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Eeek! Our Toy Line is HERE!

November 2, 2016


Oh guys. I have been waiting for what feels like forever to finally introduce “our” toy line, Noodling, from Infantino! Some of you may have caught my Snapchat a few weeks ago, announcing that the toys Christian and I worked on together are here and that I was planning on doing a giveaway with all of them and… today is that day 🙂 It seemed easier to vlog about this than to write about it (#newbornlife) so check out the intro vid below where I talk about how Christian and I got the opportunity to help make these toys, and some other fun details. I have also filmed short vids of each of the toys, shared below, so you can kind of get an idea of how they each work/play. However, after reviewing them, I have realized that I just might be the worst at vlogging toys haha! (You can always get the official rundown of each toy from the Infantino site). Either way, you get the idea! All of the toys are super fun and super cute. (Also, all of these toys in this post are for children 6 mo – 36 mo.)

One last thing – I mentioned this in the intro vid but wanted to preface it/add a bit of a disclaimer here too – while Infantino did provide me with all of the six toys for the giveaway today, Christian and I do not receive any kind of compensation if you decide to go buy these toys. We genuinely love Infantino as a company, as well as their products, and I wanted to share this fun new toy line with you all! **If you don’t win the giveaway and want to purchase any of the toys, this Noodling line can be found at Walmart!

So… how did we get to work on these toys?!


Smartyphone Book toy

Colorshow Chameleon toy

Countdown Elephant toy

Tinkerback Turtle toy

Swirlstack Giraffe toy

Happywheels Snail toy



(There will be 6 winners of this giveaway, each winner winning one of the toys in this blog post. Giveaway only open to US residents, sorry! This giveaway will end on Wednesday, Nov. 9th; winners to be announced Friday, Nov. 11th!)

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Good luck! 🙂

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  • Karissa ‘Walker’ Blackford

    These are super cute! I like the smarty phone.

  • Holly

    So super cute! I don’t have a little one any more but if I happen to be lucky enough to win, you can know they will all be donated to kiddos that would love them!

  • Totally feel like I know a super star now!!

  • Too awesome!!! And new Crew can play with ‘your’ toys!!!

  • These are all so fantastic! So exciting.

  • These are so stinking cute! And how awesome that Crew gets some toys with mommy & daddy’s voices on them?? I love the elephant!! These would be a perfect Xmas gift for my 18mn old niece and her soon-to-be-born baby brother!!

  • this is so so awesome – what a great opportunity! i will definitely have to check them out! never ever thought about who is actually creating and recording kids’ toys – so cool!

  • How awesome that Crew has toys with mom and dad “inside” to play and learn with! What a great opportunity for you guys, fabulous job too! My little ones would love these.

  • How exciting! You guys are always up to something fun!

  • So cute! I love the phone and the turtle! I’ll be putting these on my baby girl’s Christmas list so she can have some new toys of her own and not hand-me-downs from her brother!

  • Aw. Too bad it’s only for US residents. Congratulations! This is wonderful news.

  • This is too cool! What a neat opportunity!

  • EdyeNicolesMakeup

    Congrats on the line! The snail is my favorite 🙂


  • These are adorable! I love the countdown elephant. My goddaughter would love any of these, will definitely be looking for them in store.