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Grateful Heart Monday (+ week-long linkup!)

June 30, 2014


I am starting my week with a grateful heart and here’s why,
The Babes. For any of you newer readers, ‘The Babes’ is what X and I call our dog and cat, Oooj & Cleo. I am grateful for these two loves each and every day. I grew up with lots of animals, so it only made sense that when I moved out on my own, I’d have pets of my own. If you have pets, you understand that they are so much more than just animals in the house – they are family. Both Oooj & Cleo greet us at the door as we come home, snuggle with us when we’re sick or sad, and provide hours of entertainment when they know they’re being funny. They remind me to live in the present moment, to not sweat the small stuff, to literally stop and smell the flowers no matter how busy the day, and how important it is to have a life-long buddy (they truly are bffs.) But most of all, these two teach me about unconditional love. And that is the greatest gift.
What are YOU grateful for today? 

Link up below and join the rest of us in starting each day this week with a grateful heart. Not enough time to write a Grateful Heart post today? No worries! This linkup will be open until Friday!

There are three easy rules for this linkup:

1. Link up to your Grateful Heart post, not just your blog’s homepage and please link your post back here (via link or GHM button) so that others can link up too! 

2. If you decide to share your Grateful Heart post on social media, please use #gratefulheartmonday so that we can all find each other (If you use this hashtag on twitter, tag me and I will retweet!)

3. Carry on and be grateful! XO!
Ember Grey


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  • Pets are family….I can't imagine a home without my two dogs. I am so grateful for mine as well. Love the new button!

  • Hey girl! I love that button. So cute! Your babes are adorable, and I love the cat and dog are bffs. What kind of dog is that? We had a yorkie poo growing up who looked a lot like yours.


  • Aww your babes are so cute! I love my fur babies so much 🙂

    Have a great Monday!

  • So true, I don't know what I'd do without Daisy and Sydney!

  • Definitely a worthy topic for Grateful Heart Monday! Pets are cheap therapy! I am a dog person myself, but at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter, they all love us the same. So much we can learn from animals.

    I'm super grateful today because I managed to reach 100+ followers on Bloglovin this past week! I am humbled and thankful that people actually care enough to follow. I've made so many great friends/acquaintances, like you! It's been such a great bonus to blogging.

    Have a wonderful day!
    V @ Life+1

    • They are totally cheap therapy! 🙂 Congratulations, V, on your 100+ followers!! Meeting new people thru blogging is definitely one of the main reason I blog 😉

  • Oooj and Cleo are adorable and you've inspired me to write a post about our dog. 🙂 Happy Monday, Emily! I hope you have a fabulous week!

  • aww yay for pets! Your's are soso cute! I mean really people who don't have pets…I just don't know how they get through life?

  • So cute!

  • the babes are just so cute 🙂
    last night, my baby cat hopped up on the couch to snuggle next to me….she spends a little bit more time hiding ever since we got Oliver (he likes to chase the cats and doesn't realize he's about 10x larger than them), and so every once in a while, when he's outside, we get some snuggle time. she totally still rules him, though…all it takes is for her to swat at his nose and he lays right down on the ground!

  • I'm definitely grateful for my fur baby, too… they really do become part of the family! 🙂

  • We like to call our pets – furbabies. They are so much a part of our family. Thank you for sharing and doing this each week.