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Italy 3/3: Rock It.

April 23, 2015
I mentioned in detail our reason for this trip in Part One but in short: it was a business trip πŸ˜‰ I mean, not for me but the Italy portion involved some “work” on Christian’s part. Of course he wouldn’t necessarily call ‘headlining a rock show’ rough work, but you know… a lot of practice and energy still goes into it. Christian’s main job is producing (records, sound design for commercials, and even baby toys) but being able to watch him do his thing on a stage is my absolute favorite. I’ll say it right now: my husband is unbelievably talented. Creatively he is a straight up genius and as a musician? Biases aside, he’s good you guys, ok? πŸ˜‰
Christian and half of the guys: Klem, Mike, & Ed
The guys had sound check early morning Sunday and Christina, another bandwife ;), and I tagged along of course. We hopped in the shuttle once again and rode the 20 minute drive to the venue which was…. well, it wasn’t anything like the venues we’re used to in the states. It was totally out in the middle of nowhere, kind of in an industrial area, with huge gates surrounding it. I kept thinking, do people really come to this? They come all the way out here and then… somehow get through these gates??





Christina and I hung out for a bit, listening to the guys do the sound check- which is always fun because you get to kind of see the entire thing come together – I found another window to take a picture of, and then something horrifying happened… I went to the bathroom to find the following:
(The above is a video. Click here if you are unable to view it on this page.)Β 
This was the WOMEN’S restroom, mind you! A HOLE IN THE FLOOR! I ran back to Christina and in so many words said, “UM WHA?!” She told me to just put my feet on the feet part and squat. Back I went, mentally trying to pump myself up because I really did have to pee, telling myself it’s just like camping, it’s just like camping but then remembered – I hate camping. So I did what any blogger would do – I recorded a video of it to share with you all. Of course that’s where it ended though – I just couldn’t actually go through with the squatting, etc… not even #fortheblog.


After soundcheck we all went back to the hotel and walked around town for the afternoon and then it was time to get ready for the show! To think I was worried no one would come…. they did and seriously by the droves. As I mentioned in Part One, Pride of Lions is not as well known in the states but in Europe – it’s like Miley Cyrus and I’m not even kidding. There were SO many people there, mostly men, simply dying to see these guys on stage. Whenever we’d walk through somewhere, fans would come running up (a few of them crying) (yep, still talking about the men), asking for pictures and autographs. Pretty funny!

Here’s everybody!
The guys didn’t go on until 10p so we had a few hours to kill at the venue prior. Toby, the singer of POL, mentioned that he was hungry for pizza and before we knew it, 4 Italian pizzas were delivered to our table. IT WAS SO GOOD.

As always, the band seriously rocked it. Christina and I sat with the owner of POL’s European Record Label and his family in the balcony and it was awesome to see how into the music this man and his family was. He knew every single word and cheered “Bravo!” after every song… pretty cool to have a record label owner genuinely love one of his bands!


It was a fun but really late night and our wakeup call the next morning was for 6am… one that both Christian and I missed. Somehow the alarm had been set for PM instead of AM (I mean, are we new here?!) so picture us throwing everything into our suitcases and rushing to the shuttle, on about 4 hours of sleep, so that we didn’t make the rest of the guys late for their flights, hoping we didn’t forget anything. It was chaotic and therefore it didn’t really feel like we got to give an official farewell to our time in Italy, BUT… Christian and I were soon on our way to..


Tomorrow I’ll be sharing some of my favorite cafΓ© moments while in Paris for the third edition of the Simply Grey Coffee Tour linkup! Will you be joiningΒ Nelle and me? Hope to see you there!



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  • HOW FUN!! and OMG girl, those toilets???? THAT'S HOW THEY ARE IN CHINA. Not a joke…

  • Sounds like such a great experience. Well…not the toilets. That's just wrong.

  • This is such a cool experience! I hate those toilets…they're the worst.

  • SO cool! Except for the toilets, OH NO! I would have not been ok with that!

  • First things first, I LOVE the doors & windows in part 2. I love looking at buildings/elements and thinking, "How old is this? Why did they choose this style? How many people have walked through/opened these doors & windows?"

