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Eat : Homemade Salsa

December 16, 2015
Homemade Salsa 2

Homemade Salsa 2

If you were to ask my best friends what the top 5 things about me are, one of those top five would be that I love Mexican food and the other one of those top five would be that I’m obsessed with chips and salsa. (So yes, two out of five things involve food.) Throughout my life I’ve been known to not only make chips and salsa an actual meal, but have eaten it for breakfast on multiple occasions. That whole “if you could eat one thing and one thing only for the rest of your life” question? My obvious answer is: Chips+Salsa (which counts as one thing because you simply cannot eat one without the other). So would you believe me if I told you I’ve never actually made my own salsa? It’s something I’ve wanted to cook up for such a long time but kind of haven’t known where to even begin.

Not too long ago, I stumbled upon the recipe book, Salsas and Moles by award-winning chef Deborah Schneider and let me tell you- LIFE MADE. This book is absolutely full of just about any kind of salsa you could ever want, not to mention it also breaks down the different types of chiles and how best to cook with each to get just the kind of flavor you’re looking for. I immediately read through the book and marked some of the recipes I wanted to make sooner than later and thought I’d share one of them with you guys today! I decided to start with something fairly easy and moderately spicy, although both Christian and I are big fans of super spicy foods and there are definitely plenty of spicy salsa recipes in there for me to try in the future.

Salsa Casera (Simmered Fresh Tomato Salsa)

  • 2 cups water
  • 3 tsp kosher salt
  • 6 med. tomatillos, husked and washed
  • 3 med. roma tomatoes
  • 1/2 white onion, diced
  • 1 whole clove (optional)
  • 4 large cloves garlic
  • 1 jalapeño, stemmed
  • 1 chile de arbol, stemmed
  • 1 TBSP minced cilantro (optional)

In a 2-quart saucepan, combine the water, 2 teaspoons of the salt, and the tomatillos, tomatoes, onion, clove, garlic, and chiles. Bring to a simmer over medium heat and cook gently for about 10 minutes, until the tomatillos are just softened. Be careful not to boil vigorously, or the ingredients may fall apart. With a slotted spoon, transfer the vegetables to a food processor, draining well. Discard the cooking liquid. Add the remaining 1 teaspoon of salt and pulse the salsa until it is very smooth, with specks of chile de arbol. Cool completely. Stir in the cilantro, then taste and adjust the seasoning as desired.


This salsa was not only incredibly easy to make but SO good. Christian and I mostly ate it with our eggs in the morning but it also went really well with my homemade pita chips, which I have on-hand 7 days of the week in our house 😉 Other serving ideas listed in the book for this particular recipe: use this salsa to make chilaquiles or a version of enchiladas called entomatadas. Stir it into cooked beans, or sauté it with onions as a flavoring for rice. Pour it over a burrito, mix it into cooked diced no pales with a little cotija cheese, or simmer it with shredded beef and diced onions.

Have you ever made your own salsa before? What is your favorite way to eat it?

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Disclaimer: I received the recipe book Salsas and Moles by Deborah Schneider from Blogging for Books for this review. If you are interested in purchasing the Salsa and Moles recipe book, you can do so here or by clicking on the image below.

Salsas and Moles book cover 

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  • Oh I totally do blogging for books too! Some of their cookbooks are amazing. And salsa should be it’s own food group! Totally.

    • This salsas recipe book pretty much sold me on the blogging for books 🙂

  • That looks so good!! I love salsa. Don’t hate me but I never thought of it with eggs…mind blown.

    • Yes!! I love it on eggs – I usually add beans and put it in a tortilla. The best breakfast!

  • This looks so good!

  • Kyle and I are headed back to California next week and I think the second thing we’ll be doing is eating Mexican food!

    The first will be having In N Out. 😉

  • I looooove chips and salsa. Aldi actually has a really, really good sweet onion salsa that my hub and I are both OBSESSED with! I’ve never tried to make my own but my mother-in-law makes a mean cowboy caviar. I might have to try my hand at salsa some time!

    • YES to the cowboy caviar! My dad makes that stuff too and it’s just the best.

  • Oh this looks and sounds so delicious!

  • Yum! Good salsa is hard to find but this looks great!

    • Even better when you can make it to your own taste, you know? I think next time I’ll add more jalapeños to make it spicier.

  • YUM! Mexican food is my favorite. I’ll have to try this.

    • There are so many great recipes in that book – I’ll be making salsa for the rest of my life, ha!

  • Yum!! I am saving this

  • I love chips and salsa! This one looks delicious!

  • *stands up* Hi, my name is Amanda and I have eaten Chips and Salsa as a meal at every time of day.

  • Yum yum yum! Chips and salsa are my love language 😉