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May 9, 2017

Oh well hey there, everybody! (“She’s alliiiiiivvve. She’s alliiiiiiiiiiiiiveee!”) It’s been about a minute since I’ve popped in here and today just felt like a good day to do just that. Um, how is everyone?? No, really – I want to know.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know quite a bit has happened in my life these last 5 months… Crew is now (almost) 9 months old, the three of us moved back home to Indiana, and I have super blonde hair again. I guess you could say I returned to my roots 😉 There’s been a lot of other little things that have somehow fit themselves in between the big things; life feels so crazy fast and busy right now, but it also feels pretty incredible. And while sometimes when I look back on things it feels like a ton has changed, oddly enough it also feels like it’s always been this way. And that makes me take a deep breath and smile.

May I catch you all up on my big things, and maybe a few little things? K, good.

Crew: Crew. is. CRAZY. He is crazy and awesome. He is honestly the coolest person I’ve ever known in my life, and I realize that may cause a few to raise an eyebrow or sport some duck lips but it’s the truth. He is SO hilarious, SO active (literally he is go-go-go from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep, which these days feels like a looooong time haha), is SO bright and smart, and his big little personality is coming out more and more. He has such a sweet heart (which brings me to tears at least once daily), has the most beautiful eyes and hair, is already fitting into 12-18 mo. clothes, and climbs EVERYTHING. (No, literally. Everything.) He makes us laugh daily, wears us to the core, and somehow proves to me over and over again that hearts really can get bigger to hold more and more love. To say we’re obsessed with our boy would be an understatement.

Indiana: Back home again! My goodness, the decision to move back to my home state was a no-brainer but was also painful to make! I honestly thought I would live and die in Nashville. I LOVE Tennessee – it will always hold such a special place in my heart and will forever be one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to, but you know what? Nothing – and I mean nothing – beats being close to my family, intermediate and extended. There’s a joke in my family that when I die, my tombstone will say “Never Say Never” and while that makes me laugh, it also kind of makes me shake my head and cry in extreme disappointment with myself, to think I know myself so well?! HA! Almost every single thing I’ve said I would never ever do in my life, I’ve ended up doing. (Never getting married again, never quitting my corporate job, never moving again, never moving to Tennessee, never moving again, never moving back home to Indiana, never selling product – more on that in a bit.) My parents live 5 minutes from our house here and I love so much that Crew will get to see them so much. We found a beautiful house in a sweet neighborhood with a small lake out back with ducks and swans and little bunnies who visit our backyard, and we’re right next to the pool, so you know I love that 😉 I’m also back in the same state as friends I’ve known since the 4th grade. I had my first girls night with my bffs last week and it was the most surreal thing to say “See you guys next week!” instead of, “See you guys at Christmas!” Never ever did I ever think… wow. Talk about a blessed life.

Blonde: This can be considered a “little” update to you but it’s really a BIG update to me. Isn’t it funny how a hair color can change your mood so much? I don’t know why but when we moved to Nashville almost 3 years ago, I had it in my head that I was going to go dark. And so I did. I was still blonde, but just a really dark blonde. When we decided we were moving to Indiana, I thought – alright. It’s time to go back to ME, let’s do this. And today I saw my girl and was like “LET’S DO IT, LADY. COLOR ME BLONDE!” Well first I made a beeline to the Keurig, because Mama didn’t sleep last night, but THEN I was like LET’S DO THIS. When she was done I took a look at myself in the mirror and said, “Girl, there you are!” For a new mama, that’s important. You kind of have to find yourself again once you’re able to come up for air. Sometimes you find yourself again in church, and other times it’s at the salon. 😉 And if you are a new mama, you know this. Beauty begins within, I have always and will always believe that, but sometimes when you feel good on the outside, you feel good on the inside too.

Speaking of feeling good on the outside… I am FREAKING OUT excited to share with you guys that I have joined the Beautycounter family, as in – I am now a Beautycounter Consultant. (Once again – Never say never, Emily. Like, ever.) If you haven’t heard of Beautycounter before, buckle up and get ready, partner. (And don’t worry, people who have never heard of BC, I know you have no idea what I’m talking about but you will. YOU WILL.) I cannot WAIT to share with you all some of their skincare products I’ve fallen in love with (and use daily), but also what brought me to this amazing safe beauty & skincare company in the first place. Check back here Friday where I’ll share my story. (And if you’d like a ‘my fave products’ sneak peak, check my Instagram stories tomorrow!)