    Ok, moving on. It's SO COOL that you're married to a ROCKSTAR. My hubby is a drummer and the pride I feel watching him play can only be felt by fellow musician-wives!

    Those toilets are pretty terrifying, but I will warn you to steer clear of India. Very, very similar, plus a little more filth.

  • I am LOVING your posts about your trip. It sounds like such a good time. I'm glad you had a blast!

  • That is just so exciting….how awesome to see your man doing what he truly loves. If Keith could be a fishing guide I really think that would be his happiest day. On the edge of my seat for the Paris post!

  • That sounds so amazing! And I think that's a great venue for a concert!

  • Your love for your husband comes out in your writing and it's so incredibly sweet. I love reading your stories. The bathroom, the famous hubby and his band, and the record label owner…all TOO COOL…can't wait to read about Paris!

  • Ummm whaaaaaaat? No, no, no no. That toilet?!?!

    Haha, toilets aside, looks like a you had some great times in Italy. Can't wait to hear about Paris!!

  • purple hair and cowboy boots!! LOVE it! And…yes, the potty. I just tell myself it's more sanitary since I don't have to touch any part of it! Oh, and it's great for building those quad muscles! πŸ˜‰ When in Rome….

  • ugh!!!! Terrifying!! I bet you have super strong legs, girl! ha!

  • I couldn't believe it. You know the GUYS bathroom had a regular toilet though…. so much I could say on this topic but am refraining.

  • I stopped drinking water immediately. haha.

  • yes!! I wonder those things about the windows and doors too πŸ™‚ I love that someone else has that kind of love too.

    I don't think I knew your hubby is a drummer!! So cool! There is nothing like the support of a wife to her musician spouse! πŸ™‚

  • yay!! I love hearing that! Thanks, Carissa… more recapping next week! πŸ™‚

  • Christian has only just started getting into fishing because of my dad. Do you fish with Keith?! I'll do it but don't necessarily enjoy it πŸ˜‰

  • It was a super quick trip – pretty go go go the entire time there but I was so happy to have been able to go! πŸ™‚

  • aw πŸ˜‰ Thanks, Emelia!

  • I KNOW!!!!! You've never run into this kind of thing with all of your travels?! I actually thought of you immediately… "I have to talk to V about this" haha πŸ˜‰

  • Yes! haha!! I think we definitely stood out while going through the airport… especially in Denmark.. people didn't know what to think.

    I totally get the more sanitary thing but was SO worried about my feet/shoes! When in Rome, lady…

  • Hmmm….I love to ride the boat out into the bay and I love catching fish….the standing for hours waiting for a fish to bite is not so much my thing. That's the thing with fishing…you can't guarantee there will be a lot of action and I'm not a sit still kind of girl. πŸ™‚

  • chall1018

    So cool that he’s a Rock Star!! The venue looks awesome. How
    fun! I’m dying over the bathroom video! Oh my word! Hahahaha! Love the purple hair and boots!!

  • In all my time in Italy, I have never encountered a hole. I am so sorry! Mi dispiache!!! Che triste!!!! And in Milano?? Ridic!

  • It must be amazing to watch Christian perform! I've always wished I could go back to our 20s and watch M perform with his band πŸ™‚ I got a mini performance at the wedding of one of his bandmates; the 2 of them had a chilled out jam session at the reception on the beach lol.
    Oh my gosh when I went to the bathroom at the gas station in Florence I encountered a hole in the floor situation!!! I couldn't wait any longer so I had to do it but let's just say I'm glad I was wearing a sundress that day…!!!

  • If it's a sunny day and there's a cocktail in my hand, I'm all game! ha!

  • I literally just mouth-breathed, staring at that… thing. Like, what? I mean I can pop a squat in the woods, no biggie. Buttttt…. Something about doing it in a building just weirds me out maybe. LOL!

  • hahaha! Mouth-breathed. That's hilarious!

  • Purple hair & crazy boots is a MUST for a rock show! πŸ˜‰ ha!

  • Really?! That makes me feel better, Nina!!!

  • I LOVE watching him perform. I think I'll share some more stories of our time together when he was in Night Ranger… I have some pretty hilarious stories.

    I saw that pic from your wedding and meant to ask you what that was about!! He should get back into playing πŸ˜‰