloody Marys, always followed  with a Bud Light, and then pre-game with chips & salsa or chili. We always visit my dad’s fraternity – the Fiji House – and I think we each pretend we’re back in college… if only for a few minutes. We always sit in the same seats – 27th row up, on the 50 yard line (it’s a perfect view), always sitting next to the same guy, whose wife makes Touchdown Cookies (which have since become anything-good-Purdue-does Cookies), but what’s more is that we always have THE BEST TIME, and will tell each other this the entire way home. Everysingleyear.
Purdue lost last weekend, but that’s not what I’ll remember in the years to come. My favorite game-day memories are those little big moments, spent with him, laughing the same way we laughed together when I was his little girl. And I still am… just a bit taller these days 😉


What are you grateful for?

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  • You and your dad are so adorable! I love this tradition – special father/daughter time really is wonderful. We don't have a game day tradition but we do find our own special moments that I always treasure afterwards. And I can't wait to see what traditions M creates with Bug when she's older! 🙂

  • Elizabeth Spenner

    My home state, but wrong college, according to what my husband would think 🙂 Love all of the festivities. It was chilly, but looks like fun!!

  • That is such an awesome tradition, Emily! I love that you get to spend time with your dad for one full day and enjoy the same things as the year before! This will be something you can carry on for such a long time!

  • I love this! You're so gorgeous!! 🙂 And how sweet to have that opportunity to spend time & make memories with your dad! So special!

  • the sweetest! so glad you got to have this time. my dad and I love going to padres games, even though they never win. like you said, it's just the time together. it's fun now that Claire is old enough to start these traditions with Steve…they don;t have their thing yet, but I always get a little jealous when the two of them hang out without me and come home talking about "the best time ever!!" but i love it just the same.

  • That's so awesome. Traditions are the best. My family never had any, for a variety of reasons. So, now that I'm married, Brian and I are purposeful in creating traditions – and it if we have kids, we have talked about really wanting to create a lot of them!

  • ashortblonde

    This is so sweet! We're Notre Dame fans in my house and the conversations/texts that happen during each game are hilarious. So much hope AND disappointment is involved with college football…haha

  • what an awesome sweet tradition!!! I'm so excited to create new traditions of my own with my kids!!

  • Beautiful memories to last a lifetime! So cute.

    So get this…I was listening to my new book on audio the other day (I'm always on the go so easier to listen than read at the moment…not sure why I feel the need to explain that…) any who, the book 'The Hero', has a whole section on having a Greatful Heart and it reminded me of you.

    It really is such a simple yet incredibly powerful thing to practice in our daily lives. :o)


  • such a cool hangout time with your Dad! It nice to have traditions and it was neat reading about your Purdue game day traditions. Sounds like a fun day 🙂

  • How fun! I always wished I had a fun college football tradition.

  • Sounds like fun! It's good to have traditions like these with the parentals, I think! My family has never really had too many regularly scheduled things to do, but that in and of it self has kind of become our tradition and we do spontaneous weekend/maybe longer vacations every year!

  • Love reading this 🙂 Such a wonderful tradition + tons of fun!

  • How adorable are you and your dad? And touchdown cookie???? Yes please!

  • What a sweet, sweet post. Did your dad read this?

  • He did, Tami! 🙂 He reads every post (which means so much and is so cute)

  • The touchdown cookies are definitely a favorite… sometimes ya just need a little snack to get you through the afternoon! 😉

  • Thank you! 🙂 I'm already looking forward to next year!

  • Spontaneous weekends can be really fun too 🙂 It seems like each time we take a family vacation, something random and hilarious happens that we then bring into the next vacation… the traditions never stop!

  • It's not too late to start! 🙂

  • It was SO much fun, I'm already dreaming of next year! 🙂

  • oh my gosh, I LOVE that!! Doing this each week has changed MY daily life, too… I love coming together with everyone for something positive!

    (And I'm glad you explained why you listen to books on audio… I've been wanting to start doing that during my commutes and I think you've talked me into it.)


  • I'm excited to do that one day, too 🙂 🙂

  • haha! EXACTLY! That made me laugh out loud, ha! There was a guy at the game holding a sign that said, "CHEERS TO MY HATERS …. so much more is coming" and my dad and I thought it was hilarious. So much passion!

  • Christian and I talk about what family traditions we might want to start too. The best part, I think, is that a lot of traditions just come randomly. My dad and I went to a game together just the two of us when I was little, two years in a row, and we just thought- let's keep this going!

  • awww! 🙂 My mom says the same thing 🙂 But I know my dad gets a little jealous when my mom and I have our girl time too. Spending time with parents one on one is the best!!

  • Katie!! 🙂 You just made my day, thank you! We had a great day together!

  • I hope so too 🙂 We've already said that even though I'll live farther away next year, of course I'll be coming back for our game together!

  • haha! Yes, I get that a lot 😉 Half of my friends went to IU and the rest to Purdue… always interesting conversations!

  • oh my gosh I love that, Melissa! I don't think I knew that about him! How fun and so sweet that you guys can share that together!

  • Christian has said the same, that if we have a daughter he hopes the two of them can have special moments and traditions together. Melts my heart! 🙂

  • That's so cute that they get jealous of each other! That's the best!!

  • I would be too!! 🙂

  • So much to be grateful for in this little post 🙂 Family time is just plain good for the soul, and when you mix in traditions you're bound to have a wonderful time. I'm so happy that you + your Dad got this special time together even if your team didn't win the game!