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Hi. My name is Emily, and I’m a Crap-a-tarian.

July 29, 2014
This post, I apologize, but it’s a little random today… (however, still really really important). (Like, really important.) (Randomness is always really important in my book.) (I promise I won’t keep talking in parentheses.) Consider this post a confession of sorts, yeah?

Alright. So what happens when… you don’t have any sugar in the house because you’re trying to eat less of it? Let me tell you what happens. One makes a peanut butter sandwich and dunks it into a bowl of syrup. Oh, yes. Yes I did. Sugar is a serious addiction, all. Whoa. And I’ve never had this addiction before – this only started in the last few years. What gives??!
You know what else happens when you’re trying to eat less sugar? You and your husband will spend literally 40 minutes talking about your favorite desserts. And then you will dream about donuts 3 nights in a row. I didn’t buy any hummus during the last grocery run simply because it was right next to the donuts, and I was seriously doubting my self control. (And really- who puts the hummus right next to the donuts?! C’MON, MAN!)
This past weekend, while at my parents house, my dad and I decided that I’m not a Vegetarian, but rather a Crap-a-tarian. In other words, I don’t eat as many veggies as I should and instead depend on all of the crap sides. (This would be true.) So there’s that.

A huge part of me wants to blame this new addiction on X (well, and Pinterest) since he is a huge sweets fan, and I was never really this way until marrying him and him bringing it into our house… BUT… I know I only have myself (and lack of self control) to blame, plus- it being his birthday week and all, it’s not very nice of me to throw him under the sugar bus. I am going to try and get on a healthier schedule… how do you all keep yourselves accountable for eating right and exercising? I think Nike said it best: JUST DO IT. Amen, Nike. Amen.

PS- I’m SO so so so excited to share with you a special Vlog on Thursday featuring Betsy from Heavens to Betsy! Highlights include her Pinterest design pin that received more than 23,000 shares, how sometimes – as a blogger – she feels like a stalker, what she would say to future generations of women, and the song she most likes to “pop-star sing” along to (and much more). Be sure to check back Thursday morning! 

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  • I struggle with this, too, and it just started the last couple of years! I crave sweets all the time! Good luck to you!

  • Oh it is so hard. I am currently cleansing all the crap tastic stuff out of my body and those donuts look so good. Oh and I'm planning on having sugar as soon as this is over. I know that's not the rules but I'm a rule breaker. Anyway, it is really hard to stick to working out eating right, but for myself if I can stick to it for a couple weeks I see results. It's the results that keep me on track. It's always okay to splurge once in a while too!

  • I know the struggle girl and it is real!! Musharraf is something I need to cut out completely and yeaaaa…that's probably never gonna happen! Lol!

    • Yea…that was supposed to say sugar! I hate my non proof reading self! Lol

  • This post title just made my laugh! I do believe I'm a crap-a-tarian too… LOL!

  • haha – i've found that completely denying myself isn't the best way to go. i love dark chocolate so if i keep some on hand a little square is pretty satisfying but not as indulgent as a bowl of ice cream. my struggle has been cutting out dairy! blah – i've had crazy relapses and would tell jordan that i haven't had a latte at work when in fact i had! haha

  • I am a crap-a-tarian as well! haha. I don't eat red meat and I am VERY picky about how my chicken is cooked so I really only eat sides and ice cream…and donuts…and chocolate. Oh, I'm addicted to chocolate!

  • Man, I am so tempted to blame my husband as well. I never kept soda in the house before, and didn't cook meat for every single meal, but that's all he wants. I came to understand why when I visited his mother's house though! It's insane! Nothing but meat, rice, and sweets everywhere you look! It's going to be a hard habit to break.

    My weekly ice cream habit though? Totes all me.

  • I was a vegetarian for a month (mostly out of curiosity) and it is SO HARD to eat real veggies and be healthy! French fries and mac and cheese and things like that are so much easier. And yes, filling up on desserts was the simplest and always so tempting.

    And seriously, what's up with the placement of food in your store? That's just mean.

  • I have the biggest sweet tooth so I can definitely relate! I have sugary cravings all the time, and I am also a bad influence on those around me. My boyfriend has never been into sweets and now (thanks to me) he also gets cravings for sugary foods!
    For me, having no sweet foods at home helps a lot. I think that the less sweets you eat the less you crave them. Tasty fruit also help, since they are sweet but aren't bad for you!

  • Haha…I had to give up all forms up sugar for six months due to a health issue. SO HARD. especially at the beginning but I never felt better. I am trying to get up the will power to do it again. I have a bad sweet tooth.

