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Happiness Stamped (A Grateful Heart + Special Giveaway!)

May 25, 2015

Before we get to the exciting news at EG, I want to reflect on how truly GRATEFUL I am for all who have and continue to fight for our freedoms. The human losses our country has suffered since long before I was even born have not been forgotten on my part, not in the slightest. While we all continue to spend time with family and loved ones on this day, I hope we remember the brave ones who were not able to return home, and their families who continue to mourn that reality. It seems so unfair that my heart should be grateful when someone else’s heart has endured such loss, but today is a reminder that those losses were not in vain and will not be forgotten, not ever. I am ever thankful for their service and sacrifice.

Did any of you notice the updated Twelve Months of Bliss page? I’m happy to announce that June’s challenge for Twelve Months of Bliss is now LIVE! June’s challenge is titled Happiness Stamped and is about taking the time to hand-write a note of encouragement, or to just say hello to a good friend or maybe someone you haven’t talked to in far too long. We may think we’ve gotten pretty good at this communication thing… all day long constantly texting, talking on the phone, writing emails, gchatting, video chatting, Facebooking, tweeting, and Instagramming… but there is something really powerful about a written word, meant for someone specifically. I don’t know about you but I like getting more than just bills and junk in the mail. Something special happens when a card arrives in our mailbox, and I think this next month is going to show you that something special also happens when you take the time to hand-write, address and stamp a card to someone else.

*Be sure to check out the actual Twelve Months of Bliss page for more tips and thoughts on this month’s challenge! 


To help us kick off June’s challenge, the awesome gals of Olive & Clyde have so generously sponsored today’s giveaway: one lucky winner will get 5 cards of your choice, a perfect way to help you get started with your weekly notes. I love this card shop, you guys. Talk about unique and HILARIOUS cards. Their tagline is “A card for every weirdo in your life” – and Lord knows we’ve all got one. (And if you don’t think you have one, that probably means it’s you.)I also love this shop’s story – two best friends who grew tired of the 9-5 and decided to open their own greeting card shop, adorably named after their dogs. I’ve included personal pictures of a few of my favorite cards… Pay no attention to the multiple cookie related cards I chose… clearly it’s dangerous to go shopping at Olive & Clyde when you’re hungry.








So what will you write in your cards to people? What extra note will you include in a birthday card? What color of confetti will you throw in at the last minute? In a world that is steadily getting farther and farther away from a written word and stamped envelope, I’m grateful that snail mail hasn’t completely left us – let’s keep it going, shall we?

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored giveaway. Olive & Clyde generously gave me 5 cards of my choice, to share with you all for today’s post. They are also generously giving away 5 cards to one lucky winner of the giveaway! All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. Thank you SO much Moriya & Haley!
You can find Olive & Clyde here: 
Link up below and join the rest of us in starting each day this week with a grateful heart. Not enough time to write a Grateful Heart post today? No worries! **Since Monday of this week is a holiday, the linkup this week will be open until Saturday! 
Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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  • Mai Tran

    Fill-in-the-blank Mother's Day Card, I Hate Basically Everyone But You Love Card, You Weirdos Found Each Other Wedding Card , I Love You, But You Do Fart a Lot Card, Birthday Card for Cake Lovers

  • Love this idea. Athough this one will come easy for me because, call me old-fashion, I still send snail mail. With all the techie ways to communicate, I like you still like receiving a card, note, letter in the mail. And the cost of a stamp, well, whoever is receiving it, is worth it! Great kick-off idea. Hope you are enjoying this holiday weekend. And as far as the cards, any of them are cute!

  • I am so excited to follow along with this project. Snail mail is quickly becoming a thing of the past but nothing beats going to your mailbox and getting a handwritten note! Love that!

  • I love snail mail and have a few pieces ready to go out tomorrow! Can't wait to participate in this wonderful project!!

  • Emily

    I love this idea! The cards I love are: I love all sides of you Mother's Day card, Perfect Match card, F*** Cancer Card, Fill in the Blank Anniversary Card, and Keep all my Secrets Birthday Card.

  • Ashley Bree Perez

    I would choose the ones you chose 🙂

  • I love this month's challenge and I can't wait to do it!

  • Ha! These are really fun! I love the "I hate everyone but you" one, the "congrats on making a tiny human baby" one, and especially the "How are we already 30?" haha, I'd need three of those (and probably quite a few more!)

  • I LOVE the 12 Months of Bliss challenge idea!! I can't wait to start!!

  • I absolutely love sending cards and notes to friends. These ones are great! Yay for 12 months of Bliss!

  • I love hand writing cards!! It makes my heart happy! I am also trying to teach Jagger how important it is to hand write things: notes, cards, etc. It just means so much. I think we tend to forget that text messages and email take away the personal touch!! Hand written is the best!

