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February 8, 2016

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Bigger. That was my word for 2016, as most of you regular Ember Grey readers already know 😉 I realize that’s not new information but it was the only way I could think of starting this post… my word this year has already had a pretty big impact on me.

Some of you may have noticed a slight shift and change in this space for the last few months or so and it’s one of those shifts and changes where I’m not even sure it could be completely explained, it’s just there. This shift has brought new waves of inspiration in my day-to-day, and has pretty much wrecked any routine I’d originally put in place. For instance, my sleep schedule… which may not seem that big of a deal to some of you but I can assure you I have felt completely crazy on the nights I’ve woken up from a deep sleep and have gone RUNNING as fast as I can down the hallway to get to my office so that I can get the words from my head to the paper before they slip away. There is a pencil that sits on my desk that is literally curved from me pressing down so hard and writing for so long – all of this happening in the middle of the night. And all for what? For a story that lives in my head.

This story I’ve had in my head for the past three years – well, honestly I’ve thought about this concept for this story since I was a little girl – has been begging me to write it all out, especially as of late, and I have decided that I need to honor that. This shift, change, and new wave of inspiration is encouraging me to dream bigger, to work harder – and in a different way. I have realized that bringing life to this story isn’t just about writing it out – it’s also about embracing the entire process… which takes time. The process itself is a journey, one I am learning to really embrace and fall in love with for what it is on its own. This shift is encouraging my heart to JUST DO IT. And so, I am.

So what the heck am I talking about?? What am I trying to say?


After this week, I will be taking a blogging hiatus to focus on writing my novel full-time. 


I’ve referenced “life jumps” in this blog numerous times. You know, the times in your life when you take a chance… whether it’s taking a chance on a new job, a new location, another person, on yourself… on a new dream. I can clearly see all of the life jumps I’ve made in my life and I can tell you that in every single one of them, as I was gearing up for the jump, my brain really couldn’t make sense of the reasoning for it but my heart told me, YES. 100% yes. As scary as these jumps have been and as many hard moments were present in each of them, I am also thankful for every single one. Because each one grew me as a person and each one led me to where I am today. Life jumps ARE scary but I also trust my gut and when it’s telling me to JUMP, I’ve learned to do it. (And I just have to say right now, I am beyond grateful to my husband for 1. believing in me and in this story and 2. supporting me and encouraging me to take this jump. Christian, my grateful heart today is because of you.)

I can’t tell you how long this blogging hiatus will last… it could last a few weeks, a few months, or maybe longer. But here are some important things I DO know that you should know too…

Twelve Months of Bliss: This will still continue!! (Can you believe we will have completed this year-long journey at the end of MAY?!) I will continue to announce each month’s challenge, both with a post and on the Twelve Months of Bliss page/tab at the top of this blog, on the 1st of each month. I will also continue with the monthly recaps as well as the linkup on the last Wednesday of each month.

Grateful Heart (Monday) Linkup: Sadly this will be included in the hiatus. Doing this linkup with you all for the past 2 years (yes, it’s been 2 years!) has been one of my most favorite parts about blogging and I am incredibly grateful for that alone. While the Grateful Heart linkup may return one of these days, for now it will be paused. (I will occasionally share my grateful heart via Instagram though with the tag #gratefulheart and would love for you to join me there!) 

Sponsorships: I am currently not accepting new sponsorships on EG – but – you will notice a new way of supporting our adoption. (Which, by the way- I’ll be sharing an update later this week) 🙂 We are SO thankful to those of you who have expressed interest in helping us in our adoption journey!

I will continue to pop my head back in here every now and then. You know, with a Currently update or if there’s an epic conversation with my husband that just needs to be shared, or of COURSE if there’s an important adoption update 😉 You can also follow me on Instagram for some of my latest adventures shared, as well as sneak peeks into my inspiration for my novel (#egnovel). And make sure you’re following EG on Facebook as I’ll be sharing some EG #TBTs here and there.

So, see? I’m not forever vanishing from this space! This space is beyond precious to me and I cherish each new friendship I’ve made thanks to blogland.

Life jumps are important. They are what dreams are made of. And I believe with all that I am that these jumps are a product of God nudging me to trust Him, to pray for BIGGER things and then to work really hard at them… and I’m trusting God now with this new journey. And if the journey leads me right back here to this space and my weekly routine of blogging, that will be okay too. But for now I need to jump into a new dream… one I cannot WAIT to share with you all someday, hopefully in the form of a book for you to read 🙂

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What are you grateful for?

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  • Jump Emily, jump! Until next time ……

  • Wow, I’m so excited for you to be making this commitment to your novel, Emily! Can’t wait to read it when it’s published. You’ll be missed around here on Mondays. Best wishes!

  • That’s amazing and I’ll be first in line to buy a copy!!

  • I’m so stinkin proud of you sister! By the way… I’m going to be texting you soon about a possible visit to Nashville 😉

  • That’s amazing Emily! So excited for you to take this leap and I can’t wait to read it!

  • Good luck, Emily! I can’t wait to read that novel!!

  • Sarah Elizabeth Frazer

    So proud of you! And praying it is a profitable. Praying you can cultivate your dreams. Praying also for your adoption. The waiting is so very hard. Praying you can stay close to Him during this season. Live one day at a time. I’ll look forward to keeping up to date on your Instagram. – Lots of love! Sarah (

  • This is so exciting. While I will miss you around here, I am so happy for you for taking this next step with writing your novel. 🙂

  • Good luck to you… what an amazing step to take in life!
    I love a heart of gratitude- I do a link up every Thursday to try & keep my mind focused on the thankfulness of every day life. Its so important

  • I can’t wait to read it. YOU GO.

