grateful heart monday

Grateful Heart Monday

December 30, 2013
My hope for Grateful Heart Monday is to start the week out (because in my world, the week starts with Monday and ends with Sunday) in a positive light.  I don’t know how Monday got such a bad rap. I really do go to bed Sunday night thinking,”Girl, go get ’em tomorrow” but then, a lot of the time, wake up feeling heavy and halfway through my day end up thinking, “aw, Monday – why you gotta be so UGH?!” (also known as “a case of the Mondays”)  So. Instead of starting the week out feeling overwhelmed and doomed, I am starting my day with a grateful heart and here’s why this morning, 
Today, I am grateful for a (mostly) restful night, in a warm bed, snuggled with my favorite loves, and waking up to a quiet morning. I am grateful for reflective time in this moment, to know that I am loved and have been given so many others to love, too.

What are you feeling grateful for today?

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  • What a beautiful way to start the week. Puts a whole new twist on the dreaded Monday!