  • That cookie one, totally perfect for my gram and my sister. They have some sort of joke about meditation and being nice unless cookies are present 🙂
    Love the topic for this month of bliss! I send snail mail cards all the time- I love nothing more than mail in my mail box (not junk mail – though )

  • OMG, I love these!! I would definitely purchase the following: Sometimes life includes doing dumb things; Sorry he's an ass breakup card; Multi-denominational Christmas; You weirdos found each other; everyone else annoys me

  • I just found your blog (via the Peony Project, of course 😉 ) and I'm already so encouraged by what you're doing! I'm so excited to have linked up with you this week and will keep it up! Also, can I join in on 12 Month of Bliss mid-year?


    Liv (

  • What a super fun giveaway! I actually just bought a new stack of cards today. I enjoy written word more than anything! I think my five favorites are, Sorry He's an Ass, You weirdo's Found Each Other, No Poop Pictures, Merry Christmas From Jesus, and I Hate Everyone but You. Their cards are so fun!

  • Oh this is so fun! I love cards for every occasion, and always have a bunch in my desk. I love the silly nature of these and how cute they are!

  • Kelly Minyard

    Oh my gosh I don't know if I can only choose five! They're so hilarious! I love the "Birthday suit inspection", "Birthday cake lover", "10 lbs on my ass", "no poop pictures", and "fill in the blank father's day" cards 🙂


    I Know You Wanted a Boy Father's Day Card (#024)

    Fuck Cancer Card #030

    Too Many Presents Hanukkah Card (#003)

    Congratulations on Making a Tiny Human Baby Shower Card (#027)

    Merry Christmas from Jesus (#002)

  • Ahhhh, I'm so excited for the 12 Month of Bliss! And I love sassy cards- I've kept so many cards from friends, relatives, and Kyle over the years 🙂 Now I have to go check the whole site out!!

  • Those cards look sooooo cute! I would love to get my hands on some. I'm already browsing around the website.

  • Adorable cards – I love a good quirky one (as you saw from my cat card lol) So ready for 12 months of bliss!!! 🙂

  • Those cards are absolutely adorable and I love the tag line lol! This month's challenge is something I look forward to taking part in 🙂

  • SO FUN!! Totally joining this challenge! I love buying cards and LOVE that you're sharing this shop…all their cards are amaze, it's like they just get me! 🙂

  • Thanks so much for letting me know about the link! Fixed! 🙂

  • Agreed- the stamps are always worth it 🙂

  • (I'm already 31 but the shock of turning 30 has remained the past year haha)

  • Good for you!! I will do the same with our babe 🙂

  • ha! Love it. Cookies are always a good idea 😉

  • Hey Liv! So glad you stopped by 🙂 And YES! You can join in any time!

  • The "no poop pictures" was a favorite of mine as well 😉 haha!

  • haha!

  • Gotta love the sass! 🙂

  • Yes, these are right up your alley!! 🙂

  • I'm so excited! 🙂

  • haha, I know!! I love them all.

  • I'd have SUCH a hard time picking which cards!!!!

  • Ha! Love the cookie card. So me… ;o)

  • Super cute cards! I would love to win and then use these to mail to my upcoming Peony Project Snail Mail Swap partner!

  • Naturally I picked out both of the cookie cards they have, how could I not?!

  • Alina Conn

    Love these cards. My choices are: Happy Birthday, You Old Fogey , I Really F*ing Mean It Thank You Card,Congratulations on Making a Tiny Human Baby Shower Card , Merry Christmas from Jesus and Fill-in-the-blank Father's Day Card . These are wonderful!

  • I've been trying lately to send more snail mail. It really is a treat to receive and those cards are incredibly cute! I really like the Sorry He's An Ass Breakup Card, the Congratulations on Making a Tiny Human Baby Shower Car, the Fill-in-the-blank Anniversary Card, the Free Birthday Suit Inspection Birthday Card, and the No Poop Pictures Baby Shower Car. So clever!

  • Sean

    Love the sass in these messages. My top five are as follows:

    1. Sorry He's an Ass Breakup Card

    2. Keep All My Secrets Birthday Card

    3. Fuck Cancer Card

    4. 10lbs On My Ass Birthday Card

    5. Merry Christmas from Jesus

  • Brooke

    Basically, i would like to purchase the entire homepage. Does that count as an answer? 🙂 But seriously, i would like to do that.

  • These cards are so cute! I would get all of them!

  • Adorable Cards!!! I love this challenge. I'm going to get right to work on it!

  • Mrs.AOK

    Just found your link-up through Michelle. Happy to join in (late). Thanks for the fun giveaway too! I love snail mail!!

  • Congratulations to Amy of Set Free blog! You are the winner!!

    Thanks to all who stopped by and entered! 🙂

  • Hi!! So glad you stopped by 🙂 Hope to see you again throughout June's challenge!

  • yay!

  • haha! I know, they're all good!

  • Hi there – just came across your blog – love this and the 12 Months of Bliss idea.. I love, love snail mail. My boyfriend and I grabbed a few postcards when we were out of town on Memorial Day and decided to send them out, just because.. So, I kind of got a headstart? 🙂 Looking forward to participating!

  • Hey Ashley! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello 🙂 So glad you're joining us in the 12 Months of Bliss! (I feel like June's challenge constitutes a quick trip to Target to see if there are any stationary sales going on… #fortheblog, right?!)