    • XO. I may reach out at some point to pick your brain about novel-related things, if that’s ok 😉

  • Good luck! I can’t wait to read this novel you are writing. I know it will be amazing, whenever it is finished…and I’m glad you aren’t completely leaving – but coming to check in every so often.

    • Thank you, Kristyn 🙂 I’m definitely not completely leaving this space!

  • This makes me sad but I’m so proud of you for taking this life step. Good luck with the book!

  • Good for you. I can’t wait to read your post on how your novel is progressing.

  • chall1018

    Oh lady, I will miss your blogging for sure. But, I know we will keep in touch through other avenues. And I wish you all the best with your novel and cannot wait for the day I can read it!!! I will be praying!

  • oh dangit, just when i decided to start joining the grateful heart link up. 😉 no seriously, i think it’s great you’re making space to pursue your passion – it’ll be worth it! come back and read these comments when you get in a funk and wonder whether you’re doing the right thing 🙂

    • aw! haha! Well I’ll be bringing the Grateful Heart linkup back one of these days for sure. And you’re TOTALLY right – I will definitely be coming back to read these amazing notes of encouragement on days I start to doubt what the heck I’m doing 😉 Thanks, Whitney!

  • So so excited for you! I can’t wait to read this book someday…and I’m so anxious to hear more about your adoption process!

  • I am so excited for you! I would love to talk writing some time. You’re inspiring because I have been slowly realizing that while I love blogging, I started so that I could be writing fiction full time and it has become the opposite. Get it, girl! I am soooo pumped for you!

  • This is bittersweet news, Emily, but I totally understand where you’re coming from. Novel writing has been so exciting on this side of the screen as well, and the blogging side of me just makes me a better writer for it. Thank you for continuing the 12 months of bliss with us and for, in some capacity, still doing grateful heart series. I love the encouragement I’ve gotten from these posts in the short time I’ve joined, and I’m glad I’ll still be able to get a dose of it here and there. Good luck with everything and happy writing! 🙂

    • I would love to hear more about your novel writing process! Each writer has their own and I’m finding all the variations so interesting. Thank you, Maria!!

  • I’ll miss you!! And completely understand… Sending love and prayers to you. (Can’t wait for the novel!!) xo

  • I love YOU and cannot wait to see how everything turns out…though I will miss your posts!!

  • I saw your title this morning and instantly knew what you were going to reference. I had less than 10 minutes to get out the door so I skimmed over your post and saw the inevitable. I wish you much blessings with your new journey because you must answer a calling, and jump you shall for dreams can not be fulfilled without doing so. Take care. ~Lowanda

    • Thanks so much for reading, Lowanda 🙂 I’ll still be around here – just not as frequent. Thank you for your well wishes and encouragement!!

  • While I’m sad that this space won’t be updated as frequently, I’m really happy for you!! 🙂 I love creative writing myself and really need to get back to it. I’ve had story ideas in my head for YEARS too, so I totally admire you for taking this leap. Best of luck, Emily!

  • Congrats Emily! I’m glad that you are following your dreams and I can’t wait to read your book.

  • So stinking excited for you!

  • I said it in a text this morning to you already but just know that I am so proud of you and YOU have made my blogging experience that much better. Can’t wait to see where your dreams take you my friend!

    • Ditto, friend. Can’t wait to share the novel with you someday… hopefully sooner than later 😉 XO

  • It is so important to listen to our inner voice and follow our dreams. It’s those times in life that we don’t take the jump that we regret. Can not wait to see where this will lead you. Thoughts, prayers and love!!!!

  • OMG. This is my same blog post but I never made it to posting because I shut my blog down early. Because my boss found my blog and about fired me and now I am on probation. At work. Yay.
    I cannot say thank you enough for everything you have done for me (prayers etc) over the last few months but it’s been amazing. You rock and someday I hope to see you again on the flip side.
    Will you keep the same blog name so I can just leave it on my blog roll?
    Love and Peace

    • oh man! Eek! Sorry to hear this, Brittany! Hope you continue to write/journal on your own 🙂 And yes- you can leave everything as is and it will still show up whenever I come back here to post. The only thing that is changing is my blogging routine/schedule 🙂

  • Such an exciting time, my friend – you are doing BIG and bold things!!!! I’m so excited to see where this jump takes you and your creative spark – I’ll be cheering you on and praying hard!! XO

    • It’s absolutely TERRIFYING. ha! But at the same time feels right. So I’m just goin’ with it! Wingin’ it! ha! Thank you for the love & encouragement!! XO! (And I fully expect to see you in a similar chapter one of these days.)

  • Jae

    This is oh so fantastic, Em! We’re right behind you cheering you on!

  • Make us all proud!
    Love, your cheerleaders.

  • we’ll miss you on the blog but we’ll see you around these internet parts. and we’re here to cheer you on when you need it. you are going to write amazing things!

  • YAAAAS. I have such a soft spot for writers (I married one!). Can’t wait to follow your novel adventure 🙂 Sending love and prayers, Em!

  • omg…I can’t wait to see you NEXT WEEK. we have so much to talk about. xoxoxo

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  • I am catching up on my reading and I’m so excited to see this post! Not because you are taking a hiatus, but the reason for it. SO AWESOME! Can’t wait to see what you are up to 🙂

  • life jumps are SO important to grab a hold of! congratulations on making that decision and thanks for bringing such a positive presence to this here internet. can’t wait to hear more about the novel!