So there you go! Okay now really, tell me what’s happened with you in the last 5 months… what have I missed?!

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PS- Christian is alive and well, too! (Though we do feel like we’re strangers in the night, passing each other from the nursery to our bedroom.) We’re hoping to have more date nights now that we have babysitters close by 😉

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  • YAY love the new look, and honestly, I read this entire thing in your voice since I stalk your snaps of Crew ? Why do I sound so creepy lol But really, nothing like Indiana. I miss Beech Grove every day ??….and my parents went and moved to Knoxville last weekend….SOOOOO guess there will never be a “back home again in indiana ??” for me ?

    • haha!! Girl it does not sound creepy at ALL. This is what we do. (And what IG stories is for, right?!) Ahhh!! Knoxville is so nice! Enjoy the sunshine for me! (Currently on our 10th day of rain. We should’ve built an ark.)

  • YAY for blogging again! And supa blonde!! 🙂 I don’t think there’s anything from the past 5 mos you don’t know, ha, but I so wish you could take that step aerobics class with me…you’d literally die laughing at how awkward and poorly coordinated I am! Xo

    • Sorry for the delay! Can’t wait to catch up on YOUR blog now!

  • Yay!! I’ve followed along on IG (because, helloooo- Crew is SO darn cute! -and you guys are, too. lol), but it’s nice to read a real live update! Yay for moving back to family! That really is so, so exciting!

    • Sorry for the delay in responding to this, lady! So happy to be “back”! 🙂

  • Hi hi hi!!! Welcome back! I’ve missed your musings. Crew is the most adorable and I love watching your Insta-Stories. I love that you’ve moved back home too, because I can really relate. (I mean, not that we’ve done it in the same order, but we’re back in VA near family while we try to start a family.) I can’t wait to learn more about BC because I’ve seen the hype and saw the line when it came to Target and I’m interested.

    • It IS so nice being close to family, esp when that baby comes!

  • Aww what a sweet beautiful picture of Crew! I’m glad you’re loving these young momma days. 🙂 I totally get what you mean about moving “home” when you never thought you would. I’m able to work from home with my current job and we are taking the opportunity to move back to West Virginia. It’s a shock to everyone we know (Atlanta, GA to West Virginia) but it feels right to us.

    • Sorry for the delay, Ashley! Exciting to hear you’re moving! When will that happen?!

  • Rachael Stone

    I have missed you so much!! Indiana is closer to Ohio.. maybe a visit is in order this summer… just saying 😉 can’t wait to hear about what’ you’re selling… just saying!

    • Yes!!!!!! I would love that! I have missed you too 🙂

  • Awe, Crew. Totally adorbs.
    Welcome back Emily! Its great to “hear” from you again.
    Seems like all is well in your world-your new house sounds so dreamy! A pond with ducks, sold?

  • Yay! Love reading your words again, Em!! <3

  • So happy to hear you’re doing well and that Indiana has been a blessing!

    • Thank you, friend! Looking forward to catching up on YOUR blog!

  • Awe so many exciting things! Crew is the cutest baby, I love seeing his pictures on Instagram. Ahh I can imagine how sad you were to leave Nashville, I’ve only lived there for 6 months but I really really didn’t want to move. I love going back there, it’s such a beautiful area. Being closer to friends and family is nice though, so I’m sure you guys are loving it 🙂 I’ve never heard of Beauty Counter before, but I’m looking forward to finding out what it’s all about!

    • Thank you, Kasi! 🙂 Yes, we are looking forward to going back to TN to visit. Although it’s warmed up in IN now so that has helped!

  • i can enthusiastically relate that nothing comes close to how important and amazing it is to be around family! so happy you have that now and loooove the lake outside your back yard! yay!

  • What an amazing year lady! I totally, totally get where you are coming from with the hair color. I definitely feel more like myself when I have blonder hair. Good luck on your new venture!!