  • We all struggle with this and I have found a trick that helps me….allow yourself to cheat a little tiny bit every day. I don't mean a bowl of ice cream or donuts each morning! I mean something that is 1 to 4 bites, such as buying the mini size of your favorite candy (I like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups) and have just 2!!! Or Dole makes chocolate covered fruit that is frozen (bananas and strawberries) that come in 100 calorie packs….those are amazing!!! No matter what, if you allow yourself those treats, eating right otherwise will be easier to stay consistent!!!! Love you sis!

  • It's hard to not deprive your spouse do the things they want but stay on track yourself. It's so hard keeping cream horns and cookies in the house for him and trying to stick to strawberries and peaches if I want something sweet.

  • Hi, my name is Katie and I'm a sugar-holic and I seriously struggle on keeping myself accountable. I, too, don't go down certain isles in the grocery (like the cereal one — who would pick a Koshi over a Captain Crunch??). And I try to go out to eat with people I know won't get dessert. When you figure out "the secret," please inform me immediately.

  • Did you write this for me? I think so. My motto is "everything in moderation", including veggies 🙂

  • YES! Emily the struggle is real!!! The only way I can handle it is tons of gum and by tracking everything I consume on a food tracker.

  • You just have to make it through the tough "OMG I NEED THIS NOW!" battle, and then it'll get easier. I gave up sugar for a while too and I hated it — I was always the biggest sweet tooth and my nick name is "cookie monster." But now, I don't crave it anymore, and when I am offered something sweet, I usually have a few bites and then I'm done — unlike in the past when I would eat and eat and eat until it was gone! haha.

    As for eating healthier, I don't usually have desserts in the house. We eat out of the fridge (meaning fresh produce, meats, etc.) and not out of our pantry (like crackers, chips, cookies).

  • So my friend has a son who's completely addicted to sugar. She actually took him to therapy about it! The therapist told her to take him to the candy store, let him buy whatever he wants, and then the next day let him eat ALL OF IT! The plan was for him to eat himself sick and then barf it all up….then hopefully not wanting any more sugar. You should totally try it! 🙂 And yes, this is actual advice I'm giving you. Clearly my issues are different than yours!

  • Hilarious! I purposely avoid having sugar (mainly chocolate) in the house too. But…I know on occasion I'll break down and desperately need something. In those circumstances I always have a few ingredients on hand that, if I'm desperate enough, I will have to get off my butt and mix it all together and bake something, like brownies. And then eat half the batch in one sitting.

    Quitting chocolate cold turkey only leads to binging.

    Signing off,
    Your Choc-a-terian Friend

  • Don't fight the sugar addiction – just go with it! My husband and I love our sweet treats and have some sort of treat almost daily. I don't feel bad about it because we generally eat ok the other times of the day. And our treats aren't huge. See how I justified that? Anyway, I believe it's fine in moderation. Can't wait to hear Betsy's post!

  • I never craved sugar as much as I do since I got married 9 months ago! I keep making desserts for my hubby which makes me want them more and more. I'm trying to just stop!!

  • yup im a crap-tarian too, i ate healthy this morning then i was feeling like some curly fries from Arbys and then came home and ate a couple cookies, yup i need some help!

  • WE ARE THE SAME PERSON. (insert creepy friend-crush stalking comment here)
    But for reals….who puts hummus next to donuts? Your grocery store needs to get their ish together…that's just setting people up for failure. I so wish I could blame AJ for my sugar cravings, but he just doesn't have a sweet tooth so that's a no-go. It's all me. I'm typically the one dragging us down with suggestions of grabbing ice cream (and casually mentioning his favorite flavor so I know my suggestion with be well-received). Eeep. Oh well.

  • I love the Sugar Bus!

  • Recently, I have developed a sweet tooth, interest does not help. There are so many tasty looking dessert recipes that would be so easy to make. I have a whole board of pinned items, I try to drag other people with me down the rabbit hole. Your store is a little odd keeping hummus near donuts…

  • "(I promise I won't keep talking in parentheses.)" — This made me laugh out loud so hard! You always crack me up 🙂

    And oh… sugar. It's such a love-hate relationship. I formed a sweet tooth after I met my guy too… I wish I hadn't! I am so, so bad about keeping myself in check with exercise — I swear I can come up with every excuse in the book why I just can't "find time" to get it done — which is not good considering it's been the only way I've ever lost weight (even if I eat 100% healthy – I won't lose weight without exercising daily, haha – WTG body). But, as far as food goes — I'm big on checking portion sizes. If I'm really, really craving something bad or sugary, I'll let myself have it – but only ONE portion of it. Sometimes it's hard to put away the bag of candy or whatever it is, but it's better than stepping on the scale + seeing I've added more digits that need to be lost, haha.

  • All of this, so very true. Why is it so hard to stay on track? Why is it when your hubby says "I'm going to the dollar store for some chips, you want anything?" and you really have the urge to say "yes, a box of mike n ike's"… but you don't need the box. you don't! Hi, I'm Melissa and I'm a crap-a-tarian too. let's make a club!