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My Style: Vacation Attire

April 17, 2014

Well speaking of vacations and sun and warmth and how this blog will never* be a fashion blog …  😉

No, I haven’t gone all fashion rogue over here but I did put together a little vacation attire inspiration! X and I will be going to Florida next month with my family and considering it’s still in the 30s here in Chicago, warm weather is all I can think about. (Plus, I’m a huge fan of countdowns in general.)

Sunny vacations are my absolute fave but there’s a lot of work that goes into the preparation for them on my end. I’m so fair-skinned and even 10 minutes spent in the sun without some sort of shield can result in me looking like a lobster for the rest of the trip. This also means that since I try to avoid looking like a lobster and frying myself in the sun all day, I typically just remain super, super white. My dad once told me, “Em, if you were any more white, you’d be clear.” Point taken, Dad, and thank you so much. Needless to say, yes- I wear tons and tons of sunscreen, and often times multiple clothing layers, when I’m out in the sun. (Oh yeah, I’m that girl. Super cool, I know!!) Big hats, big shades, maybe a few long sleeve shirts, and SPF 100. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still feel cute (shh, just nod), even if I do somewhat resemble an Arctic Casper. So here is what I envision the day to day attire to look like:

Vacation - Day

I have always loved floral pieces of clothing- well, actually I just love floral everything – and I think it’s making a comeback right now, so I’m loving all of the floral tops and dresses. While I am very much a “let’s lounge and wear bathing suits all day while we sip on our cocktails” kind of vacationer, it’s still fun to pick out a snazzy outfit for your fancy evening out. (Do people still say ‘snazzy’?)

Early evening - Vacation

I could live in flip flops, or better yet- barefoot, but I sure do love a good wedge. Pair it with a flowy, floral vacation-esque dress and I think you’ve got yourself a breezy, beautiful evening.X was hilarious after I told him I’d created this post. After looking at the Polyvore inspiration, he looked at me and said, “Oooh! Those outfits are SO you! So you are gonna go get that stuff?!” Um, no babe. That’s not what happens. I tried to explain to him that this is just for pretend… it’s just for inspiration, but he didn’t get it. “If you pick it all out, why wouldn’t you just go get those outfits?” Oh, okay. If you say so! Christian Dior sunglasses & $1,700 floral dress – HERE I COME! (Seriously. almost $2k for a dress?!!? Who does that?!!?) Again… probably why I’d make a terrible fashion blogger, because I get too riled up over here.

Anyway, I’ll be looking for cheaper (much cheaper) versions of these things in the next few weeks in preparation for our trip. Except the tequila for the margs- some things are just worth the splurge.

Do you have any items that always seem to accompany you on vacations? If you were to create via Polyvore your go-to outfits for each day/night of your vacay, what would it look like?

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  • I love your outfit choices but totally agree with the price issue. And the tequila. I mean, c'mon, on vacation you have to treat yourself right? As you know I do with my daiquiris! 😉

  • Yay for a trip down to my neck of the woods! And the weather is supposed to be lovely the next several days here (except for tomorrow-yuck weather). Thank you for co-hosting a great link-up!

  • Ohhh love the black cover up! I am a big fan of cover ups 🙂

  • I agree-a lot of work does go into these vacations!

    • Right?! From all the packing to beginning my work out regimen only a week before I leave, I think this is why I always prefer relaxing vacations over super adventurous ones.

  • I still say snazzy!

    I love your inspiration picks. I always admire wedges but if I'm honest with myself I'm going to be in flip flops or barefoot.

  • This makes me want to go on vacation! Love the dress!

  • everything is cute!! I'll be shopping next week for my honeymoon clothes, so excited to get away. I've been counting down since March. Today I was like "just next week and three more days after that, you can do it!!"

  • Haha, uhh this is all just pretend!! Seriously though, almost $2k just for a dress?! Even if I won the lottery I couldn't spend that much on one piece of anything! I hope you have so much fun on your vaca. I just got back from vacation and am already beginning the countdown to our next one!