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A Very Special Grateful Heart Monday (+ weeklong linkup!)

May 12, 2014
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Happy Monday, loves! I’m on vacation this week (yay!), so I thought it would be fun to have some of my favorite people guest post on Ember Grey while I’m away. Today’s guest is Anne from Love the Here and Now.  I adore Anne.  In fact, I wish we lived closer because I just know we would be master DIY-ers while we sip on daiquiris and crash other people’s backyards (among many other things). So, get to know Anne a bit below, say hello, and then let’s link up! 

Hi there Ember Grey readers!  My name is Anne and I am the blogger behind Love the Here and Now. Emily and I “met” just shortly after I started blogging and she has become one of my closest blogging friends. I was thrilled when she asked if I would do a guest post for her while she was off tanning relaxing , looking fabulous, and sipping on upgraded margaritas.  Of course my answer was yes!
I have to be honest with you.  Grateful Heart Monday is one of my favorite link ups. We all know that Monday has always had a bad reputation.  We dread the start of the work week; Friday seems ages away. But then along comes Emily with this notion of turning this all around.  Why not start the week off with a grateful heart?  It changes the whole outlook of Mondays.  And for that, I am extremely grateful.
This week I thought I would list the top 5 things that I am most grateful for.
1.  Clearly number one, and always will be number one, is my family.  At the end of the day, if I didn’t have my husband, my daughters, and our extended families by my side I would be nothing.  Family, to me is everything.  They are the reason I am who I am today and they are the reason I am able to do what I do. Without their love, support, and encouragement I would not be the person I am today.

2.  My friends.  They are my sounding board, my shoulder to lean on, my support group, and my entertainment all rolled into one.  Where would we be with out our friends?


3.  My home is so much more than a house.  It is the place that is truly mine and my family’s.  We have so many memories here.  It is a place of refuge for all of us in this crazy, hectic life we lead.

Our home decorated for Christmas.

4.  My dogs.  I am the animal lover in my house.  I am the person that carries on conversations with my dogs.  Pets love you unconditionally and they always bring a smile to my face.  They greet you with wagging tails, whimpers of joy, and puppy kisses.  What more could you want when you walk through the door?

Finn and Molly’s first and last professional photo.

5.  It’s sad but true; my iPhone.  It is my connection to my family when we are apart.    It gets me from Point A to Point B since I am navigationally-challenged.  It is my entertainment when I am bored.  I can read a book, play a game, or catch up with friends.  It is the main preserver of memories for me.  Any moment I want to capture in a photo can be done with ease.  It keeps me organized.  Apps galore keep me on task.  It reminds me to do things promptly (LOVE the reminder section of my phone!).  It saves me money (although my husband would beg to differ)…hello Cartwheel App!!  Technology is such a double edged sword.  It does so much for us but the use of it needs to be kept in check.  I think it’s a battle we all need to be cognizant of….we should be focused on the here and now, not what is on a little screen in our hands.

I am so grateful for Emily for allowing me to share the top 5 things I am grateful for.  I wish her an amazing vacation filled with relaxation, fun, and laughter.  Hope you will stop over and visit me at Love the Here and Now!

What are YOU grateful for today?
Link up below and join the rest of us in starting each day this week with a grateful heart. Not enough time to write a Grateful Heart post today? No worries! This linkup will be open until Friday!

There are three easy rules for this linkup:

1. Link up to your Grateful Heart post, not just your blog’s homepage and please link your post back here so that others can link up too!

2. If you share your Grateful Heart post on social media, please use #gratefulheart so that we can all find each other! (PS- if you use this hashtag on twitter, I will retweet!)

3. Carry on and be grateful! XO!
Ember Grey
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  • V

    What a gorgeous family! I can completely relate on the iPhone comment. Where would I be without it?! Probably lost in South Dakota somewhere. My post this week was a mashup of my weekend trip back to my birth home (I say birth home because I have far too many 'homes' to be uncomplicated). So grateful for time spent with family and friends who I don't get to see very often anymore.

  • I love this link up idea! I can't wait to participate next week!