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I am fall (and other totally random & important information)

September 4, 2015

Whoa, Friday! We finally made it, I wasn’t sure I would. So much has happened this week I really feel like I need another Currently post just to update you all. But how about I share just a few things today, mkay?
ONE: Really important- I caved and bought Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer and now I’m fall. Truly, if a person could become a season, I would be fall right now. And yes it may still be 95 degrees out, here in Nashville, but in my mind it’s almost Halloween and I’m dreaming of flannel and crunchy leaves. #IAMFALL

TWO: EG’s Box Wars adventures will be making a comeback by the end of this year. Oh yes, Christian and I have decided to move once again – you guys, clearly we are CRAZY. No, we aren’t moving far. Yes, we’re staying in Nashville and we’re actually hoping to stay in our current neighborhood. Long story (to be shared at a later date) short, when we first moved here – we moved a lot sooner than we originally planned and really just needed a house asap – so we rented one. Unfortunately, our big company “landlord” is the worst we’ve ever encountered and we’ve been having a lot of serious problems with this house and absolutely no support to get anything around here fixed. The ONLY good thing that has come out of this is that it’s kind of pushing us to finally buy a home- something neither of us has ever done before. So yes – we’re looking at a home and a baby this next year and it’s completely terrifying but we know that God is leading the way and for that we are so grateful.

So um, anyone have any boxes? I can’t believe we’re back to this point, it kinda makes me want to cry – however, I’m really excited to finally be able to paint the walls in our home whatever color we want – first time EVER I’ll be able to do that. It will definitely make getting the nursery ready all the more fun 🙂 

Here’s a quick EG recap:
 Today is the last day for both the Grateful Heart linkup and August’s Twelve Months of Bliss Recap linkup! If you’re looking for some inspiring reads this weekend, either of these linkups can for sure provide you with that. I love reading all of these posts from you guys!
 Speaking of Twelve Months of Bliss, on Wednesday I shared this month’s new challenge!! Will you be joining the rest of us?
 Did you all know that when you sponsor me and this blog, 100% of that money goes straight to our adoption journey? Thank you to all of my fabulous current sponsors: Taylor DuVall, Grammie Time, The Krystal Diaries, Among the Wildflowers, The Artsy Cajun, Midwest Southerner
I have some really fun and exciting things to share in this space these next few weeks, one of them being the next edition of Southern Ways which will also include another vlog with my husband 😉 I’m off to Indiana this weekend with Christian and my family – we have quite a few fun things going on, multiple parties and family get-togethers – you can follow along in my adventures via Instagram
Have the best weekend, everybody!!

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